The Moment of No Return: If Trump Reaches 1,237 Delegates Tonight, What Then?

GOP-for-H-600-LII believe that the Republican Party is stuck in a cycle in which their desire to protect their own hindquarters and cushy “jobs” have lead to a self-imposed isolation from the very American Citizens who were responsible for their having those cushy “jobs” in the first place.

I believe that average Americans, like you and me, have the power to relieve them of the burden of such a stressful job, and send others to Washington, who will listen to their “bosses”. – kingsjester, 2/27/16

The New York Times reports that

The temporary alliance between Senator Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich of Ohio, formed to deny Donald J. Trump the Republican presidential nomination, was already fraying almost to the point of irrelevance on Monday, only hours after it was announced to great fanfare.

With the pact, the two candidates agreed to cede forthcoming primary contests to each other. Mr. Kasich would, most crucially, stand down in Indiana’s primary on May 3 to give Mr. Cruz a better chance to defeat Mr. Trump there, while Mr. Cruz would leave Oregon and New Mexico to Mr. Kasich. It appeared to be a measure of last resort, but initially it seemed like a breakthrough.

Mr. Cruz trumpeted what he called the “big news” in Indiana, a state that appears pivotal to stopping Mr. Trump from winning a majority of delegates. “John Kasich has decided to pull out of Indiana to give us a head-to-head contest with Donald Trump,” he said.

But at his own campaign stop in Philadelphia on Monday, Mr. Kasich tamped down Mr. Cruz’s triumphalism. Voters in Indiana, Mr. Kasich said, “ought to vote for me,” even if he would not be campaigning publicly there. He added, “I don’t see this as any big deal.”

Under the best of circumstances, the arrangement between Mr. Cruz and Mr. Kasich would seem to be a long shot — more of an expedient to stop Mr. Trump from taking a big step toward winning the nomination next week in Indiana than a permanent joining of forces.

Far from forming any kind of unity ticket, Mr. Trump’s surviving challengers have both vowed to triumph in an open convention in Cleveland, and they remain irreconcilable on key matters of policy. Their agreement dealt only with three states, leaving an open question as to how directly they might compete with each other everywhere else.

Mr. Cruz’s campaign privately advised supporters on Sunday not to endorse tactical voting, whereby his supporters might switch their allegiance to Mr. Kasich in states where the Ohio governor is running stronger against Mr. Trump. “We never tell voters who to vote for,” read the suggested Cruz talking point. “We’re simply letting folks know where we will be focusing our time and resources.”

Mr. Trump, who has taunted his opponents throughout the race for their Keystone Kops approach to undermining his campaign, seemed to relish the continuing strain between his remaining rivals. On Twitter, he mocked “Lyin’ Ted Cruz” and “1 for 38 Kasich,” referring to the latter’s dismal winning record in the Republican race, for being unable to beat him on their own.

“So they have to team up (collusion) in a two on one,” Mr. Trump wrote. “Shows weakness!”

At a campaign rally in Rhode Island, Mr. Trump boasted that his opponents were united against him, and said he welcomed their “collusion.”

“Actually I was happy,” he said, “because it shows how weak they are.”

Allies of both Mr. Cruz and Mr. Kasich did not exactly disagree with that assessment, and acknowledged that the prospect of imminent disaster in Indiana had been the impetus to reach their deal, such as it is.

Still, aides to Mr. Cruz and Mr. Kasich seem acutely aware that they risk turning off voters who find the arrangement unseemly. Even before his rivals’ agreement, Mr. Trump had complained repeatedly that the nominating process was “rigged” against him.

With Mr. Trump expected to win all five of the East Coast states that vote on Tuesday, the next opportunity to slow his campaign will come a week later in Indiana. Republicans believe he must be stopped there if they are to deny him the nomination.


What an interesting word.

The word “unseemly” is associated with the world of “Professional Politics” like peanut butter is associated with jelly, or Michael Moore with All-You-Can-Eat Buffets.

How does an action become perceived as unseemly?

Usually, an action becomes perceived as “unseemly”, when it goes against the moral and/or ethical standards of those who are witnessing it.

Other words for the polite word, “unseemly”, are “shady”, crooked”, “slick”, and “conniving”.

However, in this case, perhaps the word “desperate” would serve the description of the situation better.

Kasich has only won one state, of all of the previous primary elections held. Politically, he is now a non-entity. He is only serving himself by remaining in the race, feeding his own ego.

Cruz, was, by all reckoning, mathematically eliminated from a first ballot nomination after the New York Primary.

Little did I know that, as his campaign for the Republican Nomination progressed, this “New Maverick”, Ted Cruz, would align himself with those whom he had fought so hard against in the Senate “on behalf of the people”.

