Democrats Having Trouble Responding to Trump About “Caravan”…Because He’s Right

caravan-of-thousands-of-honduran-migrants-storm-into-mexico-18 reports the following (courtesy of The Washington Post),

Democrats are struggling to respond to President Donald Trump and his Republican allies, who are casting the caravan of thousands of migrants headed toward the U.S.-Mexico border as a failure of Democrats to help enact immigration policy in the GOP-controlled Congress.

Some Democrats said Trump is vulnerable to a counterattack on his core campaign issue given that his policies failed to reduce the number of unauthorized immigrants. Yet party leaders and Democratic candidates have largely been silent ahead of the midterm elections, refusing to engage with Trump.

The Democratic and Republican strategies reflect the path each party has charted with two weeks till Nov. 6. Republicans are hoping to retain their Senate majority and limit losses in the House by playing on fears of migrants pouring into the country to rally conservatives, a strategy that helped propel Trump to the presidency in 2016.

Democrats, deeply divided on immigration, are trying to maintain a laserlike focus on health care and the GOP threat to protections for people with preexisting medical conditions, envisioning that as the issue that will determine control of Congress.

White House aides have emphasized that they believe Trump’s hard-line immigration message, while potent with his conservative base, also carries significant crossover appeal to independents and some moderate Democrats. They cite polls showing that immigration is among the most important issues for voters in both parties.

One senior official pointed to Democrats who have called for the abolishment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and who have supported “sanctuary cities” – which do not share information with or use local resources to help some federal immigration enforcement efforts – as being too liberal for the electorate at large.

Would you like to know why the Democratic Party Hierarchy are refusing to comment on the Invasion Force, numbered now around to 14,000, which is heading to our Southern Border?

It is because they are as responsible as anyone for the imminent threat to our sovereignty which we are now witnessing.

As I have chronicled, these mass migrations from South and Central America began during the presidency of Democrat Barack Hussein Obama.

They were actually encouraged by Obama and the Dems’ political drive for “open borders”. Heck, they were not only encouraged by the Democrats, they were funded by the Democrats’ Big Money Donors, like George Soros.

The Invasion Force which will soon be knocking on our door, before attempting to kick it in, are experiencing the same “benevolence” as their predecessors. Only, instead of claiming the “migrants” to be “innocent little waifs”, the Democrats are claiming that this bunch of young single men are actually husbands with families heading this way for “asylum”.

Furthermore, the Democrats, as heard through their “mouthpiece on Fox News, Shep Smith on his program yesterday, are lecturing those of us average Americans who are concerned about this Invasion Force, that we are overreacting out of “fear”.

Yeah, right. The Far Left Democrats want all of these “new voters” to be here by November 6th for the Midterm Elections. I’m sure they have brand new IDs already waiting on them. Their former owners, now residing in America’s Graveyards, won’t object.

Make no mistake, gentle readers, this IS an attack on America’s sovereignty.

It is pre-planned, well orchestrated, and well-funded.

Yesterday, in an interview on Air Force One, President Trump told USA Today that he would send “as many troops as necessary” down to our Southern Border as were needed to protect it.

I hope that today is the day that he will deploy them in order to demonstrate America’s resolve.

Certainly those who orchestrated the “Honduran Caravan” did not think that Americans would be supportive of an invasion like this?

I have some news for them: This is not Europe. This is America and Petulant President Pantywaist is no longer in charge.

Donald J. Trump is our President and he, like all of us who elected him, are putting AMERICA FIRST.

Until He Comes,



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