State Department Officials Warned to Not Research Origin of COVID-19 at Wuhan Institute in Order to Keep U.S. Funding Hidden reports that

State Department leaders were warned not to pursue an investigation into the origins of COVID-19, former department officials confirmed to Fox News on Thursday, amid fears that it would bring attention to U.S. funding of research at the Wuhan Institute where the virus may have escaped.

Vanity Fair reported that officials calling for transparency from the Chinese government were told not to explore the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s “gain of function” research, because it would bring what the outlet described as “unwelcome” attention of U.S. government funding into that research.

The outlet reported that Thomas DiNanno, a former acting assistant secretary of the State Department’s Bureau of Arms Control, Verification, and Compliance, wrote in a January memo that staff from two bureaus “warned” leaders within his office not to probe the origins of the virus because it risked opening “a can of worms.”

Multiple former State Department officials told Fox News that the reported memo accurately describes what was happening at State at the time and that there was an effort among some officials at the department to oppose an extensive investigation into a possible lab leak.

However, a State Department spokesperson told Fox News on Thursday that “no-one prevented the disclosure of accurate, properly contextualized information” and that “no effort was made at any time to suppress or withhold information from senior policymakers or the public.”

The claims come amid fresh scrutiny over the theory that the COVID-19 pandemic could have escaped from the Wuhan lab, where viruses were being experimented on and where officials have said military research was being conducted alongside civilian research.

The theory was promulgated by a number of Trump officials — including President Trump himself — but was dismissed by many in the media and scientific community, where it was often declared to be debunked or a conspiracy theory.

But with Chinese stonewalling of a World Health Organization investigation into the origins of the virus, and reporting that multiple employees of the lab became sick in November 2019 that required hospitalization, the theory has reemerged.

The lengthy Vanity Fair piece delves into the back-and-forth at the State Department over how intensely to investigate the Chinese origins of the virus. The outlet reports that Chris Ford, then the acting undersecretary for Arms Control and International Security, was disinterested and even hostile to an investigation.

In a memo in January 2021, Ford pushed back against a panel of experts’ initial investigation, which he believed contained weak evidence, and warned “against suggesting that there is anything inherently suspicious—and suggestive of biological warfare activity—about People’s Liberation Army (PLA) involvement at WIV on classified projects.

“It would be difficult to say that military involvement in classified virus research is intrinsically problematic, since the U.S. Army has been deeply involved in virus research in the United States for many years,” he said, according to Vanity Fair.

It was with that that DiNanno pushed back with a memo of his own, reportedly accusing Ford of misrepresenting the panel’s finding — while objecting to “apprehension and contempt” from staff as well as warnings not to investigate the origins out of fear of opening a “can of worms.”

The State Department spokesperson told Fox News that “internal disagreements were about the quality of analysis and the importance of not overstating, or bending, evidence to fit preconceived narratives.”

Per, a number of Senators, including Ron Johnson and Dr. Rand Paul, recently sent  a letter to Dr. Francis Collins, the head of the National Institute of Health. Here is an excerpt…

One of the notable NIH-funded studies that was already underway prior to the funding moratorium (in 2014) was Dr. Ralph Baric’s work on a “lab-made coronavirus related to SARS.” In this 2015 study, researchers reportedly created a chimeric virus “related to SARS [that] can infect human cells.” Dr. Zhengli-Li Shi, “China’s leading expert on bat viruses” from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, contributed to this research. An article noted that NIH allowed this study “to proceed while it was under review by the agency.” Baric reportedly added that “NIH eventually concluded that the work was not so risky as to fall under the [gain of function] moratorium.” It is unclear why NIH apparently concluded that this study was not “risky” enough to fall under the moratorium.

