New Years Day 2021: Facing America’s Uncertain Future

As we begin a New Year, we find our Sovereign Nation more divided than it has been in decades, almost as it was before the start of the Civil War.

Americans have had to endure a devastating coronavirus, released by Communist China, which took a  horrible toll in terms of American lives, businesses and jobs.

Then, just as Americans were starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel, it turned out to be an oncoming train in the form of Election Fraud, in which a demented old man, who could not even draw a campaign crowd of 200, supposedly inspired 80 million Americans to vote him in as President of the United States of America.

And now, the Democratic Hierarchy and the Vichy Republicans are reticent to actually expose the truth about what actually happened on November 3, 2020, while polls show that the majority of Americans want to know.

Why are those who claim to be our “public servants” so adamant about going against the wishes of the American people?

According to a man who was an American Legend, it all has to do with the way Liberals look at things…

…I always thought I was a liberal but I came up terribly surprised when I found I was a right-wing conservative extremist…I have always listened to every human being I’ve ever met about how I should feel.  But this so-called new liberal group… they never listen to your point of view and they make a decision as to what you think and they’re articulate enough and in control of enough of the press to force that image out for the average person.  For some reason, maybe it’s these pictures, they have not been able to do that with me…it hasn’t affected my career in popularity in spite of the fact that they’ve tried to make them do it.  There isn’t a hell of a lot we can do to change human behavior.  We keep making laws to try to change human behavior but we can’t do it…You’re being conned into Keynesianism and socialism now but it isn’t going to stop the selfishness of human behavior.  It isn’t going to stop the greed.  If you take $20 and give a dollar to every son of a b!tch in the room, you come back a year later one of the b@st@rds will have most of the money.  It’s just human nature.  We’re never gonna whip it with a lot of laws. 

As communication gets better and you make people conscious of somebody in trouble, starving or something like that, the average person will help…I think there are people who try to affect a thinking where they know more than some other son of a b!tch and try to pull a false impression on what human nature is.  We’ve proven we go back to hope at the first opportunity…and bam they’re out there ready to grab it.  So we are optimistic; we have to be optimistic.  What else would we be if you lose optimism?” –  John Wayne

The negativity and bitterness of the Modern American Liberals to whom the Duke was referring has been on display for the entire world to see, ever since the night of November 8, 2016, when reality threw a bucket of cold water in their faces, putting them on notice that average Americans were tired of their failed political philosophy and their perpetually morose opinion about the Greatest Country on the Face of the Earth.

Ever since President Donald J. Trump took office and for 8 long years under his predecessor, Barack Hussein Obama, there has been constant chorus provided by the Nattering Nabobs of Negativism, now known as Modern American Liberals, concerning how uncaring, how bigoted, how xenophobic, how narrow-minded, and how just plain awful and stupid average Americans are to continue to love this country, to honor its flag, and to continue to hold dear the America Legacy of Traditional Faith and Values.

For proof of this, please check out the protests during the Confirmation Hearings for Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, in which Liberals were bussed to Capitol Hill in order to not only disrupt those hearings but intimidate Republican Senators and the sham impeachment of President Trump over a normal phone call with the President of Ukraine.

Luckily, the overwhelming majority of those of us who live between the coasts did not live our lives like the mindless lemmings whom I have named the “New Bolsheviks”.

The rugged individualism of previous generations of Americans flows through our veins. The American “Can-Do” Spirit has taken us from the bottom of the Ocean to the surface of the moon.

The overwhelming majority of Americans will stand by one another in times of crisis, as shown be the outpouring of support throughout the past year’s hurricanes and horrible events such as the California Wildfires.

The intestinal fortitude that is our heritage as Americans…along with that Still, Small Voice which still resides in each and every one of us, will continue, I pray, to guide our nation, and spur us on, to stay vigilant and protect our American Freedom, just as my Parents’ Generation did, against the Axis of Evil.

It is that same Divine Spark which leads our Best and Brightest as they protest and serve our nation’s interests in all corners of the globe. It is also found in our First Responders and the men and women of Law Enforcement who are willing to give their lives to protect our municipalities, such as Corporal Ronil Singh,

I thank God that we have had an AMERICAN PRESIDENT who is not afraid to support them and to take the stand he has for our nation’s safety.

The Great Communicator, President Ronald Reagan, summarized what I have been trying to say better than I ever could.

In 1964, in his famous stump speech, “A Time for Choosing”, The Great Communicator said,

It’s time we asked ourselves if we still know the freedoms intended for us by the Founding Fathers. James Madison said, “We base all our experiments on the capacity of mankind for self government.”

This idea — that government was beholden to the people, that it had no other source of power — is still the newest, most unique idea in all the long history of man’s relation to man. This is the issue of this election: Whether we believe in our capacity for self-government or whether we abandon the American Revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capital can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves.

You and I are told we must choose between a left or right, but I suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There is only an up or down. Up to man’s age-old dream–the maximum of individual freedom consistent with order — or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism.

As we enter the New Year with an uncertain and frightening future facing our country, it will be up to us to continue what was begun on the night of November 8, 2016 and continue the fight to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, regardless of what happens next Wednesday during the certification.

While I do not know what tomorrow holds, I know Who holds tomorrow…and me.

“And, life is worth the living, just because HE LIVES.”

Happy New Year, Americans!

Until He Comes,


Rudy Says SCOTUS Case About Pennsylvania Supreme Court Decisions Just the Beginning: “You Have to Go State By State” reports that

The new effort by President Donald Trump’s legal team asking the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn three Pennsylvania Supreme Court decisions is just the first of many efforts to overturn what they see as a fraudulent election, Trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani tells Newsmax TV.

“You have to go state by state,” he told “Spicer & Co.” host Sean Spicer on Monday, acknowledging even a victory in the case would only net 20 electoral votes — not enough to give Trump the 270 needed to secure reelection.

