New Mexico Changes Columbus Day to “Indigenous Peoples’ Day”…Why are States Bowing to the “Perpetually Offended”?


To be filed under the heading “Liberals ruin everything”… reports that

New Mexico’s state Senate voted Friday to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

The Senate voted 22-15 in favor of the proposal, which had already passed in the state House, and if Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signs the bill, New Mexico will become the fourth state to do away with the holiday that pays homage to Christopher Columbus, The Albuquerque Journal reported.

Critics of the bill argue that the measure only serves to further divide the community.

“I think this bill is more about dividing us than bringing us together,” Sen. Mark Moores, R-Albuquerque, said, according to

Notre Dame to cover historic Christopher Columbus murals that have been hanging for 130 years

A proposal to honor the state’s Native American communities on a separate day in February was reportedly shot down.

The celebration of Columbus Day, held on the second Monday of every October, has become an increasingly fractious affair in recent years. Some cities opt to honor the nation’s indigenous people with their own day, which has been recognized by the United Nations since 1994.

The explorer’s history is a divisive one. Some historians assert that Columbus committed atrocities against the Native Americans he encountered as he came to America.

Dear Lord.

Let’s just rewrite all of America’s Holidays while we’re at it.

Wait a minute. I better not suggest that. The perpetually offended Liberals in this country would try to do it.

During the time of Christopher Columbus, scholars knew that the world was round a fact which dated back to the ancient Greeks. And, because the world was round, people believed that a ship traveling west from Europe would sail clear through to Asia. Still though, a lot of folks believed that such a westward journey was impossible. Columbus, an Italian, was convinced that he could do it. He persuaded King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain to sponsor his exploration and search for riches.

On October 12, 1492, Columbus landed on a small island in the Bahamas, convinced that he had reached his destination of Asia. Although he was not the first European to discover the Americas (Vikings, among others, had visited before), his voyage got people to push for European exploration of the hemisphere.

The first celebration of Columbus’s landing in the New World took place in 1792. It was organized by the Columbian Order (Society of St. Tammany) in New York City. In 1937, Columbus Day was declared a national holiday by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Since 1971, it has been observed on the second Monday of October. Many Americans celebrate their Italian-American heritage on Columbus Day with parades and other activities.

Bing the ol’ cracka that I am, I just can’t get over how sensitive today’s Far Left is.

If you’re constantly worried about offending someone, you will never get anything great accomplished.

And, perhaps that is the reason that Liberals remain in a constant state of being offended.

The very fact of American Exceptionalism offends them.

Their hero, the Former (Thank God) President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama (mm mmm mmmm) wanted America to be just another country, answerable to the United Nations.

In fact, he thought so little of our Sovereign Nation, that he constantly was apologizing to Foreign Leaders on our behalf, even though American citizens never asked him to.

If Liberals were this offended back when I was growing up, my father and I never would have gotten to watch the television shows which we both enjoyed, like the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast, the Red Skelton Show, the Jackie Gleason Show, and the Flip Wilson Show.

Clerow “Flip” Wilson was born on on December 8, 1933, in Jersey City, New Jersey. He worked across the country as a comedian before becoming famous through his appearances on programs like The Tonight Show and Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In. He soon starred in his own variety series The Flip Wilson Show, which first came on the air in 1970 and became a massive, award-winning hit. The show ended in ’74, with Wilson opting to stay out of the spotlight. He died in California on November 25, 1998.

One of Flip’s most famous routines, which he would have been forbidden to perform nowadays thanks to our perpetually offended Liberals, was a hysterically funny take on the subject of today’s post, Christopher Columbus.

With all of the division and hate being championed by the “New Bolsheviks” of the Democratic Party, I thought that we all needed a good laugh from a man who loved making ALL OF US LAUGH.

I hope you enjoy this story from an American Legend.

God bless.

Until He Comes,


One thought on “New Mexico Changes Columbus Day to “Indigenous Peoples’ Day”…Why are States Bowing to the “Perpetually Offended”?

  1. themama1836

    Why? Because butt-hurt liberals cannot tolerate the truth, and feel a need to twist the facts to meet their disturbed ideas. That’s why!


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