I realize that Donald J. Trump has his shortcomings, as well.

However, as a political candidate, when you promise to fight against the “Washingtonian Status Quo” and then you join forces with its purveyors, in order to get elected, you may gain some potential voters, but you also disillusion a lot of your base.

Just like Captain Jean Luc Picard in “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, it appears that “Man of the People” Ted Cruz has been “assimilated”, with the Vichy Republicans playing the role of “The Borg”.

If Trump gains the magic number of 1,237 Delegates in today’s Primaries,  the Professional Politicians, are going to face a situation that they have denied the possibility of, since Donald J. Trump announced that he was running for President of the United States of America.

The Republican Establishment is about to be hoisted on its own petard.

Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t the Republicans supposed to be the opposition party?

Just like the slavish Main Stream Media believe that President Barack Hussein Obama walks upon the water, the Establishment or “Vichy” Republicans, must idolize or at least respect the Democratic Party, because for the past 7 years, they were Hell-bent on copying them in their actions, words, and deeds.

Just look at their track record over Obama’s tenure in the Oval Office.

As we say in Dixie, they ain’t done squat.

Inconceivably, like a bunch of Democrats, when Primary Season arrived, they expected us to forget their lack of intestinal fortitude, while in office, and elect those who were just like them to the Presidency in November 2016.

Oh, we  remembered them all right. But, not in the way they wanted us to. We did not remember them as leaders. Oh, no. Rather, Americans, here in the Heartland, remembered them with all of the fondness that the French Resistance remembered the Nazi collaborators, or Vichy French, after World War II.

What slays me is the fact that the Establishment Republicans still seem to be quite content, in their moderately left-leaning stupor, to be totally oblivious and tone deaf of their Base, average hard working middle-class Americans like you and me.

You know, the people who actually put them into office.

They keep on making bad choices.

They have pushed for maintaining the Washingtonian Status Quo because they erroneously believe that new citizens, provided through amnesty, will vote for them instead of the Democratic Party, who are ready to be their own personal Santa Claus and buy their votes with free admission to the Welfare State.

Spineless Vichy Republicans have been a barrier to Republican victory for as long as I can remember. Like Quakers, Establishment Republicans seem to believe that passive resistance and reaching out to their sworn enemies as “friends”, is the way to defeat those who oppose you.

It has been especially bad during Obama’s reign, as the House and Senate Republican Leadership apparently cherished their friendship with the Democrats more than they did the wishes of the folks back home. Yes, they talked a good game, but so did Jon Lovitz in those “Liar Sketches” during the old days of Saturday Night Live, back when they were actually funny.

Yeah,  my wife Morgan Fairchild. Yeah, that’s it. That’s the ticket!

And, now, with the reality of this evening’s results upon them, like Godzilla rising from Tokyo Harbor, the Republican Establishment are looking ridiculous in their scrambling desperation, as a Benny Hill Chase Scene (cue Boots Randolph’s “Yakety Sax”).

Note to the GOP Elite:

You guys are now facing the same situation that faced Victor von Frankenstein, in the classic movie: You have created this “monster”.

…a pi$$ed-off base who are voting for an outsider, a non-professional politician talking directly to the people.

And, you have lost control.

Your only hope is to catch this lighting in a bottle and to ride this lightning bolt all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

However, if past actions are any barometer, I doubt that you are smart enough to grasp this reality.

Until He Comes,





7 thoughts on “The Moment of No Return: If Trump Reaches 1,237 Delegates Tonight, What Then?

  1. I realize that my comment here may not be welcomed and you can delete it is you want to, but I must say my peace after reading your excellent post.

    First, much of what you have stated is so true that it hurts…tremendously!

    As a born-again, Bible believing follower of Jesus Christ, I look for the candidate that most closely represents (and would support) God’s Word – the Bible, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    I don’t see any of the three remaining Republican candidates as persons that I could, in good conscience, vote for. There are many reasons why each of them fails (in my mind) as a conservative candidate, but let’s just take one issue and I’ll explain why they all lose my support.

    The rabid, tyrannical and evil LGBT agenda that has the goal of shutting up any and all Christians and, forcing Christian owners to lose their businesses through the courts because they refuse to participate in homosexual “marriage” ceremonies.

    1. Trump thinks that transsexuals should be able to use any bathroom according to their perceived gender identity.

    Sorry – but that is just plain wrong and ludicrous! Has he lost his mind? Or, is it more likely that he is a liberal democrat trying to sabotage this election and be a Trojan horse by putting an “R” next to his name and pretending to run as a conservative? The FACT that it has been reported that he claims to be a Christian, but never saw the need to ask God for forgiveness because “he hasn’t done anything wrong” is an outright admission that Trump doesn’t believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ and dismisses the need for repentance at the foot of the cross.

