NBC Poll Shows 70% of Americans Don’t Want Biden to Run in 2024

“President Joe Biden’s 2024 presidential campaign declaration is reportedly coming Tuesday, but the latest polling suggests it is an unwelcome announcement for a large majority of Americans.

With age the “major” reason why Americans do not want Biden to run again, there were 70% of Americans, and even a majority of registered Democrats (51%), telling the Hart Research Associates and Public Opinion Strategies poll conducted for NBC News that they do no believe Biden should declare a run for reelection.

“The president needs to reflect the age group in the country,” a registered Democrat respondent from Washington state told NBC News.

“It is someone else’s turn.”

Just 26% of American adults believe Biden should run again, and that is 9 percentage points less than those saying the same for former President Donald Trump, who always been wildly unpopular with Democrats.

Among those saying Biden should not run, 48% say age is the major reason with 21% saying it is a minor reason, and just 29% saying it is not the reason.

“President Biden’s numbers are not where they need to be at this stage,” Hart Research Democrat pollster Jeff Horwitt told NBC, adding, “yes, Joe Biden has work to do.” (Courtesy Newsmax.com)

This NBC Poll sampled 800 Americans, which included just 292 Republican Primary voters.

That makes the 51% of Democrats of those surveyed who do not support Biden running again a more substantial number.

Biden has dementia and because of that, his handlers must make things as simple as possible in order to attempt to fool the public into thinking that Joe is capable of performing his Presidential Duties.

He is not.

Who is/are the puppet master(s) behind the living breathing dementia-riddled mannequin that is Joe Biden?

A lot of fun has been had at Biden’s expense over the fact that he is losing his war with dementia.

However, in terms of the safety of our country’s citizens and our nation’s continued existence, it is definitely not a laughing matter.

Any American who paid attention during the campaign soon figured out that Biden has some serious mental and physical health issues.

It was one thing to overlook his inappropriate behavior during the Obama Presidency when he was just the Vice-President, and Obama, Susan Rice, and Valerie Jarret were running the show, anyway.

Guess what?

They are still running the show!

I am certain that it has been difficult for them to cover for Biden’s compromised state.

They knew that he was a doddering old fool even before the 2020 Democratic Primaries.

However, when the time came for Biden to start appearing during the Democrat Primaries and then, the Presidential Campaign itself, it was quite obvious that “Lunch Bucket Joe” was shy a potato chip or two.

Now, the President of the United States of America reminds average Americans of their relatives who live in nursing homes whom they have not seen in a while because they cannot bear to witness them deteriorating like Biden is.

HIs wife, “Dr.” Jill Biden and the rest of his Handlers can try as hard as they can to hide his condition.Their minions in the Main Stream Media and the New Bolsheviks can continue to dutifully cover for them on Social Media

But, unfortunately for Liberals, Americans are aware that Joe is declining rapidly, both physically as well as mentally.

And, so are our enemies.

Biden is not mentally fit to finish this term, much less handle the duties of a President for 4 years after that.

Hopefully, more Americans will wake up and realize that before the Presidential Election of 2024.

Until He Comes.


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