“I remember an old adage that I learned from baseball,” Giuliani said. “When you’re down by 10 runs, you can’t score 10 runs on one hit. So you got to get one run at a time. So the way I look at it, we have to win one of these legislatures. I think we have three good ones to pick from: Pennsylvania, and Georgia, and Arizona.”

Giuiliani said he thinks his team has demonstrated enough fraud in any of those cases – “that the state legislature has a very, very strong basis to make a determination the election in those three states were stolen.”

The state legislatures are the final arbiters, he said, under the U.S. Constitution, and that is why his team has been holding hearings in various legislatures to present their case the votes filed were not accurate.

Asked about a reported White House meeting in which Trump discussed appointing former Trump team lawyer Sidney Powell as a special prosecutor to investigate election fraud — as story Trump has called “fake news” — Giuliani said:

“Let me say definitively: Sidney Powell is not part of our legal team. She hasn’t been for five weeks. She is not a special counsel for the president. She does not speak for the president, nor does she speak for the administration. She speaks for herself. And she’s a fine woman, a fine lawyer. But whatever she is talking about it’s her own opinion. I’m not responsible for them. The president isn’t, nor is anybody else on our legal team.”

He added, he and the team will be “extremely aggressive” in their fight, but added, “We’re also going to do it within the bounds of rationality, common sense, and the law.”

As a Former Federal Prosecutor who dismantled the Mafia in the State of New York, Rudy Giuliani’s credentials are impeccable and I believe him when he says that their plan of attack is a sound one.

I, as just an ordinary average American Voter viewing this sorry spectacle, believe that Trump has the best chance of overturning this horrific case of election fraud on January 6th, when Congress will count the Electoral College Votes.

The President has asked Americans to join him in Washington on the 6th. He says that “It will be wild.”

Now, I have no idea as to what he is planning to do.

However, since every other pundit, paid, and unpaid, is guessing about it, I may as well, too.

I believe that Trump will hold a rally, the purpose of which will be to remind the professional politicians voting on our Sovereign Nation’s future as to whom they answer to…not the Chinese but the American Voters.

To be blunt, this rally will be for the purpose of intimidating the Vichy Republicans into doing the right thing by not consenting to the vote and several Republicans have already publically stated that they plan to do.

Average Americans, who live between the coasts in America’s Heartland, have already surmised what happened on Election Night.

It happened right in front of their faces.

From Fox News calling Arizona for Biden too early to the four cities shutting down their counting centers in the middle of the night with Trump ahead, and then opening up in the morning with Biden ahead.

Come on, now.

Even Sleepy Joe himself could figure out what happened that night…and he only has two brain cells left and they are fighting to the death.

Rudy Giuliani is a good man and a good attorney who a party of a good legal team which Trump has assembled.

However, it is time for the American people to let Washington know that we happened on the night of November 3rd was NOT a Presidential Election.


Until He Comes,


Biden to Speak Tonight, Should Trump Invoke the 2018 Executive Order?

Here’s The Great One, Mark Levin, with a thorough synopsis of what happened in the 2020 Presidential Election…

The following Executive Order was issued September 12, 2018 (courtesy of

I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, find that the ability of persons located, in whole or in substantial part, outside the United States to interfere in or undermine public confidence in United States elections, including through the unauthorized accessing of election and campaign infrastructure or the covert distribution of propaganda and disinformation, constitutes an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States. Although there has been no evidence of a foreign power altering the outcome or vote tabulation in any United States election, foreign powers have historically sought to exploit America’s free and open political system. In recent years, the proliferation of digital devices and internet-based communications has created significant vulnerabilities and magnified the scope and intensity of the threat of foreign interference, as illustrated in the 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment. I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with this threat.

Accordingly, I hereby order:

Section 1. (a) Not later than 45 days after the conclusion of a United States election, the Director of National Intelligence, in consultation with the heads of any other appropriate executive departments and agencies (agencies), shall conduct an assessment of any information indicating that a foreign government, or any person acting as an agent of or on behalf of a foreign government, has acted with the intent or purpose of interfering in that election. The assessment shall identify, to the maximum extent ascertainable, the nature of any foreign interference and any methods employed to execute it, the persons involved, and the foreign government or governments that authorized, directed, sponsored, or supported it. The Director of National Intelligence shall deliver this assessment and appropriate supporting information to the President, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of Defense, the Attorney General, and the Secretary of Homeland Security.

(b) Within 45 days of receiving the assessment and information described in section 1(a) of this order, the Attorney General and the Secretary of Homeland Security, in consultation with the heads of any other appropriate agencies and, as appropriate, State and local officials, shall deliver to the President, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the Secretary of Defense a report evaluating, with respect to the United States election that is the subject of the assessment described in section 1(a):

(i) the extent to which any foreign interference that targeted election infrastructure materially affected the security or integrity of that infrastructure, the tabulation of votes, or the timely transmission of election results; and

(ii) if any foreign interference involved activities targeting the infrastructure of, or pertaining to, a political organization, campaign, or candidate, the extent to which such activities materially affected the security or integrity of that infrastructure, including by unauthorized access to, disclosure or threatened disclosure of, or alteration or falsification of, information or data.

The report shall identify any material issues of fact with respect to these matters that the Attorney General and the Secretary of Homeland Security are unable to evaluate or reach agreement on at the time the report is submitted. The report shall also include updates and recommendations, when appropriate, regarding remedial actions to be taken by the United States Government, other than the sanctions described in sections 2 and 3 of this order.

(c) Heads of all relevant agencies shall transmit to the Director of National Intelligence any information relevant to the execution of the Director’s duties pursuant to this order, as appropriate and consistent with applicable law. If relevant information emerges after the submission of the report mandated by section 1(a) of this order, the Director, in consultation with the heads of any other appropriate agencies, shall amend the report, as appropriate, and the Attorney General and the Secretary of Homeland Security shall amend the report required by section 1(b), as appropriate.

