Members of US Women’s Soccer Team Turn Their Backs on 98-Year Old WWII Veteran Playing Our National Anthem reports that

A rendition of the national anthem by 98-year-old World War II veteran Pete DuPré on a harmonica was hailed on Twitter for the U.S. women’s national soccer team on their Olympic send-off match, but protests by two U.S. players detracted from the patriotic salute.

A tweeted video showed the harmonica work of DuPré (pronounced Do-Pray).

“98-year-old World War II veteran Pete DuPré played the national anthem on a harmonica before the @USWNT’s Olympic send-off match”

But Richard Grenell, Newsmax contributor and former Trump administration acting director of national intelligence, expressed his disgust that two players turned their backs on the flag while DuPré played ”The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Grenell tweeted, noting the official Twitter account of the U.S. Women’s National Team cropped out the national anthem protesters, while the Mexican team stood in attention:

“Every woman on the Mexican Soccer Team faced the flag & sang the Mexican National anthem. Several woman on the U.S. Soccer team turned away from the US flag – while a 92 year old Veteran played the anthem on a harmonica.
“Why didn’t @USWNT show the women turning away?”

A subsequent Grenell tweet noted the team members who protested the anthem:

“#11 and #2 turned away from the US flag and the 92 year old WWII harmonica-playing Veteran who risked his life so these self-obsessed children could disrespect America.”
One is No. 11, Christen Press, a Californian and one of the stars of past teams, boasting 61 career goals and 42 assists. The other is No. 2, Crystal Dunn, a New Yorker who has 24 goals and 18 assists in her USWNT career.

Paris Dennard, the Republican Party’s national spokesperson & director of black media affairs and a former White House Fellowships commissioner for the Trump administration, called the anthem protests “shameful,” as well as disrespectful to the World War II veteran.

Dennard tweeted:

“For the SHAMEFUL team members who turned their backs to our national anthem remember you also turned your backs to 98-year-old World War II #veteran Pete DuPré who played our anthem on his harmonica before the @USWNT’s #Olympic send-off match”


The lack of respect that it being shown at sporting events by self-absorbed athletes in unforgivable.

After two days of celebrating our God-given Freedom as American Citizens, which has been defended by the sacrifices and the blood of Patriots, to seen those two snobby little wenches (Yeah. I SAID IT!) disrespect that 98-year old veteran standing up for the country he fought valiantly for…MAKES ME WANT TO HURL.

This are spiraling out-of-control in America, thanks to a spoiled rotten generation which has no respect for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that they can watch Tik Tok all day.

However, it is not just athletes who have no respect for anyone.

Sunday night, in an area of my hometown of Memphis, Tennessee which I used to live in, one block away from a murdered man, thugs we shooting bullets and fireworks at each other and innocent people in cars passing by.

It all starts with America’s leaders, national, municipal, and in the home.

Words can hurt or words can heal.

Barack Hussein Obama, a President who was supposed to bridge the Racial Divide in this nation…instead, widened it.

The present resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has widened the racial division in America to where our Sovereign Nation is about to split wide open.

And, with every divisive word he and the political activists whom he champions speak, the chasm of Racial Divisiveness, which has created a gaping hole in the fabric of American Society, grows wider and wider.

Words mean things.

The part of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s magnificent speech about “the content of their character” has been purposefully ignored by the professional race-baiters, assorted politicians (but, I repeat myself), and now, “disenfranchised” athletes, who seek to blame the country which gives them the freedom to earn exorbitant amounts of money for demonstrating their athletic skills, while dishonoring a symbol of our nation which brave American Men and Women have fought and died for.

Dr. King, your call for self-reliance has apparently fallen on deaf ears of some of those who have the financial means to help their blighted neighborhoods and the young people roaming their streets.

So, how can we expect these young people to respect OUR FLAG, when they have no respect for THEMSELVES?

To those of you read this today, who somehow believe that dishonoring OUR FLAG, makes you more enlightened than the rest of us, and it is your “right”, okay.

However, it is my right, as the son of an American Soldier, who stepped off a perfectly good boat, in a hail of gunfire, onto Normandy Beach to protect our American Freedom, to call you out because of your disrespect of Old Glory and the sacrifices made by those who cherished our nation’s flag.

Yes, children, including the members of the United States Women’s Soccer Team, who showed their backsides to America yesterday by dishonoring our flag and that 98-year old veteran.

As Americans, we MUST continue to honor this flag and what it stands for.

The cost to keep it flying has been much too dear not to.

Until He Comes,





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