Arkansas Circuit Court Judge Suddenly Recuses Himself From Hunter Biden Child Support Case…Why?


694940094001_6036873124001_6036866638001-vs (2) reports that

The circuit court judge overseeing Hunter Biden’s paternity case, Don McSpadden, recused himself without reason on Tuesday, just days after a private investigation firm sought to intercede in the case.

D&A Investigations, based in Florida, filed a “Notice of Fraud and Counterfeiting and Production of Evidence.” with the court on Dec. 23, claiming Hunter Biden “established bank and financial accounts with Morgan Stanley et al” for Burisma Holdings — where he served as a former board member — to satisfy a “money laundering scheme.”

McSpadden had the request stricken from the record, on grounds that it violated state procedural rules, which required the intervening party to raise a claim that shared a “question of law or fact in common” with the existing case. Biden’s legal team had told the court that D&A’s filing was riddled with falsehoods and clearly procedurally improper.

In another court filing from Dec. 27, D&A claimed it had provided attorneys for Lunden Alexis Roberts, the plaintiff, “access to [Hunter Biden’s] bank account records” that show proof of “fraud and counterfeiting.” D&A sought to be officially added as a party to the case, in an effort to support Roberts’ claim and provide proof of Biden’s alleged criminal activity.

McSpadden recused himself before he could rule on the second motion.

Roberts’ attorney, Brent M. Langdon, was not seeking D&A’s assistance and called its efforts “a scheme by a non-party simply to make scandalous allegations,” the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported.

In the recusal document, obtained by The Gazette, McSpadden didn’t provide specific details about his departure, and only deferred to the “Administrative Plan of the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit.”

According to the administrative plan, the case will now go to Circuit Judge Holly Meyer.

McSpadden reportedly ordered all income records from Biden and Roberts over the past five years. He also ordered that the financial information be kept under seal and only be available to the attorneys involved in the case.

DNA tests allegedly confirmed, “with scientific certainty,” that Hunter Biden was the biological father of Roberts’ baby, according to court documents filed in November.

A separate motion said Hunter Biden will not be contesting paternity in the case, The Gazette reported. reported on Christmas Eve that,

“One of those purported investigations (by D&A) relates to Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian energy company with which Biden held a lucrative board post while his father, Joe, was vice president — drawing allegations of impropriety from Republicans including President Trump,” the Post noted.

The private investigator claims the younger Biden “established bank and financial accounts with Morgan Stanley” for a “money laundering scheme” involving Burisma Holdings Limited. According to documents filed in court, nearly $6.8 million was transferred from Burisma to the account between March 2014, when the younger Biden joined Burisma’s board of directors, and December 2015.

Court filings also allege that Biden and a group of business associates “utilized a counterfeiting scheme to conceal” the payments.

The revelations come as Hunter Biden’s role with Burisma continues to draw scrutiny, especially in light of the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Congressional Democrats claim that Trump’s suggestion the government of Ukraine looking into Hunter Biden’s work with the natural gas company amounted to asking a foreign power for dirt on a political opponent. Trump and his allies, on the other hand, have countered that Hunter Biden’s appointment, coming around the same time former Vice President Joe Biden was tapped to lead Obama-era policy towards Ukraine, and his relative inexperience in the energy industry warrant investigation.

As Peter Schweizer, senior contributor at Breitbart News, detailed in Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends, Hunter Biden’s background in investment banking, lobbying, and hedge fund management paled in comparison to that of current and past members of Burisma’s board.

The elder Biden claims he has never talked to his son about his business in Ukraine, but the former veep has yet to answer questions about a photograph showing him, Hunter, and another Burisma board member playing golf together in 2014.

So, why did Judge McSpadden recuse himself?

Was “an assist by the right people” in his future political career offered?

Were threats to him and his family involved? In other words, is he avoiding being “Arkancided”?

Or, is he a man of integrity whose conscience would not allow him to be leveraged into covering for the Bidens and the rest of the Democrat Elite in a in a local child support case which has a potential to break open into a national scandal involving not only a potential Democratic Presidential Candidate and his reprobate son nut also members of Congress and their adult “children” as well?

Whatever the reason, it has drawn attention, suspicion, and conjecture, three things which the Bidens and Democrats do not need.

On top of it all, if the Republicans decide to call any witnesses, which I doubt, would they call Judge McSpadden and the D&A Investigators to testify?

The Democrats. such as Senator Chuck Schumer who have been begging for witnesses to be called in the Senate Impeachment hearings better be careful what they ask for.

Given enough rope…well, you know the rest.

Until He Comes,



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