(d) Nothing in this order shall prevent the head of any agency or any other appropriate official from tendering to the President, at any time through an appropriate channel, any analysis, information, assessment, or evaluation of foreign interference in a United States election.

At 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time tonight, China’s Greatest Asset, Joe Biden, is supposed to address our Sovereign Nation.

The very nation which he, the Democrat Elite, and the Vichy Republicans have sold, along with their very souls, to the Communist Nation of China, our greatest enemy.

Of course, China sweetened the deal.

Just ask Congressman Eric Swalwell…and Hunter Biden, wherever he is…that is, if he is not too coked up to answer.

The Chinese must be laughing their butts off.

They must believe that they are getting one heck of a deal.

President Donald J. Trump worked himself half to death to bring America back to greatness, only to be temporarily stopped by a coronavirus which “accidently” escaped from a laboratory in…you guessed it…China.

And this deadly setback came after he had to live through a sham impeachment over the very charges that Fraudulent President-to-be Joe Biden, and those who claimed to be holding him “accountable” were guilty as sin of.

I refuse to call demented old fool Joe Biden “President-Elect”.

His votes were manufactured…NOT EARNED.

Now, some “pundits” are hoping that somehow, someway, the State Legislatures refuse to certify the manufactured votes for Joe Biden in their state or that they decide to ignore them and send Electors to vote for Trump, instead.

At this point, I do not realistically see that happening.

What I would like to see happen is for President Trump to invoke the Executive Order posted above and to start rounding up the traitorous government officials responsible for this act of sedition.

He can begin with the Biden Crime Family.

Oh, and as far as the Far Left Democrats like Antifa and BLM rioting if the President acts on what average Americans know to be the truth, regardless of what Turncoat Fox News keeps trying to convince us of…

I wouldn’t advise trying to cause trouble for average Americans living between the coasts.

After all…it is Deer Season.

Until He Comes,


The Milli Vanilli Presidential Election

The big story from yesterday was that the Supreme Court rejected the Texas Lawsuit.

While bad news, the Fat Lady has not sung, yet

President Trump has more arrows in his quiver.

Yesterday, I compared the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election to the story of the 1980s Pop Music Act “Milli Vanilli”.

Here’s why.


In Nov. 1990, Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan, the dancers known around the globe as pop sensations Milli Vanilli, scored an ignoble record: they became the first artists to ever have their Grammy Award revoked by the Recording Academy after the organization said the liner notes to the group’s debut album falsely claimed “vocals: Fab and Rob.”

The meticulously coifed pair’s high-wire mime act was nearly two years in the making, but in a pre-Twitter age, their 12-month crash-and-burn felt more like a slow-motion car wreck than instant cancellation. After winning three American Music Awards in Jan. 1990, and the best new artist statue (over The Indigo Girls, Neneh Cherry, Soul II Soul and Tone Loc) at the Feb. 21, 1990, Grammy Awards, the whispers grew louder that something was rotten in Munich.

That’s where Svengali producer Frank Farian cooked up the idea to re-record a little known American hip-hop single by the Baltimore crew Numarx with a group of German and American session singers and musicians, who remained in the shadows while he boosted the dancing duo to global superstardom. Farian had pulled similar sonic seduction over Eurodance pop fans’ eyes more than a decade before with his band Boney M. — a mid-1970s co-ed disco funk group whose supposed lead “singer” was really an Aruban exotic dancer, who simply looked the part as he mouthed Farian’s vocals. In fact, Farian had recorded the first songs for MV’s debut album before he’d even cast the two faces with all the right moves who would front his latest Wizard of Oz-like creation.

The Story of Milli Vanilli’s ‘Girl You Know It’s True,’ From the Baltimore Group Whose Song They Borrowed
After irresistible first single “Girl You Know It’s True” turned into a smash across Europe, Farian enlisted the young, fame-hungry hoofers to be the face of his group, no vocals necessary. (In a 2017 interview with VladTV, Morvan claimed Farian signed them to a contract, and after paying around $5,000 worth of their bills, told them they needed to either lip sync or pay him back immediately. “Let’s do this and let’s get out of there… but then it went crazy,” he said of what he described as a difficult choice.) “Girl” caught the ear of legendary music man and Arista Records boss Clive Davis, who licensed the album from BMG (while tweaking its title and adding a handful of new tracks for American ears), and soon it conquered America, selling a reported seven million copies worldwide and hitting No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Released in Europe on the LP All or Nothing in Nov. 1988, the undeniable strength of “Girl” was such that Arista didn’t hesitate to put on a full-court press, releasing the revamped version as Girl You Know It’s True in March 1989, complete with the fresh Diane Warren-penned soon-to-be No. 1 smash ballad “Blame It on the Rain.” The album already contained two other tracks that would both hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, “Girl I’m Gonna Miss You” and “Baby Don’t Forget My Number,” with no spotlight on who actually sang and rapped on the LP. The Girl album spent 78 weeks on the Billboard 200 albums chart — peaking at No. 1 for 8 weeks, making Milli Vanilli one of the year’s most dominant pop acts.

And the entire plan might’ve worked, if it wasn’t for a pesky tape that went rogue during a Club MTV performance at Lake Compounce amusement park in Bristol, Connecticut, on July 21, 1989. While many on the inside of their American label were beginning to think by then that Rob and Fab were just smoke and pre-taped vocals, the televised flub turned the growing whispers about lip syncing into a scream. During the now-infamous incident, the two briefly kept “singing” — then ran offstage — as the “Girl” backing track got stuck on repeat, raising questions that a year later would result in the reveal of the biggest lip syncing scandal in pop history. On Nov. 15, 1990, Farian admitted that Rob and Fab — by then megastars whose insistence on singing on their next album drew a hard “no” from the producer and Davis — were merely his puppets in an elaborate, incredibly lucrative pop ruse.

