Biden’s Name in 2017 Email About Potential Million-Ton Gas Deal With China

“Joe Biden was named in an email found on Hunter Biden’s laptop discussing a 25 million-ton gas deal with China, can reveal exclusively.

In October 2017, Hunter and his uncle –Joe’s brother Jim Biden – were brokering a multi-million dollar deal to supply gas from Louisiana to the country on behalf of their business partners, Chinese energy giant CEFC.

At the time Joe Biden had finished his term as vice president and had yet to announce any plans to run for president in 2020.

A Louisiana-based lawyer on the other side of the deal wrote in an October 27, 2017 email that he had arranged ‘a call from Joe Biden and Hunter Biden on Monday morning to discuss the purchase of the 5 million tons of gas.’

Jim Biden’s venture with CEFC eventually collapsed amid bribery accusations against high-ups in the Chinese company.

While it’s possible the Baton Rouge lawyer, Robert Fenet, mistyped ‘Joe’ instead of ‘Jim,’ other emails and whistleblower testimony suggest Joe was involved in Hunter’s business dealings with the Chinese.

The White House did not respond to DailyMail’s requests for comment.

In emails with Fenet, Jim emphasized the Biden family’s involvement in the project.

‘We Biden’s often fraught with problems, that they can can [sic] come from working with family members, are of a different mind. It’s all about family, and people we choose to do business with,’ he wrote to Fenet on October 19 that year.

The call Fenet was setting up for the Biden family was with Cherniere, a Texas energy company whose executives have close links to Joe Biden.

The president hired former Cherniere board member Heather Zichal as his campaign climate adviser in 2020, and former Cheniere lobbyist and vice president Ankit Desai was Joe’s political director in 2005.

Fenet laid out one proposal for his liquid natural gas (LNG) deal with the Bidens and their Chinese partners in an email on October 20, 2017.

‘The Ashton Fenet and Sons Construction Company, Inc. will, in a joint venture with a Louisiana company, provide a 25 year natural gas-LNG supply to your group,’ he wrote.

‘We can begin supplying LNG in 2018 at the rate of three, four, five, or six million metric tons of LNG on a five year basis. From year five until year twenty-five, we will have the capacity to supply 13 million metric tons per annum of LNG to the Port in China. (To Be Decided)” (Courtesy

Think about this: The Biden Crime Family was making millions of dollars using Joe’s ties within OUR government and with high-powered corporate executives to leverage a deal with our enemy, China, which would supply them with an obscene amount of American Liquid Natural Gas!

In other words, the Bidens ARE guilty of what Joe’s fellow Democrats attempted to impeach former President Donald J Trump for: COLLUSION.

Now, the new Republican-run House of Representatives has promised to perform multiple investigations concerning the illegal activities of the Biden Crime Family… and that’s great.

And, at the same time, a “Special Counsel ” is performing an investigation after being appointed by Biden’s Attorney General.

My concern is the fact that these investigations will not have any meaningful results.

It will not be due to a lack of evidence. It will be due to a lack of will.

Politicians will not drop the hammer on Biden because they will not want to anger their base.

And, they will be loathe to trade one imbecile for another one (Kamala Harris).

However, with more new revelations coming out every day, out squeamish Representatives may have no choice but to impeach.

And, that would be glorious.

Until He Comes,


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