In addition to Baric’s apparent gain of function research in 2015, NIH and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) also reportedly funded similar coronavirus research conducted by EcoHealth Alliance, which subcontracted with Shi. Because of Shi’s research and her connection to the Wuhan lab, Dr. Richard Ebright, a molecular biologist and infectious disease expert, stated, “[i]t is clear that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was systematically constructing novel chimeric coronaviruses and was assessing their ability to infect human cells and human-ACE2-expressing mice.” In fact, Dr. Peter Dasazk, the president of EcoHealth Alliance, spoke about changing coronaviruses in a lab. In an interview Dasazk stated, “Well I think . . . coronaviruses — you can manipulate them in the lab pretty easily.”

In December 2017, NIH lifted the funding pause and established a multi-disciplinary review process, known as the P3CO Framework, to ensure that federally funded gain of function experiments are “conducted responsibly.” It is unclear whether EcoHealth Alliance or any of its subcontractors was granted an exception to the moratorium or whether NIH reviewed those studies in connection with the P3CO Framework.

The funding of research into bat viruses done by the Wuhan Institute, under the funding by the EcoHealth Alliance, lasted for over a decade.

Surprise! Surprise! Both the CDC and the NIH are partners of the Ecohealth Alliance.

Just as we found out during the whole charade known as “Russiagate”, there are Professional Bureaucrats who operate behind the scenes of our Federal Government, imperious and seemingly above the law.

Like a spider’s web of intrigue, they move in the shadows, spending our tax money on projects away from the eye of the public.

Projects like the Bat Virus Research done by the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

These projects remain unknown by the general public, until something unforeseen happens, like the “accident” at the Wuhan Institute which released COVID-19 on an unsuspecting world.

Former President Trump tried to clean out this rats’ nest of Professional Bureaucrats, naming them the Washington Swamp.

Unfortunately, he did not succeed and they eventually were able to arrange for a demented old man to be appointed the 46ths President of the United States of America.

The entire COVID-19 Catastrophe and Washington’s behind-the-scenes machinations during it, which resulted in a nationwide lockdown and a “radical change to our American way of life, has been all about controlling average Americans to get them used to having their individual freedom taken away from them.

These revelations concerning the Washington Swamp’s involvement with the funding of COVID-19 is just the beginning of horrifying things which were done in the darkness by bureaucrats which are about to find themselves illuminated by the light of truth.

Until He Comes,





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Trump Issues Blistering Statement Accusing Fauci and Birx of “Trying to Reinvent History” After They Appear on CNN

Fauci spent U.S. money on the Wuhan lab in China—and we now know how that worked out. Dr. Birx is a proven liar with very little credibility left. – Former President Donald J. Trump reports that

Former President Donald Trump slammed Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx on Monday, accusing the infectious disease experts of “trying to reinvent history” in televised interviews detailing their roles in combating the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump spoke out after Fauci and Birx, who both served as key members of his administration’s coronavirus task force, were interviewed for a CNN special titled “COVID WAR: The Pandemic Doctors Speak Out.”

During the special, Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, described the push to develop a COVID-19 vaccine as “the best decision that I’ve ever made with regard to an intervention as director of the institute.” Birx, the former White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, said she had a “very difficult” phone call with Trump after she spoke candidly about the severity of an outbreak last August.

In a lengthy statement, Trump accused both of his former colleagues of being “self-promoters.”

“Based on their interviews, I felt it was time to speak up about Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, two self-promoters trying to reinvent history to cover for their bad instincts and faulty recommendations, which I fortunately almost always overturned,” Trump said. “They had bad policy decisions that would have left our country open to China and others, closed to reopening our economy, and years away from an approved vaccine—putting millions of lives at risk.”

WHO report claims COVID-19 most likely jumped from animals to humansVideo
Trump has long taken credit for the rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines under “Operation Warp Speed,” a partnership between federal agencies and private companies. To date, three vaccines have received emergency use authorizations in the United States.

The former president said Fauci and Birx “moved far too slowly” on vaccine development and touted strict lockdown measures that would leave Americans “locked in our basements.”

