First, It Was Confederate Statues, Then it Was Founding Fathers, Now It’s Teddy Roosevelt…We Must Stop the Erasing of Our History

Teddy Roosevelt Statue reports that

A statue depicting former President Theodore Roosevelt located in front of New York’s Museum of Natural History will be taken down due to concerns about the statue’s racist depictions.

The New York Times reported that museum staff and city officials have come to an agreement to take down the statue, which depicts the former president on horseback leading two figures on foot, one Native American and on African American.

“Over the last few weeks, our museum community has been profoundly moved by the ever-widening movement for racial justice that has emerged after the killing of George Floyd,” the museum’s president Ellen Futter told the Times. “We have watched as the attention of the world and the country has increasingly turned to statues as powerful and hurtful symbols of systemic racism.

“Simply put, the time has come to move it,” she continued.

Mayor Bill de Blasio Bill de BlasioThe Hill’s Morning Report – Presented by Facebook – Trump under fire as SCOTUS, Bolton deal blows New York City woman to file M lawsuit after arrest for improperly wearing face maskThe Hill’s Morning Report – Presented by Facebook – Bolton book rocks WashingtonMORE (D) confirmed the statue’s removal in a statement to the Times.

“The American Museum of Natural History has asked to remove the Theodore Roosevelt statue because it explicitly depicts Black and Indigenous people as subjugated and racially inferior,” de Blasio said. “The City supports the Museum’s request. It is the right decision and the right time to remove this problematic statue.”

The statue’s removal follows efforts by protesters around the country to tear down statues depicting Confederate figures as well as others depicting other figures from history such as Christopher Columbus, the explorer credited with discovering America for European powers who is controversial due to his role in the Atlantic slave trade.

“Racist”, my hindquarters.

If expecting immigrants to become a part of “The Great American Melting Pot”, then all of use average Americans living in America’s Heartland are as guilty as ol’ Teddy was.

We should insist that if the immigrant who comes here does in good faith become an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed or birth-place or origin.

But this is predicated upon the man’s becoming in very fact an American and nothing but an American. If he tries to keep segregated with men of his own origin and separated from the rest of America, then he isn’t doing his part as an American. There can be no divided allegiance here. . . We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language, for we intend to see that the crucible turns our people out as Americans, of American nationality, and not as dwellers in a polyglot boarding-house; and we have room for but one soul loyalty, and that is loyalty to the American people. – President Teddy Roosevelt

The Communist Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, needs to be tarred and feathered and shipped to a gulag in Siberia, along with every single member of Anitfa and the Marxists of Black Lives Matter.

To quote the late, great Slim Pickens as Mr. Taggart in a movie which these “woke” useful idiots will probably call for banning any day now, “Blazing Saddles”,

“What in the Wide, Wide World of Sports is a’goin’ on here?”

Just like the Bolsheviks of the Russian Revolution, the Brown Shirts of the Third Reich, and the barbarous butchers of ISIS, These New Fascists want the history of the country which they want to take over erased because it threatens their brainwashing of the citizenry.

Our shared history as a Sovereign Nation reminds Americans of where we came from and provides us insight into the present road we are traveling toward a possible future.

What we are witnessing, is a generation of Americans who were taught to be ashamed to be Americans, lashing out like petulant children, destroying reminders of a history which they have been brainwashed into hating.

Their actions, which the overwhelming majority of Americans, find disgusting and revolting, help them to self-identify as “agents of change”…when in reality they are “useful idiots” being controlled by those who wish to turn our Constitutional Republic into a Marxist nation.

By shaming people in positions of corporate and political power into “virtue signaling” their repentance over being something that they never have been, these new fascists are attempting to add clout to their numbers and to legitimize their violent and destructive actions.

Do those of you, in my generation, remember seeing pictures in high school or college of the citizens of Poland when the Nazis came marching into Warsaw?

They were forced to thrust their arms up in a Nazi salute. However, if you looked at their faces, they were sobbing over the loss of their individual freedom and their sovereignty as a free nation.

If we do not stand together as a free people against these bullying new fascists, our fate will be no better that any country before us who has bowed to bullies who have tried to “radically change” their Sovereign Nations into something that they were never meant to be.

It is time for Americans to say “THAT’S ENOUGH”!!!

Until He Comes,


Pelosi Removes Confederate House Speaker Portraits, Wants 11 Confederate Statues Removed From Statuary Hall… She’s Been There 40 Years…Why Now?

untitled (321) reports that

South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan (R) is calling on Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to reverse her order for portraits of previous House Speakers who served in the Confederacy to be removed from the Capitol.

