Dems Refuse to Listen to Homeland Security Sec Nielsen at WH Meeting, Want to Re-open Gov’t Without Wall

Nancy Pelosi
Chuck Schumer

The President was a prophet. reports that

President Trump has called for congressional leaders to return to the White House on Friday, top Republicans said shortly after a hotly anticipated, contentious closed-door meeting on border security in the Situation Room concluded Wednesday afternoon.

The sit-down apparently ended without any progress made in resolving the ongoing partial federal government shutdown that has persisted for 12 days, and several senior GOP officials said Democrats didn’t seem interested in listening to what Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen had to say.

A source inside the Situation Room told Fox News that it was the consensus of all participants that House Democrats would be able to negotiate once House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi is elected speaker of the House on Thursday, as expected. 60 votes in the Senate are needed to pass a spending bill and reopen the government.

A White House official separately told Fox News that Trump began the meeting and then turned it over to Nielsen to provide information on the border. Just five or six seconds into the briefing, the official said, Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer leaned over to Pelosi and suggested she interrupt Nielsen.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and top House Republicans Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., and Steve Scalise, R-La., also attended the meeting in the high-security enclave of the White House, which typically is used to handle sensitive information. The location meant that the conversation was not televised, unlike the volatile sitdown during which Democratic leaders talked back to Trump last month.

“We do have a crisis on the border right now. We had a violent mob rush yesterday — we had a challenge there,” McCarthy said outside the White House after the meeting, referring to the 150 migrants who were repelled by tear gas on New Year’s Day at the southern border. “The president has asked us to come back Friday, after the [House] leadership races, to try to get this all done.”

“I”m a little disappointed with, I would say, some on the other side,” McCarthy continued. “Once the secretary [of Homeland Security] started, Senator Schumer interrupted her, and they really didn’t want to hear it.”

Instead, McCarthy said, Democrats wanted to push their proposed spending bill without funding for the president’s proposed border wall.

“Democrats in the room either don’t care that there is a humanitarian crisis on the border or just prefer ignorance,” a Homeland Security spokesperson told Fox News late Wednesday. “It was incredibly disheartening that they don’t want to know the facts when making policy.”

When I first read this story, my initial reaction was not surprise at Pelosi and Schumer’s behavior….it was anger.

And, as I sat there thinking about it…my anger grew.

Then, I decided to go to San Fran Nan’s official Twitter feed, where I read the following…

It was while perusing her “official” tweets that I realized something:

She did not even acknowledge the murder by an illegal immigrant on that same Holy Night of Sheriff’s Deputy Ronil Singh, a proud American and legal immigrant, who came here to serve his fellow Americans, a job which she is supposed to be doing in Washington, D.C.

Pelosi and Schumer’s behavior during their recent meetings concerning the Government Shutdown with the President of the United States of America has been far less than congenial, comprising, or professional.

They act as if they exist in another world, one in which their miserable candidate, Hillary Clinton, actually won the 2016 Presidential Election, giving them the mandate to do whatever they want, even to the point of allowing thousands of illegal aliens to enter our country for the purpose of “radically changing” America into something that our Founders never meant for it to be.

In the shallow minds of Schumer, Pelosi, and their fellow Democrats, the word “compromise” means having things their way. In this case, ending the Government Shutdown without building a wall on our Southern Border.

For the Democrats, it is a matter of survival, as they have chosen to embrace Marxism in the form of “Democratic Socialism”, a political theory which has not worked in reality anywhere it has been tried.

Average Americans living between the coasts will never accept a huge central government which limits them to being the Proletariat, taking away their opportunities for “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Therefore, the Democrats must create a new voter base who will.

If our immigration laws are upheld and enforced and a wall is built on our Southern Border, that will never happen. Especially after average Americans watch Pelosi and her fellow travelers attempt to undo the economic progress of the last two years under President Trump between now and the 2020 Presidential Election.

To be blunt, Pelosi, Schumer, and the Far Left Democratic Party care more about those in the “Migrant Caravans” attempting to invade our Sovereign Nation at our Southern Border than they do about us “Deplorables”, i.e., average Americans living in America’s Heartland.

For them, it is a matter of political expediency…and survival as a political party.

Stay strong and stand firm, Mr. President…for America’s sake.

Until He Comes,









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