“Operation Warp Speed” was first announced in May. In his interview with CNN, Fauci said the decision to go “all in” on vaccine development was made far earlier.

“When I saw what happened in New York City, almost overrunning of our health care system, it was like, ‘Oh my goodness,’” Fauci said. “And that’s when it became very clear that the decision we made on January the 10th – to go all out and develop a vaccine – may have been the best decision that I’ve ever made with regard to an intervention as director of the institute.”

Trump described Fauci’s remarks as a “fake interview.” He mocked Fauci’s first pitch at a Washington Nationals game last July, saying the doctor “was an athlete in college but couldn’t throw a baseball even close to home plate,” adding, “It was a roller.”

He added that Fauci “tried to take credit for the vaccine, when in fact he said it would take three to five years, and probably longer, to have it approved.”

“Dr. Fauci was incapable of pressing the FDA to move it through faster. I was the one to get it done, and even the fake news media knows and reports this. “Dr. Fauci is also the king of “flip-flops” and moving the goalposts to make himself look as good as possible. He fought me so hard because he wanted to keep our country open to countries like China.”

Trump also targeted Birx in the lengthy diatribe.

The former response coordinator described a “very uncomfortable” phone call with Trump after she warned in a television appearance last August that COVID-19 was “extraordinarily widespread.”

“It was a CNN report in August that got horrible pushback,” Birx told the network. “That was a very difficult time, because everybody in the White House was upset with that interview and the clarity that I brought about the epidemic.”

In response, Trump called Birx a “proven liar with very little credibility left.”

Both of these “experts” are legends in their own mind.

Former President Trump is a very shrewd man.

I believe that, if he does return to the Oval Office, he will be much more cautious about the individuals whom he hires as “experts”.

There are way too may camera-seeking bureaucratic “experts” whose loyalties change every time the opposite political party gains control of the Presidency.

Both Fauci and Birx are members of the Beltway Cocktail Party Set.

The have rubbed elbows with the hoi polloi for decades.

They have never met a camera they didn’t like.

They have both grown accustomed to a lifestyle of notoriety. Hence, their being “recruited” by CNN in a feeble attempt to damage Trump over the way he handled the Chinese Coronavirus.

The problem with CNN’s effort to damage Trump’s handling of COVID-19 is the fact that average Americans living between the coasts already recognize them and their experts for the pompous egotistical fools that they are.

And, we know that it was Trump who facilitated the rapid discovery of the vaccine.

The pleas of the “good doctors”, the Biden-Harris Administration, and the Liberals in the Main Stream Media for states to restore mask mandates is falling of deaf ears.

America is ready to get on with our normal lives.

And, Americans see the entire “mask mandate” issue for what it is: an attempt to control Americans like a shepherd controls his sheep.

They problem that the Neo-Marxists in the Biden-Harris Administration and their minions face is the fact that the majority of Americans already have a “Good Shepherd” in our lives.

And, we will remember His sacrifice this Sunday.

Until He Comes,





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Biden Attempts to “Cancel” History, Takes Credit for Vaccine Rollout While Insulting Trump

See the source image reports that

In his first primetime address to the nation Thursday night, President Biden lobbed barely-conceal criticism at Donald Trump for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

“A year ago, we were hit with a virus that was met with silence and spread unchecked, denials for days, weeks then months — that led to more deaths, more infections, more stress, and more loneliness,” the president said. “We lost faith in whether our government and our democracy can deliver on really hard things for the American people.”

Without ever naming the last administration, Biden highlighted issues over which Trump has been criticized, like the importance of wearing a mask and “listening to the science” in deciding how to best reopen the economy.

“A mask, the easiest thing to do to save lives, sometimes it divides us, states pit it against one another instead of working with each other,” he noted, nodding to the recent decision by Republican-led states to lift coronavirus restrictions, including mask mandates.

Biden encouraged Americans to listen to the advice issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in continuing to wear masks “to save lives.”