In a letter to Pelosi on Friday, Duncan argued that taking down the portraits is an attempt to erase history. The GOP lawmaker said that “every leader in history, including ourselves, has flaws and imperfections” and suggested that taking down the paintings was a “slippery slope.”

“I write you in opposition of this request, specifically the request to remove the portrait of former Speaker of the House James L. Orr of South Carolina. The 3rd Congressional District of South Carolina is the modern Congressional district Mr. Orr would have represented when he was a Member of Congress,” he wrote.

“Mr. Orr was a Congressman from South Carolina for four terms, served as Speaker from 1857-1859, was the last Speaker to preside in the Old House chamber, and one of only two Speakers to hail from South Carolina. As you are very aware, it has been the tradition of the House to have a portrait displayed of the past Speaker after their service,” he added.

Duncan highlighted Orr’s time in politics, noting that at the end of the Civil War, he was appointed under former President Andrew Johnson (D) to serve as the commissioner to represent the provisional government of South Carolina as it rejoined the Union, and was the first governor in South Carolina to be elected by popular vote before going on to become the ambassador to Russia after being appointed by former President Ulysses S. Grant (R).

“To say the least, Mr. Orr not only served his home state of South Carolina, but our great nation as well in many capacities in different Presidential administrations,” Duncan wrote.

“You were elected to be the Speaker for the whole House of Representatives, not just for the people of San Francisco. I am very concerned at the precedent that your action sets and that it will end with removing history.”

Duncan slammed “cancel culture,” questioning whether portraits and statues of the founders of the country would also be removed given their ties to slavery or if politicians who have made comments about Confederate leaders in the past should have their memorials taken down. 

“Will we next remove statues of Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson over ties to slavery? What about the memorial of Franklin D. Roosevelt over his position on internment camps?” he continued. 

“Should the Baltimore memorial of your father Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. be removed for his comments concerning Confederate leaders?” he asked.

The House Republican argued that controversial statements made by Democrats should also be addressed before portraits are removed, adding that he believes it could further divide the nation.

“And if it is so important that we police those who have made controversial comments, why then are you attempting to discipline former Members who have been dead for over 100 years, when you as Speaker have refused to discipline current Members of your caucus who have made anti-Semitic statements?” he wrote.

“Simply put, this is a dangerous path to go down and I do not believe that removing a portrait outside the chamber of the People’s House will benefit our country, foster more equality, or help Americans achieve greater economic prosperity.”

Duncan requested that if the portrait has to be removed from the Speaker’s Lobby in the Capitol, that it can be displayed in his congressional office in the Rayburn House Office Building.

Pelosi called for the portraits’ removal on Thursday, which comes on the heels of her request to remove 11 Confederate statues from Statuary Hall last week.

“We didn’t know about this until we were taking inventory of the statues and the curator told us that there were four paintings of Speakers in the Capitol of the United States, four Speakers who had served in the Confederacy,” she told reporters Thursday.

A renewed debate over removing Confederate imagery and other figures including Christopher Columbus has erupted across the country after the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died in police custody late last month.

As we were watching Fox News yesterday morning, before my wife and I went to work. the preceding story about Speaker Pelosi came on.

My wife was outraged.

My wife is a transplanted “Yankee”, who has lived down here in Dixie for over 30 years and loves it.

She asked me, “Why isn’t anybody standing up to her? She’s trying to erase America’s History!”

She was right.

These presents attempts at rewriting and censuring history, in the name of virtue signaling, political correctness, “racism”, and “hurt feelings” is the biggest exercise in Liberal Hypocrisy that this ol’ Son of the South has seen in my ever-lengthening lifetime.

The absolute drooling hatred being exhibited right now by Modern American Liberals toward my region of the country is unbelievable.

Y’know, I knew that they have been participating in a move to turn our nation into a Democratic Socialist Barrio by any means necessary, including making our brave Men and Women in Blue into Societal Pariahs, but, I did not know that they were going to take their lust for power out on my ancestors again, as well.

Yes. MY ancestors.

You see, boys and girls, if you were standing over by my shoulder, right now, in KJ’s Inner Sanctum, otherwise known by my bride as my “man cave”, you would see two things: a giant framed poster of all the names found in the Bible given to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and my family crest, which I sent to my Daddy (Southern colloquialism for male parental unit) back in July of 1978 from the York Insignia Shoppe in York, England, while I was on a singing tour with a 15-voice choir.

On the bottom of the crest is a very recognizable name which was the first name of one of General Robert E. Lee’s relatives.