They were summarily dumped from Arista and their Grammy was yanked — marking the first time in Recording Academy history that an award was taken back — and a few days later, Farian blithely brushed off the controversy by telling the Washington Post, “One part was visual, one part recorded. Such projects are an art form in themselves, and the fans were happy with the music.” Rob and Fab found themselves without an American label as the album was purged from Arista’s archives, another humbling first to add to their list of dubious distinctions. Tragically, Pilatus died of a suspected overdose of alcohol and drugs in April 1998 at age 32 (or possibly 33 based on other reports at the time), and Girl You Know It’s True became the biggest-selling album to ever be taken out of print voluntarily.

Again, gentle readers, let us face some facts (And, I will type slowly for any Liberals who might be reading this post.):

  1. Joe Biden has never been the sharpest knife in the drawer. He has been a stereotypical glad-handing, kiss your baby, sniff your wife greasy politician. Sleepy Joe made hundreds of gaffs in his political career, which he got by with, because nobody expected much out of him anyway. Remember, he’s the guy who called Barack Hussein Obama (mm mmm mmmm) “clean and articulate”.
  2. The Democrats had a horrible field of Primary Candidates to choose from. That entire line-up has about as much charisma as Howard Dean (Yeeargh!). Not a single one of those candidates had a chance to beat Donald J. Trump, including Former Vice-President Joe Biden.
  3. Biden was chosen because he was recognizable and the least offensive out of a bunch of bad picks. The DNC knew that Biden’s mental and physical health was deteriorating. That is why they arranged for Kamala “Heels Up” Harris to be his running mate. If Biden gets too bad, they will have him resign and America will have its First Black Female President.(Yeeargh!)
  4. The Democrats knew that they could not defeat Trump unless they cheated. And, man, did they cheat. From four Democrat states shutting down voting in the middle of the night when Trump was ahead only to open back up 4 hours later showing Biden to be leading Trump because of “lost” ballots being delivered to them while they were closed to Republican poll Watchers not being allowed to watch vote counting, the Democrats had this “soft coup” perfectly planned. Even the Voting machines themselves were rigged and votes were being counted in Germany.
  5. Then, of course, there was the National Media, both Traditional and Social, running cover for the Democrats by not reporting on the Biden Crime Family and their collusion with Communist China. Even Fox News got into the act, jumping the gun with their Democrat “analyst” declaring Arizona from Joe Biden early in order to take the wind of the Trump Machine’s sails.

Just as Milli Vanilli received awards for an act of fraud, Joe Biden and his Democrat Puppet Masters could very well be given the most powerful position in the world through an act of complete and utter fraud.

Now, let me make this very clear: I am not giving up. I, like a lot of you, fought like blazes against Obama, or as I called him “Petulant President Pantywaist” and I intend to do the same if Sleepy Joe becomes President.

However, I can do nothing without the One who strengthens me and guides my steps.

So, tonight, just like every night, I will continue to pray for our country and for God’s mercy upon us and for guidance and protection for President Donald J. Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence.

I am asking you to do the same.

Until He Comes,


Vichy Republicans Kemp and Raffensperger Defy and Insult Trump on MSM Sunday Morning Talk Shows, Will Not Call Special Session (Courtesy of Bloomberg News) reports that

Georgia officials rejected President Donald Trump’s effort to pressure them to reverse the state’s election result, a day after he repeated claims of voting fraud and berated the Republican governor and secretary of state.

Trump has suggested calling a special session of the Georgia legislature to consider overturning President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the state, a move that Gov. Brian Kemp isn’t planning to make, Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan said on Sunday.

Calling the special session would be “a solution trying to find a problem,” Duncan, also a Republican, said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “And we’re certainly not going to move the goalposts at this point in the election.”

Holding the session would lead the state down the path of “nullifying the will of people,” said GOP Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on ABC’s “This Week.”

The officials spoke out after Trump held a Saturday rally in Valdosta, Georgia, in which he took aim at Kemp and Raffensperger for not doing more to help throw out Biden’s victory. The president repeated unsubstantiated and outlandish claims that there was a multistate conspiracy by Democrats to cheat in the Nov. 3 election.

The stated purpose of Trump’s rally had been to urge support for two GOP senators facing re-election in contests that will determine control of the upper chamber. But influential Republicans in the state have expressed concern that Trump’s relentless attacks on the election could backfire, hurting GOP Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, who face Jan. 5 run-offs against Democratic challengers.

At the rally, Trump called on his supporters to vote for the two GOP senators even while insisting the Nov. 3 election was corrupt. He even told them to request absentee ballots, a form of voting the president has repeatedly said corrupted the result of his contest with Biden.

Gabriel Sterling, a Republican who’s the state’s voting system manager, said he’s concerned that Trump’s stance could cost Loeffler and Perdue their Senate seats.

“It’s mixed messaging,” he said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday. “It’s confusing and if you’re telling people don’t trust the election system, why would they bother to show up?”

So, Georgia is run by a bunch of Vichy Republicans doing the Democrats’ dirty work for them.

I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you.

Not really.

If those listed in the above article were Conservative Republicans, they would not be standing up against President Trump on the Liberal Sunday Morning Talk Shows of the Main Stream Media.

They would have sense enough to be able to observe all of the backlash against the Fox News Channel and all of the other Vichy Republicans who have cove out against the President and his team’s efforts to #StopTheSteal and preserve the rights of those American citizens who legally voted.

Instead, Kemp and company are behaving like Stacey Abrams’ lap dogs.

They must have taken Mitt Romney’s Video Training Seminar “How to Be Democrat in Republican’s Clothing”.

I always wonder how sell-outs like these disgraces to the South look at themselves in the mirror.

Then I say to myself,

Self, they’re not looking the mirror. They’re too busy counting all of money that the Democrats are paying them under the table to betray those who trusted them.