Trump’s refusal to wear a mask until several months into the pandemic was an issue Biden was critical of throughout the presidential race.

Biden called Dr. Anthony Fauci “one of the most distinguished and trusted voices in the world.” The comment was a contrast to those made by Trump, who was sometimes a sharp critic of Fauci, the top doctor on his White House Coronavirus Task Force.

Biden suggested Americans were not getting honesty from Trump, reflecting on a visit he made to a small business owner in Philadelphia last summer.

“Looking me right in the eye she said, ‘I just want the truth’,” he said, describing what she said she needed most to help her through the pandemic.

“My fellow Americans, you’re owed nothing less than the truth,” the president added.

Biden noted that when he entered office, only eight percent of people 65 and up had received their first shot, contrasting that with the numbers who have gotten the vaccine under his presidency.

The vaccines had only recently been made available when Biden assumed office

Biden highlighted how since entering the White House he has been working with Pfizer, Moderna and John & Johnson to “manufacture and purchase hundreds of millions of doses” of vaccines — meaning 65 percent of elderly people have received the coronavirus vaccine in the last two months.

Trump could not be immediately reached by Fox News for comment.

President Joe BIden accusing Trump of being untruthful is the height of irony.

Biden is battling dementia.

He’s being told what to do and say through an earpiece by Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, and Barack Hussein Obama (mm mmm mmmm).

Biden and his staff, including his Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, lie like rugs.

Biden did not originate the drive for vaccinations.

President Donald J. Trump did.

BIden took his vaccination before he even took office.

Operation Warp Speed has exceeded expectations, while all Biden did last night is attempt to falsely seek praise and recognition for “being responsible” for the success of the COVID-19 Vaccines while attempting to trash his predecessor.

Why? Because he is a doddering dementia-riddled old man and his Handlers and the rest of the Democrats are scared of Donald J. Trump.

On June 29th of last year, I asked the following question…

“Why are the Democrats pushing so hard to mandate that an entire nation of free individuals be required to wear masks, as if we were under the rule of the ones responsible for this pandemic, Communist China?

Make no mistake, I believe that the pandemic was/is real.

However, I also believe, just like the riots, that the Far Left Democrats have a political purpose behind their response to COVID-19.

Gentle readers, do you all remember the story about the frog in a pot of water on the stove?

If you slowly adjust the temperature of the water until it reaches the boiling point, the frog will stay in that pot of water until it is boiled alive.

The Far Left Democrats are “testing the waters” to see if they can control a free nation of people like Lenin, Stalin, and Mao controlled the Soviet Union and Communist China.

That is why President Trump left it up to the states in the first place. And, why he is trying to open America back up for business again.

Our American Freedom was paid for through the sacrifices made by courageous men and women.

It was won and it has been maintained at much too dear a cost to lose it by Americans cowering and freely giving it up “to purchase a little temporary safety”.”

The Democrats are now seeing that average Americans are sick of them controlling our lives.

And, Biden’s morose speech last night was all about them “maintaining control” of us.

Joe…we will celebrate the 4th of July with our family and friends like Americans always have.

You can’t take away our FREEDOM.

It was given to us by OUR CREATOR.

Until He Comes,


President Trump Again Pushes Hydroxychloroquine to Treat Coronavirus Patients…Because It Works

us-president-donald-trump-irus-briefing-april-china-bit (2) reports that

President Trump  on Sunday forcefully touted the use of hydroxychloroquine as a potential means to combat or even prevent the onset of symptoms from the coronavirus, wading further into a medical debate that has put him at odds with some of his top health experts.

Trump said the government has stockpiled 29 million pills of the drug, which is also used to treat lupus. For a second consecutive day, he suggested even those without coronavirus symptoms might consider taking the drug despite limited evidence about its efficacy in treating the virus.