My father was also a fighting man from the South, as I have related to you before.

He was a Master Sergeant with an Army Engineering Unit, who stepped off of a perfectly good boat onto the living hell that was Normandy Beach on June 6, 1944.

I suppose the Liberals will want to get rid of those statues, next.

But, I digress…

I am proud of my Southern Heritage.

I am proud of my Family Heritage.

For you see, Christianity runs deep in my family.

And, those Confederate Generals all viewed themselves as Christian men.

Just like those men, we are all flawed, as man himself is a fallen creature.

However, we continue to strive to do what is right.

These Southern Americans, whom Pelosi and the rest of the virtue-signaling Far Left and Vichy Republicans seek to dishonor and hide away, like Bill Clinton’s little black book, were flawed men, as well.

However, the Federal Government recognizes them as United States of America Veterans.

 ” Every soldier’s grave made during our unfortunate civil war [sic] is a tribute to American valor… And the time has now come… when in the spirit of fraternity we should share in the care of the graves of the Confederate soldiers… and if it needed further justification it is found in the gallant loyalty to the Union and the flag so conspicuously shown in the year just passed by the sons and grandsons of those heroic dead.” …President William McKinley, 14 December 1898.

These portraits and statues MUST be left alone, to serve as a reminder of mistakes made, by NORTH and South, and as a reminder that, like a family often does, we fight among ourselves, but our true strength lies in forgiveness, compassion. courage, and integrity.

Four character traits that both the Far Left Democratic Party and Modern American Liberals in general seemingly have forsaken in their quest to restore power to their minority political ideology.

Character traits which they had better suck up and find soon, because the young fascists of Antifa and BLM could very well turn on them after they are through treating them as “useful idiots”

And their “feelings” won’t matter at all.

Then again, as I have recently pointed out, Marxists love to destroy historical artifacts, as Lenin and Stalin demonstrated, so maybe they will cut the Liberal Democrats some slack.

Probably not.

Now that they are censoring food items from our grocery shelves and purposefully erasing history, I wonder when the book burning starts?

Until He Comes,



Absurdity Becomes Reality: The Onion Tweets About Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben Before Their “Death” By Virtue Signaling

6252130_061720-cc-shutterstock-aunt-jemima-uncle-bens-img reports that

Amid the cultural shift following the death of George Floyd, Aunt Jemima is the latest longtime icon to be canceled due to the racist depiction that stemmed from mascot’s creation. After 131 years, Quaker Oats announced her presence in grocery stores is coming to an end.

“We recognize Aunt Jemima’s origins are based on a racial stereotype,” Kristin Kroepfl, vice president and chief marketing officer of Quaker Foods North America, said in a statement obtained by FOX Business. “As we work to make progress toward racial equality through several initiatives, we also must take a hard look at our portfolio of brands and ensure they reflect our values and meet our consumers’ expectations.”

However, roughly eight hours before the announcement, The Onion tweeted about the controversial mascot and jokingly reported about Quaker Oats’ plans for her replacement.

“Quaker Oats Replaces Historically Racist Aunt Jemima Mascot With Black Female Lawyer Who Enjoys Pancakes Sometimes,” the headline read.

The article, which was published on Friday, details how Aunt Jemima was being replaced with “Sheila,” who is “an African American woman who wears a suit, carries a briefcase, and isn’t an aunt per se, though she is godmother to the child of a dear friend she met as an undergraduate at Dartmouth College.”

“Our new mascot is based on several real-life black women who are lawyers and eat pancakes some mornings when they aren’t too busy litigating on behalf of the disadvantaged,” a fictitious statement from Quaker Oats said. “While Sheila does enjoy our extended line of breakfast foods, that is only one small facet of her rich and complex identity as a human being: Sheila also speaks fluent Italian, likes U2, is bisexual, and enjoys cross-country skiing.”

In the Onion piece, Quaker Oats jokingly stressed that Sheila “never serves the pancakes herself” but occasionally “goes to a diner near the courthouse where waitresses and waiters of a variety of races serve them to her.”

The Onion also “reported” that Mars. Inc announced its plans to replace its own mascot, Uncle Ben, with a “black engineering graduate student.”

Following the announcement about Aunt Jemima, Mars. Inc did, in fact, announce plans to phase out the Uncle Ben’s brand, saying “We know we have a responsibility to take a stand in helping to put an end to racial bias and injustices.

“Racism has no place in society. We stand in solidarity with the Black community, our Associates and our partners in the fight for social justice. We know to make the systemic change needed, it’s going to take a collective effort rom all of us — individuals, communities and organizations of all sizes around the world,” the company said.