Just like the Fox News Channel has.

But, I digress…

These Vichy Republicans in Georgia are just like the underachieving employee who sucks up to the Personnel Director or upper management of a company in order to move up to a better paying position without actually doing anything.

Dr. Laurence J. Peter wrote in his 1968 Best Seller “The Peter Principle”, that

You will see that in every hierarchy the cream rises until it sours.” (Italics are his.)

Gov. Kemp and his merry band of Vichy Republicans have gone about as far as they are going to rise in politics.

Because this cream of the crop certainly has soured.

Until He Comes,


GA Video Footage Shows Poll Workers Counting Ballots Hidden in Suitcases Under Tables After Workers Were Sent Home reports that

Video footage presented by attorneys for the Trump campaign is alleged to show Georgia’s Fulton County poll workers counting ballots without monitors present, attorney Jacki Pick said Thursday on Newsmax TV.

A private security firm inside Atlanta’s State Farm Arena provided the surveillance video to Trump campaign lawyers at 1 a.m. ET on Thursday, Pick told Thursday’s “Stinchfield.”

“We just got it at 1 a.m., a big team watched it, and we were shocked at what we saw,” Pick, a volunteer attorney in Georgia who presented the evidence to the state Senate earlier Thursday, told host Grant Stinchfield.

The video confirms what the campaign’s witnesses have sworn to in affidavits, Pick contended.

“Yes, people were sent home, told to stop working, stop counting, but some people stayed behind: Sure enough, just as our poll watchers – well, our monitors – had said,” Pick said, saying the video shows suitcases being pulled from under a table covered by a black cloth — purportedly holding thousands of ballots.

The Epoch Times tweeted the full surveillance video Thursday afternoon:

“WATCH: Footage of State Farm Arena in #Atlanta shows that after poll monitors and media were told counting was done, four workers stayed behind to count #ballots, at times pulling out suitcases containing ballots from underneath desks. Watch full video:”

In presenting the evidence to the Georgia state Senate, Pick rejected an official’s claim that allegations of no poll monitor being present has been debunked, saying the video was just received Thursday and could not have already been debunked.

“Obviously, that’s not true,” Pick continued. “Whoever said that – I believe it was the Secretary of State [Brad Raffensperger] clearly wasn’t present: Check. Or hasn’t seen this video: Check.

“So, who do you believe? The secretary of state or the video?”

Trump tweeted about the evidence, too, even as it was conspicuously slapped with an unsubstantiated Twitter “disputed” tag:

“Wow! Blockbuster testimony taking place right now in Georgia. Ballot stuffing by Dems when Republicans were forced to leave the large counting room. Plenty more coming, but this alone leads to an easy win of the State!”

Trump added hours later:

“People in Georgia got caught cold bringing in massive numbers of ballots and putting them in “voting” machines. Great job @BrianKempGA!”

Pick said the next step in the gathering of evidence is to subpoena the election counting logs during that time frame.

Pick said the evidence shown in the video contains more than enough votes being counted without a monitor to surpass the margin of victory for Biden. She added that a number of other voter fraud allegations are in the 64-page complaint being presented in Georgia.

“The president has more than one way to meet his burden to contest the election,” Pick said. “But certainly this evidence we have now in this video is quite strong to cast doubt. Because no matter what those ballots said, he does not have to show how they voted or would have voted had they not been questionable.​

“It doesn’t matter. They broke Georgia law here by not permitting our Republican poll watchers and press to be present. That’s required by statute.”

The poll counters in the video might face scrutiny, but Pick said the legal team’s priority is to show the unlawful counting of votes in the presidential election first.

“The plot will likely thicken,” Pick concluded.

A spokesperson for Fulton County said to Epoch, “Any credible report of such activity will be investigated and addressed as provided by Georgia law.”

Sure it will.

And, the check’s in the mail.

Everyone, from Far Left Democrats to NeverTrumpers to Republicans who believe that Trump has no chance to win a victory in the Supreme Court because they will simply not want to be involved has asked the same question:

“Where’s the evidence?”

Never mind the opinion of experts and the sworn written testimony of a lot of eyewitnesses to the massive Election Fraud which swept our nation.

Or, the covert information which has been shared behind the scenes.

Or, this little Slip-up…

By gosh, by golly, this election was as clean as the drive snow…after the dog sled had run run over it.

The very act of Republican Poll Watchers not being allowed to do their jobs , should have been enough get SCOTUS involved.

Our Presidential Election is a glorious exercise of our Constitutional Rights to choose who will be the President of the United States for the next 4 years.

And, regardless of how things go in the next couple of weeks, you will not be able to convince me that Joe Biden is the LEGITIMATE President-Elect.

As Obama’s Vice -President, he used his positioned to find lucrative jobs with international companies for that pedophiliac crack-head son of his.

And, old Joe himself is so addled by dementia that he only has two brain cells left and they are fighting to the death.

You will never convince me that Joe Biden was the victor for one reason:

Average Americans living between the coasts would subject themselves to watching the Harpies of “The View” that to vote Joe Biden into office.

Americans love the Trump Economy. They did not and do not want to take a step back.

I have a feeling that the footage from Georgia is just the tip of the iceberg.

Maestro Trump is just warming up the band before getting this party started.

Until He Comes,


Trump Delivers “The Most Important Speech” of His Presidency, Speaks About “Fraud That Has Never Been Seen Like This Before”

“I can not spare this man…he fights!” – President Abraham Lincoln’s answer when pressed to fire General Ulysses S. Grant after the Battle of Shiloh in the Civil War reports that

President Donald Trump stood before a White House lectern and delivered a 46-minute address he called “the most important speech” of his presidency, focusing on his campaign’s allegations of election fraud and blasting special counsel John Durham for moving too slowly. (Seen above) Trump lamented that findings from Durham’s investigation into potential FBI malfeasance in its probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 political cycle didn’t surface before the most recent election last month, effectively altering the course of the race.

