Have Americans Finally Figured Out Obama?

obamaobliviousI was just reading an opinion piece by CBS New’s Rebecca Kaplan, in which she holds out hope that President Obama can at least get some of his foreign and domestic plans accomplished during his second term as President.

Unfortunately for Ms. Kaplan, the rest of the Obama Worshipers in the Main Stream Media, both sides of the political aisle in Congress, and the President and his Administration, judging by his rapidly-tanking poll approval numbers, Barack Hussein Obama is already a lame duck.

I feel that there are several factors which have lead to Obama’s political demise:

1. Obamacare – As I have well-documented, the passage and launch of Obamacare was done against the wishes of the average American. It was an arrogant, socialist move, designed to lead to a Single Payer Healthcare System, which is what Liberals have wanted for decades.

The experts tell us that up to 80,000,000 Americans will lose their Health Insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Obama and his those who wrote the law counted on the young and dumb to buy these un-affordable plans, thereby providing the money necessary to fund Obamacare and take care of older Americans, before they are cut off from Obamacare, due to a “Quality of Life” decision (i.e., Death Panels).

These same experts did not count on the fact that young adults do not need, nor want extensive, over-priced Health Insurance Plans. They also did not count on the huge blow-back against the law by Americans, who have now seen what is actually in the plan.

Even if Obama had not given the construction of the website to a Canadian Company who had already failed in Canada, the impact of Obamcare would have been enough to put the President in the situation he finds himself in now.

2. Siding With Our Enemies – As the recent proposed “agreement” with the Radical Mullahs of Iran has proven, Obama, as British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain before him, so desperately wants to be known as a leader who brought us “peace in our time”, that he is willing to unconditionally trust our enemies, regardless of the danger to our Allies, and the country he is supposed to place above all others, the United States of America.

This Nuclear Proposal has been universally panned as weak and dangerous, doing nothing to restrict the Iranians’ bomb-making capabilities.

It is basically an extension of the policy which allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to attempt to take over Egypt as a part of “Arab Spring”, a policy of trusting murderous Radical Muslims, which lead to the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East and 4 braver Americans at the U.S. Embassy Compound in Benghazi, Libya.

The word “feckless” does not even begin to cover it.

3. “It’s still the economy, stupid!” – Americans are still losing their jobs. The American Economy under Barack Hussein Obama remains stagnant because entrepreneurship is not encouraged.

Now is about the time when a Liberal would ask, “Well what about the Stock Market? It’s gaining everyday!”

The answer is a fairly simple one, according to Farrokh Langdana, Director, Executive MBA Program & Professor of Finance and Economics, Rutgers Business School,

When designing the Fed, we took care to ensure that a “firewall” existed between the money creating people (The Fed) and the government spending people (the Treasury). This was , of course, to prevent runaway spending from being simply monetized by money creation; which would of course lead to hyperinflation, and who wants that?

But there should have been another firewall that is now conspicuous by its absence – a firewall between the Fed and the private banks that own each Federal Bank. The Fed is owned by the banks in each district—it is a private institution. There is nothing “Federal” about the Fed—it is as “Federal” as Fedex, or Federal Pizza. By not building a firewall between the Fed and the banks that own it, we left the door open for the Great Betrayal.

The Fed under Ben and Greenspan before him, simply “looked out” for the private banks by having taxpayers hold the bag on all the questionable subprime loans that they had made—QE1 and QE2, unbelievably huge monetization incurred by simply buying up the toxic debt and creating money, were the result of this giveaway. Regular working people, “Granny,” endured zero percent on her savings account for several years, while rogue financial institutions got this Fed-created money and lent it out at 6% and then rewarded themselves with bonuses—welcome to the Great Betrayal and the ensuing collapse in confidence in main street USA compounded by depressed housing and low employment.

Just like this entire Presidency, the Wall Street Surge is a sham.

4. Judge a President by the Company He Keeps – During the Presidency of George W. Bush, he was known for spending Thanksgiving with America’s Brightest and Best, our Armed Forces. Without telling anyone where he was going, He and the First Lady would travel to one of our bases overseas and assist in serving Thanksgiving Dinner to our troops. Dubya actively sought no publicity for it. It was just something he felt was his duty as Commander in Chief.

The present president thanked America’s Armed Forces during his Thanksgiving Address, and said that the First Family was going to spend the day at the White House “watching football”.

However, the Obamas did get out of Our House the next day, visiting some activists, camped out in a tent on the National Mall, who have only drank water since November 12th, in support of “Immigration Reform”, i.e., amnesty for those who have entered our country illegally. President Obama told them that the “whole country was behind them”.

Really? And “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”

Back on November 8th, a Pew Poll showed that 60% of Americans oppose Obama’s plans for “Immigration Reform”.

Conservatives have been pointing out for years that Obama’s viewpoint and political philosophy does not represent the majority of average Americans.Judging from the direction in which his approval poll numbers are trending, I would say that more Americans are beginning to fell that way, as well.

Until He Comes,




2 thoughts on “Have Americans Finally Figured Out Obama?

  1. It doesn’t matter if Americans have figured out President Obama. The Stupid Party have not. Until Americans start shunning BOTH parties nothing will change. The Stupid Party are already preparing to send Democrat-lite losers up for the ’14 & ’16 elections & will do everything they can to help the Democrats & the left keep conservatism out of D.C. No more voting for the lesser of two evils for this voter. If The Stupid Party don’t wise up & start running conservatives I’m done with them. I utilized the write-in vote in ’12 & have no qualms doing so again if the ballot is loaded with Democrats…on both sides of the ballot. Why pull a lever for a RINO when I could vote for the real thing? The results are the same anyway. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same stupid thing over & over again expecting a different result each time. The Stupid Party have mastered insanity & turned it into an art form. To those who continually tell conservatives, “if you don’t vote for whoever The Stupid Party send up there you’re voting for the Democrat!” : You get Democrats either way & you, not conservatives are the real problem. Enjoy the insane government you deserve! I’m sorry if I sound bitter & angry, but I’m tired of being played for a fool by The Stupid Party.


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