“Superman” to the Rescue After Salon.com Writer Brands Hallmark Christmas Movies as “Fascist Propaganda”


FoxNews.com reports that

Hallmark veteran actor Dean Cain is coming to the network’s defense after a website published a contentious article claiming its holiday movies are “fascist propaganda.”

Cain appeared on Friday’s episode of “Fox & Friends” and blasted Salon.com and its writer, Amanda Marcotte, for spewing out “terrible” allegations against Hallmark on Wednesday.

Marcotte’s article titled “Hallmark movies are fascist propaganda,” released on Christmas, argued that the network’s holiday film schedule is “like a trip into an uncanny valley of shiny-teethed, blow-dried heteronormative whiteness, with only a few token movies with characters of color.”

“We are not allowed to accept creatives that are deemed controversial,” a Hallmark account representative reportedly said in an email exchange with a Zola ad buyer.

Cain, who has appeared in 10 Hallmark movies, shared that the article was “the most ridiculous thing” to wake up to and read on Christmas morning.

“It’s insane because Hallmark movies are about love,” Cain told the “Fox & Friends” hosts. “They’re about bringing people together. They’re not about division or anything of that nature.”

The actor, also known for his role as Superman/Clark Kent in the TV series “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” claimed Hallmark films are “the farthest thing from fascism that exists out there.”

“If you want to know who the fascist is, look who wrote the article,” Cain continued. “They’re the fascists telling you what you should believe or what you have to do, or you have to conform to their view of what society should be, which is completely insane.”

Cain admitted he has not appeared in a Hallmark film for a “couple years,” but still found Salon’s bashing of Hallmark “a boldface attack on Christmas and love.”

“It’s just a bunch of hate,” Cain said.

Marcotte shared her controversial piece on Twitter on Wednesday, and then defended her words hours later after receiving mixed criticism.

“Laughing at the right-wingers calling me ‘joyless’ because I think Hallmark movies are dumb. I think someone’s life is joyless if their only source of entertainment is such empty schmaltz. What a depressing life, free of real, satisfying entertainments and hobbies,” the writer tweeted.

Hallmark has been ensnared in controversy this month, following the channel’s decision to pull an advertisementthat featured two brides kissing during a same-sex wedding ceremony. The network ultimately responded to the controversy by reinstating the commercialdays later.

Actress Hilarie Burton doubled down on the allegations by accusing Hallmark of letting her go from a Hallmark job after she voiced her support for including an LGBTQ character, an interracial couple and diverse casting.

Liberals try to screw up everything to fit their distorted world view.

If there was a demand for movies such as Hilarie Burton is advocating for, Hallmark would already be showing them.

Television programmers schedule programs which will give them the largest viewing audience.

Quite frankly, programming for 1% of a potential viewing audience would not do that.

Dean “Superman” Cain is exactly right.

Modern American Liberals are the true fascists.

For years now, I have referred to the intolerant political ideology of Modern American Liberals as “The New Fascism” because of their intolerance toward traditional Americans Faith and Values, including our relationship with our closest ally, since their birth as a country in 1948.

What we are seeing now, as regards the “Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse” and the growing radical movement to the Left of the Political Spectrum, which includes anti-Semitism, of the Democratic Party, which began under Former President Barack Hussein Obama, is a result of an amalgamation of the political philosophies of the special interest groups who have replaced average Americans as the Democrats’ Voting Base.

Anti-Semitism is the norm in Marxism in all of its forms, fascism, and, of course, Islam.

All of these political philosophies are the anti-thesis of who the Far Left Democrats claim to be.

Ladies and gentlemen, I firmly believe that America is in the middle of fighting a new war against fascism.

It’s not a war that is being fought with guns and bullets, But instead, it is being fought with a strictly Political Impeachment of President Trump, fueled by anonymous sources, unproven baseless accusations, and the Vanguard of the Modern Democratic Party, the Main Stream Media.

It’s not our Brightest and Best who are dying on this field of battle, but rather, it is our Constitutional Freedoms and our form of government, including our System of Checks and Balances, which are dying an ignoble death, pierced by the arrows of socialism and political correctness.

A form of government unique to America, a Constitutional Republic, which the clueless Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in a deflective move, has identified as “fascistic”.

By now, there’s some out there in the audience saying, “Oh Lord, the crazy old cracker’s overreacting again.”

No, Skippy, I’m not.

If you try to talk to a Liberal about this New Fascism, they will deny that there is any fascism going on at all. In fact, they will tell you that their radicalism “the will of the people” and they will site Democratically stacked push polls in order to back their opinion up.

Liberals can not legitimately defend their positions, such as the suppression of the Second Amendment Rights of average Americans, the Silent Coup began by those members of the DOJ and FBI during the Obama Administration against now-President Trump, the “Caining” of Judge Kavanaugh, and the Political Impeachment of President Trump, all caused by the  taking over of the Democratic Party by a bunch of wild-eyed anti-American radicals.

Fascism, in any form, remains indefensible.

All of this political unethical behavior by the Far Left Democrats is reminiscent of both the Russian Revolution and Hitler and his Brown Shirts’ “Beer Hall Putsch” which probably should have been expected, given the “New Bolsheviks” track record of Liberal Intolerance and aversion to opposing viewpoints.

Ronald Reagan, during an interview with Mike Wallace on 12/14/75, quipped…

“You know, someone very profoundly once said many years ago that if fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.”

The man was a prophet.

Now, if you will excuse me, I think I will go back in to the living room and join my bride in watching one of those Hallmark Christmas Movies which sent that Salon.com writer into a rant…just because I can.

Until He Comes,



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