“We caught them all,” Trump said from the White House Diplomatic Room. “We’re still waiting for a report from a man named Durham who I’ve never spoken to and never met. They can go after me before the election as much as they want, but unfortunately Mr. Durham didn’t want to go after these people . . . before the election, so who knows if he’ll ever even do a report.”

Attorney General William Barr has granted Durham special counsel authority in his investigation of the investigators.

“If you look at the lies and leaks and illegal acts done by so many people,” Trump insisted, “something should happen. The hardest thing I have to do is explain why nothing is happening to all of these people who got caught spying on my campaign.”

Trump also reiterated his claim that the Nov. 3 election was “rigged,” after even AG Barr announced he’s unearthed no proof of widespread voter fraud that would alter the outcome of the vote. Major news outlets have declared Joe Biden winner, a conclusion Trump’s legal team is challenging on the basis of those fraud claims.

(Though Newsmax has called several battleground states for Biden following official certification of their vote tallies, it has not yet called the overall election for either man, pending the outcome of the legal challenges.)

“This is not just about honoring the votes of 74 million Americans who voted for me,” Trump said. “It’s about ensuring that Americans can have faith in this election. And in all future elections.”

His overarching claim: “This election is about great voter fraud, fraud that has never been seen like this before.”

Trump’s team has taken issue with Biden’s vote tallies, which put him at a record 80 million votes, saying this owes much to systemic fraud and manipulation.

Trump alleged that in Pennsylvania, “large amounts of mail-in and absentee ballots were processed illegally and in secret in Philadelphia and Allegheny County without our observers present.”

Trump also zeroed in on the extensive use of mail-in ballots this year, restating his contention of problems with the “Democrat Party’s relentless push to print and mail out tens of millions of ballots sent to unknown recipients with virtually no safeguards of any kind.”

Use of mail-in ballots soared this year as Democrats encouraged their use to reduce in-person voting during a pandemic.

President Donald J. Trump has been a fighter all of his life.

From his wars against local politicians like Charles Nadler in New York City to his battles against the Democrats, the Main Stream Media, and the Vichy Republicans during his first Presidential Campaign and his first term as President, Americans have learned that Trump does not back down.

He says what he means and he means what he says.

Donald J. Trump is a straight shooter.

That is why he communicates so well with the thousands of average Americans who attend his MAGA Rallies.

And, why they still stand behind him, even when the turncoats at Fox News have not.

There is nothing that this man can’t or won’t do to fulfill the promises which he has made to American Voter and there is nothing that he would not sacrifice tin order to Make America Great Again.

That is why when the MSM, the Democrat Elite, and the Vichy Republicans cry for his to concede, my response to them is

“I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for him to do that if I was you.”

Simply put, Donald J. Trump is not ready to hand over the reins of the country to Sleepy Joe Biden.

There is still more which he wants to get done for the good of our Sovereign Nation.

Like exposing the enormous amount of Election Fraud, which was coordinated by enemies foreign and domestic.

And, to jail the perpetrators so no other American President has to face seemingly insurmountable treasonous sedition like this in the future.

For those of you who say that what the President and his team are attempting is impossible, I say,

Do not bet against Donald J. Trump.

Until He Comes,


Sen. Rand Paul on Election Polling Places’ “Data Dumps”: “These Vote Updates are Outliers of Outliers” reports that

Count Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., as an election “statistical anomaly” skeptic and one wary of big tech censorship of conservative voices.

Paul noted President Donald Trump’s “margin of ‘defeat'” was covered by overnight “data dumps” in four key battleground states.

Paul tweeted:

“Interesting . . . Trump margin of “defeat” in 4 states occurred in 4 data dumps between 1:34-6:31 AM. Statistical anomaly? Fraud? Look at the evidence and decide for yourself.(That is, if Big Tech allows u to read this) Anomalies in Vote Counts;”

On cue, Twitter slapped a “this claim about election fraud is disputed.”

Twitter has been using that to reject Republican attempts to contest the presidential election results amid evidence of illegal votes, including from those who are deceased, unconstitutional election law changes forced by courts and Democrat officials against the will of the state legislatures, and questions about election voting systems.

The voting anamolies outlined by the report linked to by Paul are:

“An update in Michigan listed as of 6:31AM Eastern Time on November 4th, 2020, which shows 141,258 votes for Joe Biden and 5,968 votes for Donald Trump

An update in Wisconsin listed as 3:42AM Central Time on November 4th, 2020, which shows 143,379 votes for Joe Biden and 25,163 votes for Donald Trump

A vote update in Georgia listed at 1:34AM Eastern Time on November 4th, 2020, which shows 136,155 votes for Joe Biden and 29,115 votes for Donald Trump

An update in Michigan listed as of 3:50AM Eastern Time on November 4th, 2020, which shows 54,497 votes for Joe Biden and 4,718 votes for Donald Trump”

According to the data study:

“In particular, we are able to quantify the extent of compliance with this property and discover that, of the 8,954 vote updates used in the analysis, these four decisive updates were the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 7th most anomalous updates in the entire data set. Not only does each of these vote updates not follow the generally observed pattern, but the anomalous behavior of these updates is particularly extreme. That is, these vote updates are outliers of the outliers.”

Well, duuuh.

That is what average Americans living between the coasts have been screaming since they woke up on November 4th, 2020.

There is no doubt that the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election was manufactured and is blatantly false.

For all of the Liberals demanding proof, there are thousands of sworn eyewitness accounts of Election Fraud being committed in major cities within Michigan, George, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania as they counted votes after the voting precincts closed.

There were accounts of trucks pulling up with “newly-discovered” mail-in ballots covertly delivered to Democratic Poll Workers in the wee hours of November 4th when the vote counting was supposed to be shut down due to computer issues.

