Michelle’s Food Censorship – “It’s for the Children”

First Lady Michelle (ma belle) Obama spoke to a partisan crowd in Philidelphia, yesterday.

Obama propaganda outlet cnn.com reported that

First lady Michelle Obama rallied supporters in this must-win state Wednesday, imploring the energetic crowd to help give her husband a “chance to finish what we started.”

Touting the passage of health care reform, the improving economy and the withdrawal of troops in Iraq as examples or her husband’s achievements in office, Obama told the crowd to ” make sure that people know that all of this – and so much more – is at stake this November.”

“And in the end, it all boils down to one simple question: Will we continue the change we’ve begun and the progress we’ve made, or will we allow everything we’ve fought for to just slip away?” she said.

Predicting a close race, Obama told the crowd her husband “can’t do this alone.”

But, she argued, the president has demonstrated that he will fight for his beliefs.

“When we need a leader to make the hard decisions to keep this country moving forward, you know you can count on my husband, your president, because that is what he has been doing every single day in the Oval Office as President of the United States. “The first lady – fresh off a publicity tour to promote her new book on gardening – will continue campaigning for her husband Thursday with a rally in Virginia and a private fundraiser in Washington, DC.

Busy “little woman”, ain’t she?

Every First Lady has had a pet project.

Eleanor Roosevelt (1933-1945) National policy

Bess Truman (1945-1953) none

Mamie Eisenhower (1953-1961) none

Jackie Kennedy (1961-1963) White House refurbishment

Lady Bird Johnson (1963-1969) Beautification ( + Project Head Start)

Pat Nixon (1969-1974) Volunteerism

Betty Ford (1974-1977) Equal Rights Amendment( + breast cancer awareness)

Rosalynn Carter (1977-1981) Mental Health

Nancy Reagan (1981-1989) Drug Abuse

Barbara Bush (1989-1993) Literacy

Hillary Clinton (1993-2001) National policy

Laura Bush (2001-2009) Education

Michelle Obama (2009- ) Childhood Obesity

Okay, Sesame Street Fans, sing along with me:

One of these things is not like the other.  

One of these things just doesn’t belong.

Moochelle doesn’t only want to control what our children eat.  She wants to control what food our children…and grandchildren see on television.

The problem is, she doesn’t care if she ruins their childhood in the process.

And the out-of-touch Libs in Hollywood are more than happy to do whatever it takes to stay in the Obamas’ good graces.

ABC has the story:

The Walt Disney Co. will drop advertisers from its children’s programming that do not comply with tighter nutrition guidelines instituted by the media and entertainment giant, the company said today.

First lady Michelle Obama appeared with Disney CEO Bob Iger to endorse the move, which was coupled with health-conscious revisions to menus at Disney’s theme parks and resorts.

Obama called the decision a “game changer” for private industry.

“It’s huge,” she said at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., adding, “Just a few years ago if you had told me or any other mom or dad in America that our kids wouldn’t see a single ad for junk food while they watched their favorite cartoons on a major TV network, we wouldn’t have believed you.”

The first lady said Disney had “turned that conventional wisdom on its head,” noting it was the first major media corporation to adopt such a policy. Disney is the parent company of ABC News.

The new guidelines are an expansion of initiatives started by the company in 2006, using voluntary recommendations from the federal government. Iger said the continuing epidemic of childhood obesity in the United States spurred his company to shore up its practices.

“We believe everyone has a role to play in helping the generation of at-risk kids make healthier choices and we’re determined to be part of the solution,” he said. “If everyone does their small part, together we can create huge change without having the government step in to directly regulate or legislate our efforts.”

Roughly one-third of Americans are considered overweight, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. About 17 percent of children are obese, a figure that has almost tripled since 1980. Michelle Obama said children see an estimated $1.6 billion in food and beverage advertising, many for products with high calories. She said she’d seen its effects firsthand with her own daughters.

“The minute you walk down the [grocery] aisle, the kids are singing some jingle, or they’re pulling on your leg begging you, pleading you for whatever they saw on TV,” she said. “And, as a mom, I know how that makes it even harder for us to keep our kids healthy.”

In an interview after his remarks, Iger conceded that his company could take a revenue hit as a result of today’s announcement.

“When I think about Disney’s bottom line, and we think about managing the company, we’re thinking about the long term and not any one quarter or any one year,” he said.

Iger would later add, “The more we behave as better citizens of the world, the more they will admire our company and like our products. This is good for the Disney brand and good for our bottom line on a long-term basis, even if it pinches us a bit in the short term.”

Advertisers in Disney’s television, radio and online properties will have until 2015 to comply with the new guidelines.

I was raised on Fizzies and Jiffy Pop, and at 53, I am within 7 pounds of my weight when I was in college.

Listen, Moochelle…it doesn’t take a village…it doesn’t take a socialist-run Federal Government…it takes a family to raise a child, with the help of those who love them.

Your “pet project” smells like tyranny.

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