Biden Apologizes to White House Staff for Answering Media Questions…Who’s the Boss?

“I’m not allowed to do that.”

Again with the “I’m not allowed to or I’m not supposed to…”

You are the President of the United States of America! You can answer any question that you want to…or that you are able to.

Biden did not take the reporter’s question because he is not mentally able to.

Who is/are the puppet master(s) behind the living breathing dementia-riddled mannequin that is Joe Biden?

A lot of fun has been had at Biden’s expense over the fact that he is losing his war with dementia.

However, in terms of the safety of our country’s citizens and our nation’s continued existence, it is definitely not a laughing matter.

Any American who paid attention during the campaign soon figured out that Biden has some serious mental and physical health issues.

It was one thing to overlook his inappropriate behavior during the Obama Presidency when he was just the Vice-President and Obama, Susan Rice, and Valerie Jarret were running the show, anyway.

Guess what?

They are still running the show!

I am certain that it has been difficult for them to cover for Biden’s compromised state.

They knew that he was a doddering old fool even before the Democratic Primaries.

However, when the time came for Biden to start appearing during the Democrat Primaries and then, the Presidential Campaign itself, it was quite obvious that “Lunch Bucket Joe” was shy a potato chip or two.

For almost two years, the President of the United States of America has reminded average Americans of their relatives who live in nursing homes whom they have not seen in a while because they cannot bear to witness them deteriorating like Biden is.

HIs wife, “Dr.” Jill Biden and the rest of his Handlers continue to try as hard as they can to hide his condition.

Unfortunately, as we have noticed, Joe is declining physically as well as mentally.

The Democrat Elites know that Joe’s time in the Oval Office is limited.

Their problem is that Vice-President Kamala Harris is such a lightweight that she thinks that the St. Louis Cardinals were elected by the Pope.

Meanwhile, this “Puppet President” keeps intentionally destroying our beloved country while his handlers make sure that he further divides the American people, like the other day, when he declared that he did not respect “MAGA Americans”. 

The Democrat Elite knew that “#DementiaJoe” was not mentally or physically able to perform the duties of the President of the United States of America.

They simply didn’t care.

They wanted someone whom they could control and who would read the cue cards filled with their horrible domestic and foreign policies, literally without blinking an eye.

Joe Biden was not that sharp to begin with.

Joe Biden is a perfect example of the “Peter Principle”, a theory proposed in a book published decades ago, which posited the theory that people rise in their professional endeavors to their level of incompetence.

The problem with having the Dummy From Delaware sitting in the Oval Office is that he is not paying the price for his incompetence.

We are.

And, his Handlers, the Democrat Elite, are the ones profiting off of our misery.

Until He Comes,


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