There were accounts of Republican Poll Watchers being kept out of the places where Democrats were counting ballots.

Liberal judges have been denying the Trump Team due process and reversing decisions which they made that were favorable to Trump.

“That’s a nice-looking family you’ve got there. It would be a shame if anything happened to them.”

The Biden Team immediately set up a fictitious “Office of the President-elect”, even though the votes have yet to be certified and Trump refuses to concede to a demented old fool whose handlers cheated to win.

The way that the Democrats and their minions in the Main Stream Media have been cramming their version down everybody’s throats, while insisting that Trump concede NOW, makes them look a guilty suspect being interrogated by Sergeant Hank Voight on Chicago PD. They want the investigation to end before their guilt is discovered.

Their problem is the fact that they majority of Americans living between the coasts do not believe that Joe Biden is anything but a sickly 78-year old man battling dementia who could not draw 100 people to his campaign appearances.

Americans want the investigations into Election Fraud to continue.

They do not want an addled-brained cheater to be their President

They want their votes to count, too.

They want a clean, clear decision.

And, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Until He Comes,


What Do George Soros, Mark Malloch-Brown, Dominion, Smartmatic, and the Eurasia Group Have to Do With 2020 Election Fraud? reports that

A manufacturer of electronic voting systems tied to billionaire George Soros has reportedly been caught lying about its connection to Dominion Voting Systems.

According to a Sunday report, foreign-owned Smartmatic licensed voting technology from the controversial company. Smartmatic once owned Sequoia Voting Systems, but divested from its U.S. holdings following a 2007 court ruling with Dominion purchasing the company in 2010.

While Smartmatic has denied any continued ties, a recently resurfaced 2015 interview with chairman Mark Malloch Brown shows this was far from the truth. Smartmatic continued to license Dominion technology. Brown has sat on the boards of several Soros’ organizations.

“The fact is, yes, a part of our technology is licensed from Dominion, but you tell me a large technology company which isn’t using in part licenses from other companies” stated the chairman. “And we have a license for the international use of that particular piece of the technology that we employ.”

It’s unclear whether Smartmatic maintains any financial interests in Sequoia’s U.S. holdings.

So, who is Lord Mark Malloch-Brown?


Mark Malloch‐Brown has been engaged widely in government, international organizations, business, and civil society during his career. In addition to his role at the Eurasia Group, he currently serves on several commercial public boards and on the advisory boards of two private equity funds. He also serves on external advisory committees to the managing director of the IMF and to the executive director of UNICEF.

Mark served as deputy secretary‐general and earlier as chief of staff of the UN under Kofi Annan. For six years before that, he was administrator of the UN Development Programme, leading the UN’s development efforts around the world. He was later minister of state in the UK foreign office, covering Africa and Asia, and sat in former prime minister Gordon Brown’s cabinet. Other positions have included vice chairman of George Soros’s investment funds, as well as his Open Society Institute, where he remains on the board. Mark has also served as a vice president at the World Bank, the lead international partner in a political consulting firm, and as vice chairman of the World Economic Forum. He began his career as a journalist at The Economist and subsequently ran refugee assistance programs around the world.

Mark also currently chairs or is on the board of several nonprofit boards including at the International Crisis Group, the UN Foundation, and BRAC. He formerly chaired the Business Commission on Sustainable Development and the Royal Africa Society and was on the board of Save the Children International. Mark is the author of “The Unfinished Global Revolution: The Limits of Nations and the Pursuit of a New Politics.”

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown is also George Soros’ best friend.

According to an article titled “How TIME’s Bremmer Got Duterte Wrong” posted on on May 24, 2018…

In early May, Time magazine released the feature story, “The Strongmen Era,” by Ian Bremmer, the venerable president of Eurasia Group. The cover featured the photos of Russian President Putin, Hungarian Prime Minister Urban, Turkey’s President Erdogan, and Philippines President Duterte. It was a promotional piece for Bremmer’s new book on globalization. As Duterte rejected the term “strongman,” Bremmer penned a new attack.

Bremmer’s arguments are neither original nor deep. What makes them different is that the Eurasia Group is very close—too close, say critics—to U.S. economic, political and intelligence power, including the famed military-industrial complex, along with his role as Time’s editor-at-large and global affairs columnist.

…the Eurasia Group is linked with Soros through Lord Malloch-Brown, the controversial chairman behind the election technology Smartmatic—which has caused political debacles around the world, including the Philippines—who has served as vice-chairman of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Institute. Since 2016, Lord Malloch-Brown—who has been a longstanding advisor of the Aquinos and the Liberal Party—also became Senior Advisor of the Eurasia Group.

…Specializing in the former Soviet Union, Bremmer got his PhD in Stanford in 1994. The young policy wizard proved influential in think-tanks that work with, for and by the US government, multinationals and Wall Street. He founded Eurasia Group in the late ‘90s when the US pioneer of geopolitics Zbigniew Brzezinski used to warn that American hegemony can only survive if the US can dominate Eurasia and deter future rivals—such as Russia and China.

As the National Security Agency (NSA) intensified efforts to shape US foreign policy in the early 2000s, along with the State Department and Pentagon, its leaders listened to Bremmer about oil, natural gas, terrorism and Iraqi reconstruction. The Group’s CEO is Robert Johnston, an energy specialist, who used to serve in UBS and Enron. Its head of research David Gordon has served in the highest posts of the CIA and the State Department. Evan Medeiros was recruited in fall 2015 to head the Group’s Asia branch. As Obama’s top advisor on the Asia Pacific, he was responsible for coordinating US policy toward Asia, including “modernizing” key alliances, such as the US-Philippines 10-year defense agreement.

