Chris Christie: “I’m a Conservative.” (And, I’m a 22 Year Old Blonde Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Named Buffy.)

ChristieObamaI’m a conservative. I’ve governed as a conservative in this state, and I think that’s led to some people disagreeing with me in our state, because it’s generally a left-of-center, blue state.

The difference has been is I haven’t tried to hide it, or mask it as something different. – Newly-Re-elected Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie

After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I realized the immediate and pressing purpose of Gov. Zeppelin’s ludicrous statement: He is on a mission to convince everyone outside of the Northeastern Corridor and the West Coast of the United States, that he’s just like us, here in the Heartland….a good, old-fashioned Reagan Conservative.

The purpose of this deception?

The Republican Establishment wants him to be their Presidential Candidate in 2016.

According to, a Liberal Website,

Republicans start out skeptical of his candidacy. He’s at 47 favorable, 30 unfavorable—worse than Romney ever had. That’s presumably because he’s perceived as a pro-Obama, blue state moderate. But unlike Giuliani, he’s actually conservative enough to win the nomination.

Christie checks the crucial boxes of the religious and business wings of the Republican Party. He’s pro-life and he’s against gay marriage. He has solid credentials opposing taxes and attacking unions, which will eventually compliment a reformist, conservative domestic policy agenda. His great acts of moderation are on immigration, where many of the contenders are on the sage page, or on guns, which isn’t anything close to a litmus test—especially in the states Christie is counting on. Maybe Medicaid expansion will be a big issue, but history suggests that Republicans are willing to nominate candidates with deficient conservative credentials, so long as they don’t violate a few sacred rules about abortion and taxes.

It’s surprisingly easy to envision Christie winning the nomination. His conservative credentials are pretty good, so now all he needs to do is get Republicans to remember. That shouldn’t be hard for Christie. His charisma and brass-style will make him an excellent Obama-, union-, and liberal-basher once he wins reelection. It’s easy to envision him cleaning up the debates, like Newt Gingrich before South Carolina. It’s worth recalling that he was once a Tea Party favorite for exactly this reason. Unlike 2008, when Giuliani’s northeastern starting point was interrupted by Romney and McCain, there’s not another northeastern, maverick-y candidate to prevent Christie from doing well in a state like New Hampshire, Michigan, or Florida. If Jeb Bush doesn’t run, there isn’t another candidate better positioned to start locking down endorsements and donors. Electability will help, too.

Christie’s push by the Establishment Republicans and their friends across the aisle, is not unexpected.

It is simply the continuation of a serious effort to redefine Conservatism to mean “wanting a government which promises not to blow all my money, but still provides the handouts from Uncle Sugar, which sustain me, while practicing situational ethics and relative morality. so that I can do what I want do, regardless of how it effects others around me”.

On the internet, these believers express themselves in various terms, which all translate to claiming to be the same thing: Fiscally Conservative, Socially Liberal.

Their common goal is a desire to redefine the definition of Conservatism in order to make them feel better about their non-Conservative, and oft times, downright hedonistic,  social ideology.

You’ll find these same individuals on Internet Chat Boards, complaining about how narrow-minded and statist Reagan Conservatives, like myself, are.

And, God help you if you tell them that there is such a thing as morality and ethics. They will tell you that you”re nothing but a busybody who wants to meddle in people’s private lives  and take away their “freedom”.

They insist that the only way for the Republicans to win anything at all in 2014 and 2016, is to forget the antiquated ideology of Reagan (Social) Conservatism.

You know, that whole God and Country Bit that I always talk about.

Evidently,to these folks, good, old-fashioned American Faith, Values, and Ethics are just that…old-fashioned.

That’s funny. Down here in Mississippi, that is how we live our lives. We love God. We love our country. We love our family and friends…and, we look out for one another.

Mississippi is not the only state like that. All the states in the Heartland of America, share the same Classic American Values and Beliefs

That’s why the President is still out campaigning. He can’t overcome them.

Look at how all of the National Issues which he and all of his ideological forces have been so feverishly trying to ram down our throats, homosexual marriage, amnesty for illegal immigrants, the legalization of marijuana, and gun confiscation, have stalled.

And now, even his Signature Legislation, Obamacare, is in the process of going down in flames.

No matter how much Progressive Propaganda is unleashed upon the American Citizenry, Conservatives in America’s Heartland are standing firm, solid in their beliefs, still “bitterly clinging to their Bibles and guns”.

No matter how many rigged polls  and slanted news stories are thrown at us, we will not be moved.

Concerning those who believe that being a Conservative only hinges on your Fiscal Ideology…

J. Matt Barber wrote in the Washington Times that

Ronald Reagan often spoke of a “three-legged stool” that undergirds true conservatism. The legs are represented by a strong defense, strong free-market economic policies and strong social values. For the stool to remain upright, it must be supported by all three legs. If you snap off even one leg, the stool collapses under its own weight.

A Republican, for instance, who is conservative on social and national defense issues but liberal on fiscal issues is not a Reagan conservative. He is a quasi-conservative socialist.

A Republican who is conservative on fiscal and social issues, but liberal on national defense issues is not a Reagan conservative. He is a quasi-conservative dove.

By the same token, a Republican who is conservative on fiscal and national defense issues but liberal on social issues – such as abortion, so-called gay rights or the Second Amendment – is not a Reagan conservative. He is a socio-liberal libertarian.

Put another way: A Republican who is one part William F. Buckley Jr., one part Oliver North and one part Rachel Maddow is no true conservative. He is – well, I’m not exactly sure what he is, but it ain’t pretty.

At the Forth Annual Conservative Political Action Committee Convention in 1977, Ronald Reagan said,

The principles of conservatism are sound because they are based on what men and women have discovered through experience in not just one generation or a dozen, but in all the combined experience of mankind. When we conservatives say that we know something about political affairs, and that we know can be stated as principles, we are saying that the principles we hold dear are those that have been found, through experience, to be ultimately beneficial for individuals, for families, for communities and for nations — found through the often bitter testing of pain, or sacrifice and sorrow.

One thing that must be made clear in post-Watergate is this: The American new conservative majority we represent is not based on abstract theorizing of the kind that turns off the American people, but on common sense, intelligence, reason, hard work, faith in God, and the guts to say: “Yes, there are things we do strongly believe in, that we are willing to live for, and yes, if necessary, to die for.” That is not “ideological purity.” It is simply what built this country and kept it great.

So, if your stated political ideology is one of those listed above, by not differing from the Democrats in your Social Ideology, and fighting against Reagan Conservatives, in your own Party, like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, whom you have so derisively named “True Conservatives”, aren’t you being a unwitting dupe for the Democrats?

Even Obama, Pelosi, and Reid claim to be “Fiscally Responsible”.

Not to be rude, but, a one-legged stool is awfully hard to stand on.

And, Moderate Republicans have never won the Presidency.

Remember: Insanity is trying that which has failed, over and over again, one more time, and expecting a different result.

Until He Comes,


4 thoughts on “Chris Christie: “I’m a Conservative.” (And, I’m a 22 Year Old Blonde Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Named Buffy.)

  1. Sadly, the establishment is missing the boat. A recent Tea Party poll found that 42% of Americans associate with the Tea Party values. Now, if it weren’t for all the bad mouthing of this group from within the party as well as the media lap dogs, the Democrats would be in for a horrible loss come 2014 and for some time beyond. As someone who aligns with you, probably nearly identically, how do we combat this? I feel like a kid who has been bullied to the point that I stutter now…


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