Pelosi: Celebrate Obamacare on Independence Day!

pelosigavelYesterday morning, during her weekly Press Briefing Former Speaker of the House and genuine nutjob “San Fran Nan” Pelosi had a suggestion as to how red-blooded Americans should celebrate the Fourth of July this year,

Pretty soon we’ll all be leaving for the Fourth of July recess. Next week when we celebrate Independence Day, we’ll also be observing health independence. This marks one year since the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act. “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” The Affordable Care Act offers just that: A healthier life, liberty [to] pursue [a] person’s happiness, to be free of constraint, the job locked, uhh, because they’re policy locked. So, if you wanted to be a cameraman, a writer, you want to be self-employed, if you want to start a business, if you want to change jobs — whatever is you want to do — you are free.

After I laughed, cried, hurled, and banged my head on my desk all at the same time, I came to, and realized that this idiot actually believed what she was saying. She actually wants Americans to celebrate the end of the greatest Healthcare System on God’s Green Earth, instead of celebrating the founding of the greatest nation in that same world.

Before America’s Congressional cowards passed the abomination now known as Obamacare in March of 2010, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the American people that we would have to let them pass Obamacare so “that we will know what is in it”.  Here are three lies that Pelosi’s buddy, President Barack Hussein Obama (mm mmm mmmm) boldly told us before they passed Obamacare and the truth uncovered about these three lies since then:

1)  LIE:  Barack Hussein Obama (mm mmm mmmm) said in an address to a joint session of Congress, to sell health care reform, in September 2009:

One more misunderstanding I want to clear up — under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place.

And then: 3/21/10 – Today, the President announced that he will be issuing an executive order after the passage of the health insurance reform law that will reaffirm its consistency with longstanding restrictions on the use of federal funds for abortion.

While the legislation as written maintains current law, the executive order provides additional safeguards to ensure that the status quo is upheld and enforced, and that the health care legislation’s restrictions against the public funding of abortions cannot be circumvented.

The President has said from the start that this health insurance reform should not be the forum to upset longstanding precedent. The health care legislation and this executive order are consistent with this principle.

The President is grateful for the tireless efforts of leaders on both sides of this issue to craft a consensus approach that allows the bill to move forward.

TRUTH:  Later, news leaked out that The Health and Human Services Department was giving Pennsylvania $160 million for the establishment of a new high-risk insurance pool that will cover any abortion that is legal in the state.

2) LIE:   Also in September of 2009, Obama gave an interview to George Stephanopoulos, former member of the Clinton administration and now an anchor for ABC News.  Here is an excerpt from that interview:

By the way, was that a lateral career move?  But I digress…

STEPHANOPOULOS:  …during the campaign.  Under this mandate, the government is forcing people to spend money, fining you if you don’t. How is that not a tax?

OBAMA:  Well, hold on a second, George. Here — here’s what’s happening.  You and I are both paying $900, on average — our families — in higher premiums because of uncompensated care.  Now what I’ve said is that if you can’t afford health insurance, you certainly shouldn’t be punished for that.  That’s just piling on. If, on the other hand, we’re giving tax credits, we’ve set up an exchange, you are now part of a big pool, we’ve driven down the costs, we’ve done everything we can and you actually can afford health insurance, but you’ve just decided, you know what, I want to take my chances.  And then you get hit by a bus and you and I have to pay for the emergency room care, that’s…

OBAMA:  No, but — but, George, you — you can’t just make up that language and decide that that’s called a tax increase.  Any…


OBAMA:  What — what — if I — if I say that right now your premiums are going to be going up by 5 or 8 or 10 percent next year and you say well, that’s not a tax increase; but, on the other hand, if I say that I don’t want to have to pay for you not carrying coverage even after I give you tax credits that make it affordable, then…

TRUTH:  Under Obamacare, signed into law by Obama in March 2009, the majority of Americans will have to maintain “minimum essential coverage” starting in 2014. Many people will be eligible for federal subsidies to assist in paying their premiums.

In a brief defending the law, the Department Of Justice said the requirement for people to carry insurance or pay the penalty is “a valid exercise” of Congress’s power to impose taxes.

Congress can use its taxing power “even for purposes that would exceed its powers under other provisions” of the Constitution, the department said.

Of course,later, Chief Justice “”Benedict Arnold” Roberts and the Libs on the Supreme Court would agree with the president and the DOJ.

While Congress was working on the health care legislation, Scooter would not acknowledge that a mandate to buy insurance, enforced by financial penalties, was equivalent to a tax.

3)  LIE:  At a town hall event Aug. 15, 2009, in Grand Junction, Colo.,Obama said:

[i]f you like your health care plan, you keep your health care plan. Nobody is going to force you to leave your health care plan. If you like your doctor, you keep seeing your doctor. I don’t want government bureaucrats meddling in your health care. But the point is, I don’t want insurance company bureaucrats meddling in your health care either.

And he also said:

I expect that after reform passes, the vast majority of Americans are still going to be getting their insurance from private insurers.

Truth:  Perhaps, perhaps not. Recently, the Ohio Department of Insurance made an announcement that, based on the rates submitted by insurers to date, the average individual-market health insurance premium in 2014 will rise to around $420, “representing an increase of 88 percent” relative to 2013.

The rates that Ohio reported still have to be approved by the Department of Insurance.Out of proposed rates for 214 plans sent to the Department, projected costs from the companies for providing coverage for the required [by Obamacare] essential health benefits ranged from $282.51 to $577.40 for individual health insurance plans.

Congresswoman Pelosi needs to increase her senility medication. 

The Fourth of July is a celebration of American Freedom. It is not a celebration of the new American Proletariats’  [our] forced servitude to the new Politboro.

Until He Comes,


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