    2. Kasich, though recently married was known as a homosexual during many years of his life in Congress. He had a homosexual roommate during those years. What straight man would do that? He also thought that the transgender agenda to change the bathroom laws was a good idea. Why doesn’t he see how dangerous this would be for his own daughters and his current wife? It is crazy that he is still in the race anyway because he only won one state and has what…about 137 delegates? He is also for the Syrian refugee influx into our nation. Does he not realize that ISIS terrorists have stated that they want to hide among the refuges and come across the border from Mexico? This is insanity! I don’t think he has a real chance anyway so he can be eliminated from the choices.

    We already have a homosexual and Muslim sympathizer in the White House who has often taken his marching orders from ValEVIL Jarrett – who is Iranian born. Why would we want another?

    3. Cruz has been allegedly accused of several extra-marital affairs. But the source was a tabloid newspaper. How strange it is to see that one of Trump’s current supporters and spokespersons was included on that list? She denied any affair with Cruz, of course. So what is the truth?

    Plus, Cruz has questions surrounding him regarding eligibility for POTUS. But the public is so used to ignoring the Constitution anyway that maybe that won’t even matter

    4. Commie Bernie and Crooked Hillary are “hell no” candidates – which goes without any need for additional comment.

    Politics is such a dirty business and has been for decades now. The only vote for president that I am still proud of over the course of my lifetime was my vote for Ronald Reagan.

    I live in CA (in a more conservative area) but the majority here are a bunch of fruits and nuts. Due to the overwhelmingly democrat population, my vote won’t count in the general election anyway.

    If Trump wins the nomination, I’m sorry to disappoint you but I just could not vote for him. He is a celebrity-type combination of a sleazy salesman and carnival barker all in one. He is saying things (and often contradicting himself) that he thinks people want to hear in order to get elected. Sounds much like 0bama 2.0 with an “R” next to his name.

    When Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for governor of CA, I chose Tom McClintock on the ballot and I have never regretted that vote! Arnold was a celebrity disaster waiting to ruin our state and I see Trump in much the same way – ready to ruin our nation. Why? Because his own campaign people have admitted that Trump claims that he will change what he has been saying in order to get elected once he’s in there. How can someone like that be trusted?

    So…which one will be “the lesser of two evils?”


    1. Gohawgs

      I agree with pretty much everything you wrote except for the 2 Cruz paragraphs.

      Roger Stone and the owner of the Nat’l Enquirer (a Trump supporter) published the story about the unsubstantiated “affairs” after every news outlet (TV networks, newspapers) refused to do so. All those named in the story have denied the accusations. Other than suing, how can one clear their name? Even when they win in court, are their reputations ever fully restored? The object of the story was to sow the seed of doubt…

      As for Cruz’s eligibility to be POTUS, there are no unanswered questions. His mother was born in the Delaware. That makes him natural born, as several Courts have ruled this election season.

      I believe that Trump is a Trojan/Stalking Horse for Hillary. Otherwise, why did DT call to speak with Bill Clinton in May 2015 about his plans to run for President — AFTER Hillary had announced? A telephone call that both camps agree occurred…

      Your vote may not “count” come November. But, your vote will mean something on June 7th!


      1. Thank you, Gohawgs, for the additional information that you shared regarding Cruz. I’m breathing a sigh of relief. I think that he might be the best choice.

        Of course, no one is perfect…but I worry about Trump being a ticking time bomb if he doesn’t get the magic number of delegates before the convention, and then loses the nomination on the second or third or…(etc.) ballots.

        I had forgotten about the Trump/Bill Clinton phone call in May 2015. It’s quite curious…isn’t it?

        It is difficult to discuss political candidates with anyone this election season! Tempers are about to explode if you find someone who disagrees with a person’s choice! I just want to warn people about the consequences of choosing unwisely – once again – like the voters did in 2008 and 2012.

        I have friends who are so pro-Trump it worries me! I have others who are pro-Cruz who can’t believe that any Christian in their right mind would ever vote for Trump!

        I have relatives who happen to have different religious beliefs who are anti-Trump.

        I have a daughter who doesn’t like any of the candidates!



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  3. Gohawgs

    “Just like Captain Jean Luc Picard in “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, it appears that “Man of the People” Ted Cruz has been “assimilated”, with the Vichy Republicans playing the role of “The Borg”.”

    Analysis fail.

    More like, Captain Jean Luc Picard in Star Trek Nemesis teaming up with the Romulans to defeat Shinzon of Remus…

    Enjoy the Trumpfone


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