Election Day 2018 – Jobs Not Mobs

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Welcome to Election Day 2018!

Today is not just a day in which we will choose the most qualified candidates to serve us in the House of Representatives, the Senate, and as Governors of our 50 (not 57) states…

Today is a measuring stick.

Today will measure how far we have come as a Sovereign Nation in the last 2 years. It will also be a measurement of how well American Businessman/Entrepreneur Donald J. Trump has performed his duties as the President of the United States of America.

Whether the Vichy Republicans and the remaining #NeverTrumpers out there want to believe it or not.

As someone who, along with his wife, stood out in the October Mississippi Heat for 4 hours to attend a MAGA Rally, I will tell you that I am not only unabashedly Pro-Trump, I am also a “Nationalist”, today’s Far Left’s condescending way of describing a Patriot.

Do you realize that if it was up to the Democrats, an illegal alien would be standing in line to vote right next to you?

If we, as average Americans, allow Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the American-hating wannabe socialists running for office in the Democratic Party to gain control of the House, for the next two years they will launch so many “investigations” against our Commander-in Chief, nothing positive will ever get done. And by “positive”, I mean laws and Executive Orders which will actually help American Business, instead of choking the very life out of it, as Obama and these same Democrats tried to do.

If Trump is not doing a great job as president, why have 40% of black voters left the Democrats?

They understand that all the Democratic Party has done for them is attempted to buy them off with costly government programs designed to keep them loyal.

No American should be held back from working hard and succeeding simply because achieving the American Dream on their own does not fit into a political party’s self-serving agenda.

Trump has given these Americans hope…and lowered the Black Unemployment rate to an all-time low.

Today is the day for average Americans to come together as one voice. To vote with our hearts and minds to preserve the economic progress being made under the leadership of Donald J. Trump in order to secure a bright and prosperous future for our children and grandchildren.

The direction which the Modern Democratic Party has taken to the Far Left of the Political Spectrum has put them at odds with the majority of Americans who still hold dear the Traditional Faith and Values System upon which our Sovereign Nation was founded.

Americans have had enough of the Democrats’ “radical change”, as we proved on November 8. 2016.

Today, November 6, 2018 is the time to vote for continued “beneficial change”.

Today is the day to vote for JOBS NOT MOBS.

So, go out and vote today, gentle readers, so we can continue to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Until He Comes,


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