The Obamas…Still Community Organizing

In 2008, all the Liberal Pundits were marveling over the “ground game” of the Obama Campaign, and their success in “getting out” the vote.

Four years later, the Obamas are still Community Organizing…as hard as they can:

During a campaign stop for her husband in Miami, Fla., on Tuesday, first lady Michelle Obama urged grassroots volunteers to find unregistered voters and “shake ’em,” reminding them that President Obama has predicted this election “will be even closer than the last one.” Obama also told voters to “multiply” themselves to help get the president reelected.

“He needs you to keep making those calls, doing that hard work. Knocking on those doors. Treacherous work, right? Tiring work. He needs you to keep registering those voters. You know, the ones, you know, that aren’t registered and you gotta get ’em and shake ’em. Find them, get them registered,” Michelle Obama said at the campaign event.

“And even more important, he needs you to multiply yourselves,” Obama said to supporters. “Think about it like that. Multiply yourselves. Reach out to everybody you know. Your friends, family, neighbors and tell them to go to — find out how they can roll up their sleeves and get involved.”

“And let me just say that if anyone in here has any doubt about the difference that you can make, I just want you to remember that in the end this election could all come down to those last few thousand people that we registered to vote. Think about it like that,” Obama said.

Of course, the Obamas cut their teeth in Community Organizing:

In the summer of 1988, while still at Harvard, Barack Hussein Obama (mm mmm mmmm) landed a job as an intern in the Chicago office of the influential law firm of Sidley Austin. ( How does a first-year law student get an internship at such a prestigious law firm?) He was dating Michelle Robinson, a young lawyer from a working-class family in the South Shore area of the South Side. She also just happened to be his mentor at the firm. The lovebirds got married in 1990, and settled in the Hyde Park neighborhood on the South Side along the lakefront. Built around the University of Chicago, both black and white affluent families lived among the middle class and the poor. Hyde Park boasts a strong base of independent voters who are committed to political reform, which influenced Obama’s political message.

He worked for seven months in 1992 on a voter registration and education project that helped elect Bill Clinton as president and Carol Moseley Braun as the state’s first African-American female senator.

You may have heard of it: Project Vote. In 2008, Project Vote and ACORN were responsible for a voter registration drive targeting battleground states Obama needed to win the White House.

Though officially non-partisan, the ACORN/Project Vote voter drive focused on groups that they thought would vote Democratic in the presidential contest: African-American, young, Latino and low-income earners. They referred to these groups as “historically underrepresented in elections” in a press release they issued, in an attempt to justify what they were doing.

ACORN/Project Vote operated voter registration drives in 21 states in 2008; including the battlegrounds Colorado, Florida, Michigan (since move to Obama) Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. They were very instrumental in Obama’s victory.

The good news is, that, at least as a national organization, ACORN has shut its doors:

On November 2, 2010, Bertha Lewis announced that ACORN had filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition. In a statement posted on the group’s website, Lewis claimed that ACORN, because of its own “highly effective strategies,” had been unfairly targeted for a “political onslaught” and a “barrage of unmitigated accusations” by its “right-wing” foes.

In 2010, at least 15 former ACORN employees were convicted of voter fraud-related activities.

In August 2011, the former ACORN, having previously pleaded guilty to unlawfully paying cash bonuses to voter-registration canvassers who managed to meet their quotas, was convicted of felony voter fraud. This marked the first time that ACORN itself, as opposed to its individual workers, had been convicted of a crime. The court fined ACORN $5,000, the maximum allowed under state law. At the sentencing hearing, Las Vegas Judge Donald Mosley said:

“It is making a mockery of our election process. If I had an individual in this courtroom … who was responsible for this kind of thing, I would put that person in prison for 10 years, hard time, and not think twice about it…. This is the kind of thing you see in some banana republic, Uruguay or someplace, not in the United States.”

While ACORN as a national entity officially disbanded in 2010 after 40 years of activism, its aforementioned offshoot organizations continued, undeterred, to pursue ACORN’s traditional agendas.

In July 2012, however, it was reported that the Affordable Housing Centers of America (AHCOA) — formerly known as ACORN Housing — had vacated its Chicago premises and ceased operations due to bankruptcy.

However, ever though ACORN has gone bye-bye, all those Democratically-controlled Foundations that funded it are still around…and you can bet your bottom dollar that they are going to do whatever it takes to overcome the will of the American people and put the Manchurian President back on the Throne of the Regime.

3 thoughts on “The Obamas…Still Community Organizing

  1. Gohawgs

    When dealing with any invasive, noxious plant half measures won’t work. Killing off acorn, its affiiliates, communism, socialism, marxist, the left et al can’t be accomplished by “reaching across the aisle”…


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