“What do you have to lose?” he said. “I’m not looking at it one way or another. But we want to get out of this. If it does work, it would be a shame if we didn’t do it early.”

“What do I know? I’m not a doctor,” he added. “But I have common sense.”

The president has for days opined on the potential efficacy of hydroxychloroquine when taken with azithromycin.

But Sunday’s comments marked the furthest he has veered into playing armchair doctor. He acknowledged the drug may not work but suggested there was no time to wait and let clinical trials play out.

“I want people to live, and I’m seeing people dying,” he said. “And you know the expression when that’s happening. You should do it. What really do we have to lose?”

Other administration officials on Sunday joined in the effort to promote the drug’s availability. Vice President Pence said the government was working with Michigan to make the drug more readily available, and a top Federal Emergency Management Agency official organizing supply chain efforts said the agency is prioritizing getting pills out to pharmacies and hospitals in areas experiencing outbreaks.

The promotion of hydroxychloroquine has been a point of tension within the White House as Trump has repeatedly pushed it at press briefings.

Axios reported Sunday that top White House trade adviser Peter Navarro clashed with Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, about how aggressively to promote the drug.

Fauci has been adamant that it is too soon to say how effective the drug is. 

“The data are really just at best suggestive. There have been cases that show there may be an effect, and there are others to show there’s no effect,” he said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday morning. “So I think in terms of science, I don’t think we could definitively say it works.”

The administration’s aggressive promotion of the drug has also led to a shortage of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, the Food and Drug Administration said last week, raising concerns for those who take the drugs for conditions such as lupus.

There is a reason that President Trump is advocating for the use of hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of Americans who have the Chinese Coronavirus: IT WORKS.

According to the CDC, it is

…currently recommended for treatment of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in several countries. Both chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine have known safety profiles with the main concerns being cardiotoxicity (prolonged QT syndrome) with prolonged use in patients with hepatic or renal dysfunction and immunosuppression but have been reportedly well-tolerated in COVID-19 patients.

So, why is Dr. Fauci so cautious about it?

Back on April 3rd on “Fox and Friends”, he said,

“I think we’ve got to be careful that we don’t make that majestic leap to assume that this is a knockout drug. We still need to do the kinds of studies that definitely prove whether any intervention is truly safe and effective,” he said.

The fact of the matter is, it has proven to work as a treatment for the coronavirus in conjunction with Zithromax, a strong antibiotic which is commonly used to treat upper respiratory infections, also known as a “Z-pak”.

In an International Poll of 6,227 physicians released last Thursday, hydroxychloroquine was rated as the most effective way to treat the coronavirus.

The President and the Coronavirus Taskforce have already told us that this was going to be a “tough week”.

The Chinese lied. Americans have died…and it is going to get worse.

Nothing great was ever accomplished without taking a chance.

It is time to throw caution to the wind and to aggressively decimate this “invisible enemy” with the most effective weapon we have.

I agree with the President.

“What really do we have to lose?”

Until He Comes,




Trump Predicts “a Very Painful 2 Weeks” as the Coronavirus is About to Surge…Where Were the NY Dem Leaders in January?

1585693694_Trump-Tweet-LIVE-Press-Briefing-with-Coronavirus-Task-Force-1038x584 reports that

The White House coronavirus task force on Tuesday pleaded with Americans to abide by the administration’s extended social distancing guidelines to slow the spread of coronavirus as a somber President Trump told Americans to brace for “a very painful two weeks” and warned of thousands of more virus-related deaths.

“The surge is coming, and it’s coming pretty strong,” the president said in the White House briefing room in a lengthy press conference that lasted more than two hours.

The extension of the social distancing guidelines comes after Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and other public health officials on the White House coronavirus task force ominously warned that even if the U.S. were to continue to do what it was doing — keeping the economy closed and most Americans in their homes — the coronavirus could still leave 100,000 to 240,000 people in the United States dead and millions infected.

