Richard Neal (D), House Ways and Means Committee Chairman, Subpoenas Treasury Sec. Mnuchin for Trump’s Tax Returns


DCSA134-42_2019_125958Will the House Democrats ever conduct any business on behalf of the American People during the next two years?

Did Captain Ahab ever give up his hunt for Moby Dick? reports that

The Democratic chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee on Friday issued subpoenas to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig for six years of President Trump’s personal and business tax returns.

“While I do not take this step lightly, I believe this action gives us the best opportunity to succeed and obtain the requested material,” Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Richard Neal said in a statement. “I sincerely hope that the Treasury Department will furnish the requested material in the next week so the committee can quickly begin its work.”

The White House did not immediately comment.

Last month, Neal requested the returns from the Treasury Department, but Mnuchin denied the request saying that it lacked a “legitimate legislative purpose.”

“As you have recognized, the Committee’s request is unprecedented, and it presents serious constitutional questions, the resolution of which may have lasting consequences for all taxpayers,” Mnuchin wrote in a letter this week.

The topic has been a contentious one for the president since his time on the campaign trail in 2015, and throughout his administration, as he has refused to release his financial information. Trump repeatedly has claimed that his tax returns are complicated, and he has maintained that he will not release them while they are under audit by the IRS.

But this week, “The New York Times” obtained Trump’s federal income tax returns between 1985 and 1994. The documents revealed that Trump claimed to have lost $1.17 billion from his real estate businesses during that decade. The Times added that it had compared Trump’s tax information with other high-income earners and found that Trump “appears to have lost more money than nearly any other individual American taxpayer”. The newspaper also reported that the losses were so substantial, that in the eight of the ten years in question, Trump was able to avoid paying income tax.

House Democrats have been targeting Trump’s tax returns and financial documents since they took the majority in Congress in January. As part of their lead-off ethics package, which Trump’s lawyers cited in their filing Wednesday, Democrats’ legislation required presidents to disclose at least 10 years of their tax returns to the public, in what was an apparent swipe at Trump.

Actually, the Democrats have been after the President’s Tax Returns for quite a while now.

Do you remember the “Tax Marches” of 2017? reported on April 14, 2017 that

Democratic lawmakers and liberal activists plan to ring in Tax Day with nationwide protests this weekend meant to pressure President Trump to release his tax returns — with organizers hoping for the biggest anti-Trump showing since January’s Women’s March. 

On Saturday, thousands are expected to attend ‘Tax Marches’ in approximately 150 cities, including several affiliated events overseas.

“Whether people support him or not, [releasing his tax returns] is something that people think he should do. I think there is a chance something like this could move him,” said Lisa Gilbert, vice president of legislative affairs at Public Citizen, one of the groups organizing the marches. 

The president’s supporters, however, see the marches — and the persistent tax return focus — as a waste of time. 

In Colorado Springs, Trump backers plan to hold a counter-protest on Saturday. For them, what is in Trump’s tax returns pales in comparison to what could be in his tax plan. 

“Their whole message is they want to see the president’s tax returns. I care far more about his policy than his tax returns,” Trevor Dierdorff, El Paso County Republican Party chairman, told the Colorado Springs Gazette. 

Rep. Jim Renacci, R-Ohio, said during a recent House Ways and Means Committee hearing that the pressure on Trump to release his returns is a “political mission,” arguing the kind of bombshells Democrats are seeking wouldn’t even be in such documents. 

The protests, if nothing else, could make for a rowdy scene in cities across the country, reminiscent of the Women’s March on inauguration weekend. 

At the time of those marches, the Republicans still controlled the House of Representatives and therefore, they also controlled all of the committees.

Now, the Democrats control the House and all of the committees, using that power as a weapon to overturn the results of the 2016 Presidential Election, regardless of whether there is any sort of Congressional precedence or Constitutional backing for their actions.

In this instance, like the rest of their Machiavellian machinations, there is no precedence, Constitutional backing, or sanity involved, for that matter.

These repeated attempts to circumvent the will of the American People though these Orchestrated protests is an exercise in intimidation that has not been seen since the days of the Russian Revolution and Germany’s National Sociality Party.

The Democrats will not stop until President Trump and the American Values which he represents have been eliminated for the National Scene and we are returned to the rule of a figurehead of their choice and the anti-America Culture which the Democrats attempted to install during the reign of Barack Hussein Obama.

Instead of moving on from the report of the Special Counsel which found no Russian Collusion by the President and his staff and which found no actionable obstruction, the Democrats have doubled down in an exhibition of tone deafness not seen since a sound man put a solo microphone on the late Linda McCartney, when she played keyboards for her husband Paul and his group “Wings”. (God rest her soul.)

The Democrats are so desperate to find something…ANYTHING…on the president, that they are embarrassing themselves on both the national and international stage.

I was reading yesterday that President Trump’s approval numbers have risen 11% since the Mueller Reports was released and that Congress’ has dropped 11%.

I believe it. In fact, that pollster was probably being kind.

This latest move by the Democrats in demanding that a sitting President let the opposition party perform a colonoscopy on him via his tax returns is not only outlandish, it is also the height of arrogance.

It is that same arrogance which cost the Democratic Party the Presidency in 2016.

Some people never learn.

Until He Comes,


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