There is nothing wrong about hiring the “best and the brightest.” But a revolving door between the government and the private sector comes with huge moral hazards. If the two are not kept in arm’s length, collusion becomes viable and political risk consultancies operating in the private sector risk morphing into arms of the government. That’s precisely the kind of “statism”—centralized state control—that Bremmer purports to oppose.

By now, I am sure that you are saying “Okay, KJ. What is your point?”

Just this…

I have been writing for several years about the Puppet Master, George Soros, and his desire to devalue countries’ economic systems and to turn them into Fascist Marxist states.

I have also written about how he uses his “non-profit” organizations to gain money, power, and “foot soldiers”, leading to political power.

And, I have written as to how he is a driving force in the globalization of individual countries and turning them into subservient states.

Over the last four years, President Trump has governed as a Chief Executive who places America’s interests and well-being above every other country, a view which Joe Biden and his fellow members of the Democrat Elite do not share.

Trump has been the only impediment to Soros and his fellow travelers turning America into a Democratic Socialist Servant of the United Nations, like Former President Obama attempted to.

What better way to accomplish this than by using the Dominion Voting machines, which were rigged to secure Venezuela as a Socialist Nation, to propel dementia-riddled Joe Biden into a presidency where he would only be a figurehead?

With the Deep State ties mentioned in the article above, it would be very feasible to coordinate and set into motion, as investigators are discovering.

You know, boys and girls, I used to chuckle when I read what I thought were outlandish stories about the “Rothchilds” and the “Illuminati”.

After living through the last four years and doing this research, I’m no longer laughing.

Keep fighting, Mr. President.

Our Sovereign Nation is at stake.

Until He Comes,


Trump Calls Biden’s “Victory”: “The Greatest Theft in the History of America”…He’s Right #STOPTHESTEAL reports that

President Donald Trump appears to be nowhere close to conceding the presidential election to former Vice President Joe Biden, according to a new interview in The New York Post.

But on Sunday, Trump tweeted “he won,” apparently in reference to Biden.

“He won because the Election was Rigged,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “NO VOTE WATCHERS OR OBSERVERS allowed, vote tabulated by a Radical Left privately owned company, Dominion, with a bad reputation & bum equipment that couldn’t even qualify for Texas (which I won by a lot!), the Fake & Silent Media, & more!”

In a story published Saturday night, Trump told Post columnist Michael Goodwin that the election”was stolen.”

“It was a rigged election, 100 percent, and everyone knows it,” Trump said in the Friday night interview. “It’s going to be that I got about 74 million votes, and I lost? It’s not possible.”

When Goodwin asks if he’ll ever concede, Trump responded: “We’ll see how it turns out.” he said at one point.

“When I asked if he could come to terms with defeat, he responded only that ‘it’s hard to come to terms when they won’t let your poll watchers in to observe’ the counting,” Goodwin writes. “A third time, he said, ‘Again, I can’t tell you what’s going to happen.’

Goodwin writes that Trump seems convinced that Biden’s victory was corruptly engineered by Dominion Voting Systems, a technology used by most states, including Michigan and Georgia. Trump repeatedly cited Dominion, according to Goodwin.

“It was turned down by the state of Texas because it is insecure,” Trump told Goodwin. Trump also repeated allegations that the ompany’s owners and investors have ties to Democrats. Goodwin reports that “it is true the firm made a contribution and worked with the Clinton Family Foundation during the Obama-Biden administration.”

The Associated Press also reported that a former top aide to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is one of the company’s lobbyists. The firm also employs a lobbyist who worked for Republicans Dick Cheney and John Boehner.

Trump, according to Goodwin, views the suspicious election results as “the concluding act of a confederacy against him that began with the Obama-Biden administration’s corrupting of the FBI and CIA to spy on him in 2016 and tip the election to Hillary Clinton. That effort gave birth to the Russia, Russia, Russia narrative that wasn’t fully revealed as false until the probe of Special Counsel Robert Mueller finally concluded in 2019.”

“It’s amazing but nothing happened to [Jim] Comey and [Andrew] McCabe, even though they were caught cold,” Trump told Goodwin, referring to the former director and deputy director of the FBI.

“Then this, the greatest theft in the history of America. And ­everybody knows it,” Trump told Goodwin.

Last night, the President tweeted the following…

Donald J. Trump did not have to run in 2016 for the job of President of the United States of America.

He was and remains a very successful Billionaire Businessman.

However, unlike the very wealthy who contribute to Liberal causes and buy and sell Liberal politicians in order to gain more wealth and power, Trump ran for President because he actually oves our great country and its citizens.

And, as the recent election showed, 73 million Americans love him back.

And, I am one of them.

I have been to a MAGA Rally and while there I watched a man who meant every single word he said, talking to average Americans in a way in which you would speak to your family or too your closest friends.

And, he was having a ball.

So were we.

Trump connected with average Americans like no other President has since Ronald Reagan.

He accomplished a lot in 4 years, bringing back America’s Economy while  growing America’s Job Market, shrinking Hispanic and Black unemployment numbers to the lowest point in history.

And now, the Main Stream Media, including 2020’s “Benedict Arnold”, Fox News, the Democratic Elite, and the Vichy Republicans are telling us that HAVe to accept the fact that Sleepy Joe Biden, who could not fill an arena with a cement truck, has somehow fairly been election to the most powerful position on the planet

Not only that, they are telling the President that he has to “do the right thing” and concede.

He is having none of it…and judging from the hundred of thousands of patriots who showed up in Washington, D.C. for the Million MAGA March on Saturday, neither are average Americans.

These same Democrats, judging all of us members of the “future Proletariat” from their majestic thrones on high on Capitol Hill. proclaim that we must now come together in a show of unity behind a man who doesn’t even know what he is half of the time.

Well, as for me, I am going to stand by the President of the United States of America,Citizen Statesman Donald J. Trump, and continue fighting the Good Fight.

The selfless legacy of those who died fighting to preserve our country’s freedom demands it.

Until He Comes,