Quarantine Africa Now. Protect Our Citizens.

AFBrancoEbolaPlane10162014As the American Outbreak of the deadly plague known as Ebola continues to create fear and anxiety in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, two smaller, less technologically-advanced nations have been seeing success in their efforts in containing the horrible disease.

According to the Associated Press...

Health officials battling the Ebola outbreak that has killed more than 4,500 people in West Africa have managed to limit its spread on the continent to five countries – and two of them appear to have snuffed out the disease.

The developments constitute a modest success in an otherwise bleak situation.

Officials credit tighter border controls, good patient-tracking and other medical practices, and just plain luck with keeping Ebola confined mostly to Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea since the outbreak was first identified nearly seven months ago.

Senegal did so well in finding and isolating a man with Ebola who had slipped across the border from Guinea in August that the World Health Organization on Friday will declare the end of the disease in Senegal if no new cases surface.

Nigeria is another success story. It had 20 cases and eight deaths after the virus was brought by a Liberian-American who flew from Liberia to Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital of 21 million people, in July. Nearly 900 people were potentially exposed to the virus by the traveler, who died, and the disease could have wreaked havoc in Africa’s most populous nation.

Instead, Ebola appears to have been beaten, in large part through aggressive tracking of Ebola contacts, with no new cases since Aug. 31.

WHO, the U.N. health agency, called it “a piece of world-class epidemiological detective work.” The organization is set to declare an end to the outbreak in Nigeria on Monday.

On Wednesday, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas wrote the following Op Ed for the Texas Tribune, which exudes common sense…

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa presents an urgent public health threat to America. The loss of life and the growing epidemic are heartbreaking and tragic. And we need serious leadership in the United States to protect our citizens today.

To date, roughly 8,000 people have contracted Ebola in West Africa. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that under worst-case-scenario conditions, the number of Ebola cases could reach 1.4 million by January. Of those, over 50 percent would likely lose their lives.

We need to do everything we can to contain this outbreak, to help the people who are suffering in Africa and to prevent this epidemic from spreading. But our first priority must be to protect the health and safety of American citizens. The Constitution sets forth the federal government’s responsibility to “provide for the common defense.” That should be the president’s focus.

Already, one Liberian citizen, Thomas Eric Duncan, was able to fly on a commercial flight to Texas, arriving at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport infected with Ebola. Duncan lost his life, but not before transmitting the disease to a Dallas nurse, Nina Pham, who bravely put her life in jeopardy caring for him in his final days. Officials announced on Wednesday that another health care worker had been diagnosed with the virus. Our prayers are with that worker, Pham and Duncan’s grieving family.

We all very much hope the virus will not spread any further in Texas. But hope is not a strategy. Given the gravity of the threat, common sense dictates that it’s time to ban flights from the countries afflicted by Ebola.

The federal government has implemented screenings at five major American airports for passengers arriving from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Notably, the screenings don’t include other airports like DFW, where Duncan arrived.

This is not enough. The screenings are not effective if the patient is not symptomatic, and the Ebola virus has an incubation period of up to 21 days. During that time, an Ebola carrier presents no symptoms and is not contagious. Anyone traveling during those 21 days will likely walk right through the screening. 

Banning flights from the afflicted countries is a prudent, common-sense step until the epidemic is brought under control. 

The Obama administration resists doing so, telling us that the U.S. health care system is much more advanced than Africa’s and is thus better able to contain an outbreak. That’s true, but an outbreak here could nonetheless be catastrophic. 

We know that even with high-quality American health care, Duncan transmitted the virus to at least two workers. Despite the CDC protocols, the biohazard suits, nitrile gloves and goggles, the virus was still passed to Pham and her co-worker, although we don’t yet know how. But we do know simple human error, a tiny flaw in equipment or the potential of a mutating virus can render even the most cautious protocols ineffective.

I recently visited with the leadership of one of Texas’s largest health care systems about their precautions to counter Ebola. I asked how many Ebola patients they could reasonably handle with these protocols. “Six or so,” they responded. What if, God forbid, we saw 8,000, as in West Africa? They had no answer.

We shouldn’t risk finding out what that answer might be.

Yesterday, the incompetent leader of the Centers for Disease Control, Dr. Thomas Frieden, proclaimed that he was not in favor of quarantining the African Countries, which are the most fertile Ebola Incubators, because it would hurt the economy of those African Nations.

SO WHAT???!!!

The economies of African Nations versus saving American lives. Let me think about this for a minute.


This President and his Administration have a different set of priorities than the citizens whom they are supposed to be protecting, and failing miserably to do so.

The economies of the African Nations, which MUST be quarantined, will eventually recover.

Americans killed by Ebola will not.


Until He Comes,



An American Snapshot: The End of Shame

facepalm1Sitting here at my computer, I have been attempting to put all of the events which have been happening in America in the past week into some logical semblance of order, and attach a nice pink bow on them ( After the Supreme Court Ruling last Wednesday, can I say that?) in an attempt to make some sense out of them.

All the factors I have considered, lead me to one conclusion: Our Society has lost its sense of shame.

Please allow me to let you in on my thought process and perhaps you will agree with me.

