The Syria Situation: Speak Loudly and Carry a Nerf Gun

obamaputinTomorrow night, President Barack Hussein Obama (mm mmm mmmm) will address the nation, with the world watching, concerning his desire to attack Syrian President Assad, over the accusation that he used chemical weapons against his own people.

The president’s wishes continue to be  opposed by 80% of Americans., regardless of an endless stream of propaganda being thrown at us by the Administration and their Liberal minions, in Congress and the Main Stream Media.

All this propaganda has been overshadowed by the words, actions, and history of Obama himself, as it appears that the entire world has figured out that, as Clint Eastwood so aptly demonstrated at last year’s Republican National Convention, the President of these United States is nothing but an empty suit,, inflated by empty promises and threats.

And that fact, boys and girls, does not make our nation very safe at all.

Conrad Black, in an article for The New York Sun, wrote the following,

Not since the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, and prior to that the fall of France in 1940, has there been so swift an erosion of the world influence of a Great Power as we are witnessing with the United States.

The Soviet Union crumbled jurisdictionally: In 1990-1991, one country became the 16 formerly constituent republics of that country, and except perhaps for Belarus, none of them show much disposition to return to the Russian fold into which they had been gathered, almost always by brute force, over the previous 300 years.

The cataclysmic decline of France, of course, was the result of being overrun by Nazi Germany in 1940. And while it took until the return of de Gaulle in 1958 and the establishment of the Fifth Republic with durable governments and a serious currency, and the end of the Algerian War in 1962, and the addition of some other cubits to France’s stature, the largest step in its resurrection was accomplished by the Allied armies sweeping the Germans out of France in 1944.

What we are witnessing now in the United States, by contrast, is just the backwash of inept policy-making in Washington, and nothing that could not eventually be put right. But for this administration to redeem its credibility now would require a change of direction and method so radical it would be the national equivalent of the comeback of Lazarus: a miraculous revolution in the condition of an individual (President Obama), and a comparable metamorphosis (or a comprehensive replacement) of the astonishingly implausible claque around him.

Back on June 25th, Rush Limbaugh made an interesting point on his radio program,

What nobody apparently come to grips with is that the idea this country is being laughed at is what’s by design. This is the world’s last remaining superpower. There is no reason for what’s happening to this country to be happening unless somebody wants it to. We have the ability to project power anywhere in the world we want, and emerge victorious anywhere. Be it Iran, be it Iraq, be it Afghanistan, there’s nothing stopping us except us.

Rush was referring to a point which the inimitable Dr. Charles Krauthammer had made on Fox News the night before, when he said,

The fact that people do not like the United States is not new. What’s new is that these non-likers have no respect for the United States. Nobody worries or cares about what Obama says because it carries no weight. If there’s no element of respect or fear — and you saw it in the summit with the head of the United States and head of Russia and China within the last two weeks. They care nothing for what Obama says, and they know that when he makes a threat it carries no weight behind it.

In the immortal words of Ferris Bueller,

…you can’t respect somebody who kisses your a@@.

Obama has spent his entire presidency kissing the hindquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood and all their off-shoots, as a part of his Foreign Policy Initiative titled, Smart Power!

As Presidents Carter and Clinton before him, he is finding out the hard way, at the expense of American lives, we are nothing but infidels to the Radical Muslims, to be used and lied to, for the purpose of Holy Jihad, and the ultimate triumph of Islam as a world-wide religion.

And, if Obama is so anxious to avenge murders, due to Islam ‘gone bad”, why is he refusing to honestly deal with what happened a year ago this Wednesday at the U.S. Embassy Compound in Benghazi, Libya?

As Lt. Col. Allen West reminded us in a Facebook Post, yesterday,

It’s Obama and his acolytes are embarking upon a media blitz to convey a failing message of US military engagement in Syria. Why should we listen to President Obama? He didn’t listen to the American people on Stimulus, Obamacare, Fast and Furious, IRS scandal, NSA, not to embrace the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and various other actions contrary to our Constitution. Most egregious was Obama not listening to the American people, and without Congressional approval, taking his unilateral venture into Libya creating an Islamist base of operations. This week we shall remember the four Americans who were abandoned by Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton as they came under attack a year ago on 9-11. I am imploring and encouraging those Americans who love this country to embark upon their own blitz. Starting Monday through Tuesday evening, melt down the White House phone lines, email, Facebook, and Obama’s twitter with a simple message, “Remember the Benghazi 4.”.Where are Obama’s exertions and media blitz over the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, IMO Sean Smith, Ty Woods, and Glenn Doherty? NO to military action in Syria. Remember the Benghazi 4!

Al-Qaeda killed 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001. Al-Qaeda killed the 4 Americans in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. On September 11, 2013, President Barack Hussein Obama is asking Congress to vote in favor of involving us in the Syrian Civil War, on the side of Al Qaeda, who are laughing themselves silly over our dhimmi president.

Get the picture?

Pray for peace. Pray for America.

Until He comes,


7 thoughts on “The Syria Situation: Speak Loudly and Carry a Nerf Gun

  1. Putin could stick a “Kick me!” sign on Barry’s back and Barry still wouldn’t get it that he is the butt of the joke and has also made the US a joke too.


  2. Kerry Tells Assad Turn in Chemical Weapons within One Week

    Kerry said that America was not going to war but would launch an “unbelievably small and limited effort” to punish the Assad regime …

    “Military effort will be targeted and short-term.”


  3. So now Syria will turn their WMD over to Russia, and WH will claim they responded to threats from our president. Will the spin ever stop?


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