House Dems Claim They Have Enough Votes to Block Pelosi From Being Next Speaker


“I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat.” – Will Rogers reports that

As a steadfast Rep. Nancy Pelosi all but dared potential rivals for the gavel to come forward, a group of restive House Democrats vowed Wednesday to produce enough votes to block her from becoming the House’s new speaker. For two days now, disgruntled Democrats have claimed they have 17 names on a letter opposing Pelosi’s leadership, promising to air the document soon. They say those signing on are pledging to vote against the Californian when the full chamber elects the next speaker on Jan. 3.

Rep. Kathleen Rice, D-N.Y., confirmed the letter Tuesday, and an aide to an organizer of the effort said it stood at 17 names as of Wednesday. The aide was not authorized to discuss the letter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Pelosi, asked by a reporter about her message to rebellious colleagues, challenged them to put forward an alternate candidate for speaker.

“Come on in, the water’s warm,” she said.

Democrats seeking to block Pelosi argue it’s time to give younger Democrats a chance to rise to high-level posts. They also say that Republicans have done such a good job demonizing her in campaign ads that it’s hard for Democrats to be elected in closely contested, moderate districts.

No challenger to Pelosi has emerged, but the group agitating for changes at the top of party leadership says there would be plenty of candidates should her bid be derailed.

“The first step is showing that she cannot get to 218, and then I believe the challengers will emerge,” Rice told reporters. She said that would make new members “feel more comfortable that they’re not just taking a no vote just to take a no vote.”

But Pelosi is one of her party’s most productive fundraisers, energetic campaigners and respected legislative tacticians, giving her wide support that will make her difficult to topple.

“I will be speaker,” she said Wednesday.

While simple math would say the 17 names would be enough to deny Pelosi a majority, other factors are at play. To win on the floor, a speaker needs 218 votes, under typical circumstances, but with absences or members voting present, the tally is reduced. As of now, Democrats hold 229 seats and Republicans hold 198, but several races remain undecided, so the Democratic number could grow. That gives Pelosi a margin of about a dozen or more seats, assuming all Republicans vote against her as expected.

“We’ve got enough to ensure that she cannot become speaker,” said Rep. Kurt Schrader, D-Ore.

To paraphrase Chico Escuela (Garrett Morris) from when “Saturday Night Live” was actually funny…

“Congress been “bery, bery” good to Nancy Pelosi.”

Nancy Pelosi has a net worth of $120 million. Pelosi’s drastic growth, from an initial $21.7 million in 2009, is attributed to stock gains and smart investments. Her husband reported raking in $1 million to $5 million in 2010 from a sale of Apple stocks. The couple also has a commercial property in San Francisco and a home in St. Helena, California, each valued between $5 million and $25 million. She also has a stake in some valuable residential real estate in Sacramento. All rank-and-file members of Congress received salaries of $174,000 last year. As speaker in 2010, Pelosi was paid $223,500, and House and Senate majority and minority leaders garnered $193,400. In 2011, Pelosi’s husband Paul lost as much as $10 million on investments in the United Football League and the Sacramento Mountain Lions. He lost $1 million to $5 million investing in the league itself, and the same amount on the individual team.

About those “smart investments”…

Back in 2011, Steve Kroft interviewed her for 60 Minutes.

Why, he asked, had she and her husband participated in “a very large” initial public offering “from Visa at a time when there was major legislation affecting credit-card companies making its way through the House?”

The legislation in question, a bill introduced by then-Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers in March 2008, would have let merchants negotiate lower swipe fees with credit card companies.

The bill made it out of committee on Oct. 3, 2008, but never to the floor for a vote. A version of the swipe-fee bill made it into an amendment by Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., to the Dodd-Frank bill in 2010.

As the bill was proceeding, Pelosi’s husband, Paul, a wealthy San Francisco investor of the type the Occupy Wall Street mobs have targeted, bought $1 million to $5 million of Visa stock in three separate transactions in a part of the IPO that “60 Minutes” said was offered to a select group of investors.

Interestingly, the wealthy Pelosi has voiced support for the OWS mobs, calling them a genuine and spontaneous movement protesting the very financial wheeling and dealing that the great unwashed feel has victimized them. She gained the speaker’s gavel in 2006 while railing against an alleged GOP “culture of corruption.”

Pelosi is also a big fan of green energy. So is her brother-in-law, Ronald Pelosi, a senior executive with a company called Pacific Corporate Group.

Among PCG’s investments is SolarReserve, based in Santa Monica, Calif., which received a $737 million loan guarantee to build a 110-megawatt solar-thermal plant in Tonopah, Nev.

The loan was granted on the last day of the stimulus loan program, which also gave over half a billion to a failing but politically connected Solyndra.

While speaker, Pelosi was famous for her use of government aircraft to ferry back and forth from her San Francisco district.

According to documents obtained by Judicial Watch, Air Pelosi, as critics called the fleet, cost the taxpayers $28,210.51 per flight.

Her fondness for Boeing aircraft does not extend to supporting Boeing’s plan to create badly needed jobs in the right-to-work state of South Carolina.

As we have noted, she says if the plant is non-union, the National Labor Relations Board should shut the project down.

And, that is just one “investment opportunity”.

Yep. Pelosi is a devoted public servant, alright.

She’s devoted to those green pieces of paper with the pictures of Benjamin Franklin on them. (They probably dated.)

If you look at this logically, San Fran Nan should have stepped down a long, long time ago.

Not only has she and her husband made enough money from all of those “smart investments”, it is obvious that she is dealing with “health issues” which would impair her abilities as the Leader of the House.

She does not know what she is going to say before she says it.

While her possible excursion into dementia is sadly entertaining to watch on television, it certainly is not helpful in the conducting of America’s business on Capitol Hill.

However, Pelosi’s antics up on the Hill would be a Godsend for the Republicans in their campaign to re-elect President Trump.

And, the 30 second sound bites will flow like Niagara Falls.

I am sure that Pelosi’s baggage brought on by her advanced years are a great concern to those who oppose her as the next Speaker.

And, I am sure that many would join the ranks of those younger Democrats who are already speaking out against her.

The problem is: Pelosi “knows where all of the bodies are buried”.

Just like J. Edgar Hoover had his own set of files about public figures when he ruled the FBI with an iron first, Pelosi probably has a set of files about all of her Democrat colleagues and those behind the scenes who sponsor them.

These young firebrands who want to “dethrone” her have a lot to overcome in order to make it happen.

Either way it goes, it will be fun to watch.

Until He Comes,


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