Obama: Just Another “Face in the Crowd”

obamacarterLike the rest of you, I have been watching, slack-jawed, as the 45th President of these United States, Barack Hussein Obama (mm mmm mmmm) hit the ground running, in this, his second term.

Obama has been a whirling dervish in his unrelenting push to take away , or, at least severely limit our Constitutional Rights. The three big issues in front of us are Illegal Immigration, Abortion, and Gay Marriage, all to be found under the subtitle, “Obama’s War Against Traditional American Values”.

These battles are still being fought by his sycophants, on both sides of the aisle. However, the fall-out from Obama’s all-out war against the American people, is the slippage of his popularity ratings, as well as his mask, as a cool calm collected, suave debonair, educated sophisticate, to reveal a petulant, didactic, vengeful, shallow-minded, Marxist milk sop, former Community Organizer, and living, breathing example of the Peter Principle personified.

As Obama and his family wrap up their paid vacation in Africa (Our money. Their Frequent Flyer Miles.), his reception in the land of his bir…err…ancestors, can be described as tepid, at best. African Leaders are neither desiring, nor accepting his advice.

My, how the “new messiah” has fallen.

I was immediately struck by how similar the rapidly devolving presidency of Barack Hussein Obama was to the classic movie “A Face in the Crowd”:

afaceinthecrowdAndy Griffith makes a spectacular film debut in this searing drama as Lonesome Rhodes, a philosophical country-western singer discovered in a tanktown jail by radio talent scout Patricia Neal and her assistant Walter Matthau. They decide that Rhodes is worthy of a radio spot, but the unforeseen result is that the gangly, aw-shucks entertainer becomes an overnight sensation not simply on radio but, thereafter, on television. As he ascends to stardom, Rhodes attracts fans, sponsors and endorsements by the carload, and soon he is the most powerful and influential entertainer on the airwaves. Beloved by his audience, Rhodes reveals himself to his intimates as a scheming, power-hungry manipulator, with Machiavellian political aspirations. He uses everyone around him, coldly discarding anyone who might impede his climb to the top (one such victim is sexy baton-twirler Lee Remick, likewise making her film debut). Just when it seems that there’s no stopping Rhodes’ megalomania, his mentor and ex-lover Neal exposes this Idol of Millions as the rat that he is. She arranges to switch on the audio during the closing credits of Rhodes’ TV program, allowing the whole nation to hear the grinning, waving Rhodes characterize them as “suckers” and “stupid idiots.” Instantly, Rhodes’ popularity rating plummets to zero. As he drunkenly wanders around his penthouse apartment, still not fully comprehending what has happened to him, Rhodes is deserted by the very associates who, hours earlier, were willing to ask “how high?” when he yelled “jump”. Written by Budd Schulberg, Face in the Crowd was not a success, possibly because it hit so close to home with idol-worshipping TV fans. Its reputation has grown in the intervening years, not only because of its value as a film but because of the novelty of seeing the traditionally easygoing Andy Griffith as so vicious and manipulative a character as Lonesome Rhodes.

Just like Lonesome Rhodes, Obama was a charismatic figure who came out of nowhere to a place of national prominence.  Also like Rhodes, he represented something unique.

While Rhodes represented the common man, down on his luck, who pulled himself up by his bootstraps to achieve success, Obama, in turn, represented what was good and right (or so it seemed at the time to those who voted for him) about our country:  the fact that anyone, regardless of race and in spite of humble beginnings, could grow up to become the President of the United States of America.

And, just as Rhodes was exposed for the vacuous, megalomaniac that he was, so has Obama been revealed for who he is, through burdensome legislation designed to make the American Proletariat dependent upon Obama’s Politburo, through ill-timed photo op-laden vacations, through his attacks on Christianity,Traditional American Values, and Traditional American Families, and through his repetitive use of oratory laden with images of class warfare and apologies  to our enemies for the actions of our sovereign nation.

While he is finishing his tour of Africa, the “Democracy” which he and his friends in the Muslim Brotherhood put in place in Egypt, has been the subject of massive protests, with one -third of that country’s citizens marching in protest, yesterday. 

Egyptian President Morsi responded by threatening to cut off the hands of those protesting.

Some “religion of peace”, huh?

Finally, it was reported yesterday, that the military has given President Morsi 48 hours to get the heck out of Dodge.

Evidently, the Egyptian People don’t care for Radical Islam, either.

But, I digress…

Obama’s agenda laid bare before the American Public, he now finds himself in the same identical situation as Lonesome Rhodes was in at the end of  “A Face in the Crowd”.

And, no matter how Obama’s handlers will try to spin the president’s petulant ineptness, unfortunately for Obama, it will be too late.

The American People have had enough of him. He is nothing more than a fallen false messiah.

And, it is about time.

Until He Comes,



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