This makes no sense to me whatsoever.

These products have been in American households of all races for decades.

In fact, Aunt Jemima actually was a “real person”…and made personal appearances!

According to

Chris L. Rutt and Charles G. Underwood purchased the Pearl Milling Company in 1889, and came up with the novel idea of creating a ready-mixed pancake flour. Rutt named it for a catchy tune called ‘Aunt Jemima’ which he had recently heard in a vaudeville show.

Rutt and Underwood went broke in 1890, and sold the formula for Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix to the R.T. Davis Milling Company. Davis looked for a woman to represent the product, and hired an African American woman named Nancy Green (Nov 17, 1834 – September 23, 1923) from Chicago, Illinois.

At the 1893 Colombian Exposition in Chicago, Davis made an all-out effort to promote the new pancake mix, and built the world’s largest flour barrel. ‘Aunt Jemima’ (Nancy Green) demonstrated how to use the new mix, and the exhibit was so popular, police had to control the crowds at the Aunt Jemima booth. Nancy Green was awarded a medal and proclaimed ‘Pancake Queen’ by the Fair officials. Soon signed to a lifetime contract by Davis, Green was a hit all across the country, as she toured demonstrating the new Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix, and by 1910 it was available nationally.

She played the part of Aunt Jemima until her death on September 24, 1923 (she died in a car accident).

Aunt Jemima Mills were purchased in 1925 by the Quaker Oats Company of Chicago.

“She was one of the first African-American missionary workers. She used her stature as a spokesperson to become a leading advocate against poverty and in favor of equal rights,” for all people — all people — in Chicago. So by erasing her now and removing her image from the syrup bottle, the Quaker Oats company has cow towed to the flaming leftists and black activists who say that the image is based on racial bias. And it might, because of all the other sensitivities that have been raised, it might offend people now.” – Rush Limbaugh, 6/17/20

Susan Green was one of America’s first Black Millionaires!

 Was Uncle Ben a real person?


In the 1910s, the German-British scientist Eric(h) Huzenlaub (1899–1964) invented a form of parboiling designed to retain more of the nutrients in rice, now known as the Huzenlaub Process. It involves first vacuum drying of the whole grain, then steaming, and finally vacuum drying and husking. Besides increasing rice’s nutritional value[citation needed], it also made it resistant to weevils and reduced cooking time.

In 1942, Huzenlaub partnered with a Houston food broker, Gordon L. Harwell, forming Converted Rice, Inc., which sold its entire output to the U.S. Armed Forces.[2] In 1944, with additional financing from the Defense Plant Corporation and an investment by Forrest Mars, Sr., it built a second large plant. Not long afterwards, Mars bought out the founders and merged the company into his Food Manufacturers, Inc..

When white South Carolina planters were unable to make their rice crops thrive, “slaves from West Africa’s rice region tutored planters in growing the crop.”

Uncle Ben’s products carry the image of an elderly African-American man dressed in a bow tie, said to have been the visage of a Chicago maitre d’hotel named Frank Brown. According to Mars, Uncle Ben was an African-American rice grower known for the quality of his rice. Gordon L. Harwell, an entrepreneur who had supplied rice to the armed forces in World War II, chose the name Uncle Ben’s as a means to expand his marketing efforts to the general public.

In March 2007, Uncle Ben’s image was “promoted” to the “chairman of the board” by a new advertising campaign designed to distance the brand from its iconography depicting a domestic servant.


You know, I thought that the Liberals had lost their mind when HBO Max pulled its copy of “Gone With the Wind” off their Shelves.

I guess to them being seen as “virtuous” is more important than giving this generation a chance to watch Hattie McDaniel, the first black American ever to win an Academy Award, in her scene-stealing performance.

It like the out-of control censorship during the Third Reich has been reborn. Only this time, it is not book burning happening, it is Revisionist History through the toppling and defacing of statues and monuments and now, the pulling of traditional food items which all Americans have had in their homes at one time or another, because certain people deem them offensive.

What is next?

The pulling of all of the “Dean Martin Roasts” Infomercials because celebrities dared to make fun of each other’s ethnicity and no one got offended?

Or the pulling down of statues of Jesus Christ and crosses because non-Christians are offended by the sight of them?

It is time to stop this out-of-control “Virtual Signaling” by the Liberals and those Americans who, for some reason, are afraid of them.

Despite what the Far Left is saying, this is not what our Founders intended.

Until He Comes,