Hundreds of Southwest Airlines Flights Canceled Due to a Breakout of the #FreedomFlu

Southwest Airlines reports that

Droves of flight delays and cancellations continued Monday for Southwest Airlines following a weekend of disrupted operations blamed on air traffic control issues and weather.

The carrier canceled nearly 350 flights as of 9 a.m. ET, according to flight tracker FlightAware. Meanwhile, more than 300 flights have already been delayed, according to the data.

Even still, the Texas-based carrier told FOX Business in an updated statement Monday morning that it is running “closer to normal operation” despite facing continued weather challenges.

“Although we have some new weather in parts of our system, today’s operation has vastly improved from the weekend, with a much smaller number of cancellations linked to our weekend recovery efforts,” the carrier said.

Monday’s issues come just after the carrier canceled more than 1,000 flights, or 29% of its schedule, on Sunday alone. On Saturday, the airline canceled 808 flights and had 1,187 flights delayed.

In an emailed statement, Southwest said it had experienced weather challenges in its Florida airports at the beginning of the weekend, which were compounded by unexpected air traffic control issues in the same region, which triggered delays and prompted significant cancellations beginning Friday evening.

The issues were “not a result of Employee demonstrations, as some have reported,” the airline clarified.

“To recap the weekend cancellations, the bad weather and ATC issues in Florida, a large operation for us, on Friday night created significant flight disruptions throughout our network and we spent the weekend working to recover from the high number of displaced Crews and aircraft,” the carrier said.

Southwest issued an update Monday afternoon, extending “a tremendous apology” to customers and employees, saying the company has “been working diligently to restore stability to the network, and we are experiencing less disruptions on Monday.”

The airline reiterated that “the operational challenges were not a result of Southwest Employee demonstrations.”

Droves of passengers aired their frustrations over Twitter.

“I was led to believe Southwest Airlines ran a very efficient operation, my experience last couple days confirms the opposite,” one passenger tweeted.

Meanwhile, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz blamed the delays and cancellations on what he says is Biden’s “illegal vaccine mandate a work!”

“Suddenly, we’re short on pilots & air traffic controllers,” the Republican senator tweeted.

What we are witnessing, boys and girls, id 6the “FreedomFlu”

Just like the Communists ruling the Soviet Union lived “high on the hog” while the Proletariat (Working Class) struggled, so do today’s Far Left Democrats enjoy their life of luxury while attempting to instill fear in the hearts of average Americans in order to maintain control over a populace who is beginning to wake up to their plan to radically change America into a Democratic Socialist (Communist) country.

The door-to-door “Vaccine Brown Shirts” and the threats of Vaccines Mandates and lockdowns are, again, a means to control average Americans.

My wife and I both got COVID-19 earlier this year and were severely sick for a month.

On the advice of our doctors, two well-respected men in the field of Internal Medicine, we took the vaccine.


Not the Biden Administration’s or anybody else on the left side of the Political Aisle.

The Democrats’ attempt to turn this nation into a Marxist Aristocracy is going to fall flat on its face.

As witnessed by these unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates and the fence which was rebuilt around the Capitol of our Country, an attempt to install a totalitarian government is now in full swing.

The three things that might possibly save this Sovereign Nation from becoming just another failed Marxist oligarchy are our Constitution, our Governmental System of Checks and Balances, and our Traditional Faith and Values System which has allowed this “Land of Liberty” to exist for all these years.

It is time for average Americans to stand up and be heard.

God bless the Southwest Airlines and all others who are taking a stand against the tyranny of Biden and the Democrat Elite.

Remember, Liberty is freedom with responsibility.

Until He Comes,





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