Herschel Walker Posts Twitter Video Asking NFL Players About BLM, “Is This Who You Are Supporting? A Trained Marxist…”

FoxNews.com reports that

Herschel Walker posted a video on his Twitter sharing his thoughts about learning Black Lives Matter is led by “trained Marxists.”

In the video, the former Georgia Bulldog, Heisman Trophy winner and NFL great asked the professional football community: “Is this who you are supporting? A trained Marxist tells you they are anti-government, -anti-American, anti-Christian, anti everything.”

Black Lives Matter co-founders Patrisse Cullors and Alicia  Garza have referred to themselves as “trained Marxists.”

“We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories. And I think that what we really tried to do is build a movement that could be utilized by many, many black folk,” Cullors said in the interview with Jared Ball of The Real News Network.

Walker demanded answers from BLM: “Tell the American people exactly who you are standing for.”

He called for the American people that support the movement to justify their reasons: “When you talking BLM, are you supporting the group that is trained Marxists?”

Players have protested the national anthem and have worn decals on their helmets featuring the names of victims of violence, and end zones will feature phrases such as “End Racism.” They’ve taken a knee during the national anthem and at times linked arms.

“First of all, it’s great unity but as I said early on, there shouldn’t be politics in sport,” Walker told “The Story with Martha MacCallum.”

He said the league, under the leadership of Roger Goodell, has allowed the protests, but he asked: “What’s the end game?”

“The players do have a right to protest, but they must realize that fans have a right to protest as well,” he continued. “So if they boo, you can’t be upset. If they don’t watch the show, you can’t be upset.”

Walker emphasized that these protests do not achieve the end goal being sought out and the only way to see change is by acting.

“Instead of everybody having their folded arms and closed fists, why don’t we have an open hand?” he asked. “We all come together, and I’d love to go with you, the NFL, all major league sports, let’s go to Washington. Let’s get the Democratic, let’s get the Republican people together.”

Left’s face it, this nation is experiencing a Political Division of a magnitude never before seen.

A Political Division which came to fruition during the 8 long arduous years of the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.

The NFLPA was not protesting during those years, however.

Just Colin Kaepernick and he did it to impress his Muslim girlfriend, a poor choice which led to his present unemployment, along with the cold hard fact that he is actually not that good of a quarterback.

No matter the feeble explanations which have been given by the NFL Players Association and the spineless Liberal Management of the NFL, the fact of the matter is that the election of Donald J. Trump and the poor advice of external Liberal Protest Groups, such as Black Lives Matter, have caused these players, at least some of whom graduated college “Thank You, Laudy”, instead of Cum Laude, to make the decision to kneel and disrespect the flag and the national anthem of a country which has made them multi-millionaires for playing a game which the majority of American kids growing up in the Heartland played out in our yards with our friends.

It is very apparent that before the beginning of the NFL’s 2017-2018 Season, those same Liberals whom Rush Limbaugh spoke about in 2014 had spoken to Commissioner Goodell concerning giving said “professionals” the freedom to exercise their “First Amendment Rights” during the course of Game Day Activities.

It is now quite apparent to anyone with a lick of common sense that this organized protest by the NFL Players has NEVER been about  “Police Brutality” against black Americans.

Those who have influenced these players to kneel have played these poor saps for suckers, or, as Marxists have ALWAYS called them, “useful idiots”..

I truly believe that.

If you don’t believe that to be the case, go back and read all of the articles, written by Liberal writers bemoaning the “violent NFL” and the subsequent articles written about the “Concussion Scandal” in the league.

Heck, go rent Will Smith’s bomb of a movie about the “problem”, titled simply “Concussion”.

Liberals have always turned up their noses at the NFL AND their fans.

What better way to kill two birds with one stone than to convince the players that it is cool to protest on “company time” by indoctrinating them into Marxism through insulting our municipal police forces and the symbols of our country at the same time?

Who in their right mind would believe that would be accepted by average Americans?

Probably the same simpletons who believed the National Polls predicting that Hillary Clinton would be the 45th President of the United States of America.

Buh Bye, NFL

You have turned America’s Pastime into Political Theater.

And, America has turned you off.

Until He Comes,


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