Without any measures in place to mitigate the contagion’s spread, those projections jump to between 1.5 and 2.2 million deaths from COVID-19.

“It is absolutely critical for the American people to follow the guidelines,” Trump said during the briefing. “It’s a matter of life and death.”

The new “30 Days to Slow the Spread” guidelines — unveiled at the press conference — are an extension of the strategy the White House implemented just over two weeks ago and include guidance on social distancing, working from home, washing hands frequently, and avoiding any unnecessary travel.

While Trump sought to reassure Americans that the country would ultimately get through the pandemic, he declined to sugarcoat the severity of the pandemic and said that the battle against the contagion will be worse in the upcoming weeks.

“This is going to be a rough two week period,” Trump said. “As a nation we’re going to have a really rough two weeks. Our strength will be tested and our endurance will be tried.”

At another point, Trump said: “This could be a hell of a bad two weeks. This is going to be a very bad two or maybe even three weeks. This is going to be three weeks like we’ve never seen before.”

The change in tone marks an abrupt shift by Trump, who spent much of last week targeting April 12 as the day he wanted to see the country open and “raring to go” by Easter Sunday.

Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx the White House coronavirus response coordinator, said that the modeling of 100,000 to 240,000 deaths is still very possible, but Fauci said the federal government is working “very hard to bring that number down.” Birx added that the number of deaths could be blunted through proper medical care and social distancing.

The models predictions have the surge in deaths going into the summer.

“There’s no magic bullet, there’s no magic vaccine or therapy. It’s just behaviors,” Birx said, adding that it would be those behaviors that could change “the course of the viral pandemic.”

“As sobering a number as that it is, we should be prepared for that,” Fauci said. “No one is denying that we are going through a very difficult time right now.”

…For most people, the coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough. But for others, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause severe symptoms like pneumonia.

As I was watching Fox and Friends yesterday morning, they showed some graphs on how badly the Coronavirus has spread through New York and New Jersey.

That area has been hit so hard that 50% of all of the Coronavirus cases have occurred there.

The why seems to be obvious: people are packed like sardines in the area, living, shopping, and riding mass transit elbow to elbow.

However, there are some other reasons why the Coronavirus gained a foothold in that area.

One reason has to do with the idiotic Communist Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio. reported on March 25th that

“Since I’m encouraging New Yorkers to go on with your lives + get out on the town despite Coronavirus,” the Democrat told his Twitter followers on March 3, no more than two weeks before likening the outbreak to a type of World War that required nationalizing industries.

De Blasio offered some suggestions for what New Yorkers should do instead of social distancing.

“I thought I would offer some suggestions. Here’s the first: thru Thurs 3/5 go see “The Traitor,” he said, referring to a 2019 crime drama about the life and times of a Mafia mob boss. 

However, Commie Bill wasn’t the only lousy public servant on the Democratic side during this crisis.

Everyone knows that President Trump put in place a travel ban to and from China at the end of January.

What were New York Democrat Reps. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Jerry Nadler and Sen. Chuck Schumer doing at that time? Were they sounding the alarm that a Dangerous Chinese Coronavirus was coming?

Oh, heck no.

They were all running their mouths about the upcoming Impeachment Vote in their insane quest to somehow overturn the Presidential Election of November 8, 2016.

Only Governor Cuomo was telling New Yorkers of the potential peril.

And now, all he does is whine that he needs more ventilators and masks, even though thousands of ventilators have already been sent and stored out of sight somewhere to be recently found.

Even now, the Democrats’ Propaganda Arm, the Main Stream Media, is trying to keep the President and the Coronavirus Taskforce Briefings from being seen on television by American citizens.

Americans are about to face two weeks of Hell.

I thank God that we have a President who tells us what’s coming instead of trying to lie about it, hide it from us, and potentially sacrifice our lives for the sake of political expediency like the Democrats and their minions in the MSM continue to do.

Stay safe.

God Bless America.

Until He Comes,