There is Always Hope

Today is Holy Saturday, the day before the Greatest Event in Human History.

The world back then was a very different place but in some ways very similar to what we’re experiencing now.

People were having their freedoms being taken away by an oppressive government who did not care what the people wanted and were only interested in the acquisition of political power and prestige.

Oppressive laws were put in place and people who were already suffering were being taxed to the point of starvation.

They dare not speak out against the government for fear of retribution and being labeled as heretics and revolutionaries or being jailed or killed for speaking out.

So, common folks tried to live their lives as best they could, providing for their families, while looking for some glimmer of hope… Someone to tell them that they were loved and appreciated.

And then, Someone did appear…a Carpenter’s Son from Nazareth, who spoke about the love of His Father and unfathomable joy, grace, and forgiveness.

The professional politicians in charge of the oppressive government saw the fear of those whom they controlled slipping away as a result of the Good News being spread by the Man From Galilee.

So, with the help of one of his own followers who betrayed him, they framed him, tried him, and crucified him.

And, they thought that they had won.

But, they had overestimated themselves and underestimated the Power of God’s Love.

Today, America finds itself facing a new form of oppression. Average Americans are being told that they are ignorant, uncaring, or revolutionaries because they hold on to traditional faith and values,while objecting to their individual freedoms being taken away, because the majority in this country are still guided by the Divine Spark which that Carpenter’s Son left in each of us.

So, I’m going to going to end my thoughts for this Saturday before Resurrection Sunday by telling you that man’s evil political machinations will not triumph.

There is always hope.

Joy comes in the morning.

Until He Comes,