Let us start with our nation’s Chief Executive Officer, Barack Hussein Obama. Scooter, Mooch, and the girls are currently in the middle of a whirlwind tour of Africa and the subcontinent. (I don’t know what that means, but, Cab Calloway said it while announcing the Blues Brothers in the first movie, and I thought it was kind of cool.) During the trip, paid for by us American Taxpayers, Obama is being greeted by the local populace (I was going to say native populace, but, I did not want to be accused of being another Paul Deen.) wearing “Welcome Home, Obama” t-shirts! (I couldn’t have said it better, myself.)

While over there, our Petulant President, during a press conference with the President of Senegal, said that African Nations needed to lighten up and embrace homosexuality. Needless to say, Obama’s proclamation was received about as well as Rosanne Barr at a Southern Gospel Festival. His Main Stream Media Minions are referring to the event as a “slip” and a “teachable moment”.

I call it shameless.

While we are one the subject of the “alternative lifestyle”, average Americans are still shaking our heads over the decision of the Supreme Court to take away the sovereignty of California Voters to decide whether of not to allow Homosexuals to “marry” in their state. The Supremes (Without Diana Ross) decided to “Stop in the Name of Love”, and uphold the decision of a Homosexual Appeals Court Judge. (No bias there, huh?)

Liberals called the ruling the greatest thing since sliced bread and the opening of a doorway, leading to the “normalization” of homosexuality in America. I call it the possible beginning of the Fall of the Greatest Country on the Face of the Earth. Shameless.

Meanwhile, over in the Senate, the Gang of Eight’s “Immigration Reform” Bill (Say it with me, boys and girls, AMNESTY) passed through the Senate in a landslide, with 14 Vichy Republicans, siding with their fellow DC Country Club Members. All those goobers called it “Bi-partisanship”.

I called it shameless.

Also, this week, the murder trial of George Zimmerman began. After the opening statements, the Prosecution called their “star” witness, a Miss Rachel Jeantel. She turned out to be a young woman,whose life consists of smoking pot, getting drunk, massacring the Queen’s English, and sending out vulgar tweets, blaming us white crackers for everything from her sorry state of existence to painful rectal itch.

While on the stand, Jeantel was caught in lies several times, insisting that “cracker” was not a racial term. (Right. And, 50 cent is a musical genius.) It was also learned, while she was giving her testimony, that Jeantel, a High School Senior, did not write a letter that she was supposed to have. In fact, the High School Senior cannot read or write Cursive….and can barely read or write anything at all. When she finished her testimony, she took her seat beside Trayvon Martin’s mother, who hired a lawyer after his death, to explore the “merchandising” of her dead son. (Hoodies! Get your Hoodies, here!)

It is very evident that Zimmerman is being railroaded. A witness on Friday collaborated Zimmerman’s account of the event, stating that Zimmerman was pinned to the sidewalk by Trayvon, who was “hitting him in the face with martial-art type blows”. (That doesn’t sound like the innocent 12 year old , whose picture has been circulated by his family. That sound more like the 17 year old thug, who had been suspended from school 30 times for smoking dope and breaking in lockers with the tolls he kept in his school bag.)

The reason for the screw job that Zimmerman is going through, is the initial protests lead by the Justice Brothers, Revs. Jackson and Sharpton, who never saw a camera that they didn’t like. The Prosecutor overreacted, and over-charged Zimmerman. Now, the Prosecution is trapped into going through with the Dog and Pony Show, because a certain element of Miami’s Black Population has threatened to riot, if Zimmerman is acquitted.

The Liberals are attempting to justify this farce by claiming that it is recuppence for past injustices.

I call it shameless.

Finally, there’s the crucifixion of Paula Deen, as “Interview With a Vampire” Novelist Anne Rice referred to the whole Bloody mess.

Paula Deen, successful chef, entrepreneur, and Food Network Star, is being sued, along with her brother, by a former employee of her restaurant in Savannah, GA. Under oath, she admitted that she had used the “N” word, before….a long time ago. She also admitted that she once thought that the idea of having an Old South, Antebellum Wedding, with Black waiters dressed in black tuxedos with white shirts, like the house “slaves” wore during that era, would look pretty cool.

I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you. (If I were to remark that those guys would look awfully spiffy in Black Tie and Tails, would that make me a RAAACIIIST?)

Hollywood must feel the same way, because I recently saw Garrett Morris, of Saturday Night Live fame [“Our top story tonight…”], playing a butler in a episode of Psych, dressed in the exact same manner as Ms. Deen described.

Anyway, now every corporation she is currently involved with, from Chinese-held Smithfield Hams to Harrah’s Casinos, have dropped her as if she was George Wallace (before his change of heart) re-incarnated.

Either she is actually the Wicked Witch of the West, away from the public eye, or all these corporations have grievously overreacted, so as to not have their profit margins affected by their association with her.

(Since Ms. Deen is a Democrat, who voted for Barack Hussein Obama twice (mm mmm mmmm), I would probably go with the second option.)

I am sure they call it “good business”.

I call it shameless.

Evidently, the majority of Americans agree with me, because Ms. Deen’s cookbooks occupy the top spot on amazon.com.

What has happened to America? 

Why are all of these jaw-dropping events, which would have been unthinkable a few decades ago, suddenly coalescing into a hurricane of senses – overwhelming shamelessness?

Mark Twain once said,

Man is the only animal that blushes – or needs to.

Perhaps, in this society of vanishing morals and situational ethics, perhaps we have lost our ability to feel shame and therefore, to blush.

We need to figure out a way to regain that ability, or, our nation will become a footnote in history.

Until He Comes,