Saturday Morning Thoughts: The Hidden President

During the Presidential Election Campaign of 2020, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, former Vice-President Joe Biden was nominated as the candidate for the Democratic Party.

A lot of people viewed that as a stupid move. What they did not count on was a very unusual strategy put in place by the Democrats.

First, the Democratic Congress used their power to put in a mail-in ballot strategy that would allow for mass corruption.

Next, knowing that they could not combat the charisma of President Trump and what he had accomplished before COVID-19, they simply hid Joe Biden from the American people, limiting his campaign apparences to small crowds and video calls from his basement using COVID-19 as an excuse.

Thanks to this chicanery and other questionable tactics, America wound up with a dementia-riddled puppet as its president.

So now, after America has suffered through 2.5 years of inflation, an open border, supply chain issues, and foreign affairs embarrassments, the Democrat Elite is running the old fool for President AGAIN!

And, they are using the same strategy that they used the last time.

They are hiding Biden in the White House, along with his perverted son, limiting his appearances and calling an early stop to press availability every single day.

When he is not at the White House, he is in Delaware in seclusion on the weekends and traveling overseas.

Biden is growing more and more feeble with each passing day, and it’s quite obvious to the entire world.

In any other era, this presidential election should be a cakewalk for the Republicans and their candidate.

However, thanks to decades of brainwashing and cultural and political programming by public schools, a lot of Americans will vote for the puppet and accept a Marxist Totalitarian Government without even realizing it.

I hope Americans learned something from 2020.

That is the only way that history will not repeat itself.

Until He Comes,


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