MSM Reporters Are Admitting to Their Liberal Democrat Bias…Tell Us Something We Don’t Know…Oh, And It’s Still Wrong

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“The Left, which dominates the media, the arts, and most of intellectual life in the West, has rendered criticism of Christianity and Zionism acceptable, even laudable, but criticism of Islam unacceptable. Why has the Left done this? Because the enemy (radical Islam) of my enemy (America and Israel) is my friend, and because the Muslim world is regarded as the underdog vis-à-vis powerful America and Israel, and the Left supports what it perceives as the underdog.” ― Dennis Prager reports that

A growing number of prominent journalists have declared once-bedrock press principles like fairness and objectivity to be outdated and unnecessary since the Donald Trump era rocked American politics, and while some observers appreciate the honesty, others feel blending opinion and reporting makes for a “dangerous time” in America.

As media members like CNN’s Jim Acosta and PBS’ Yamiche Alcindor became heroes to the left for their antagonistic approach to the president, who derided them and other reporters as “fake news,” more journalists are leaving behind the image of the disinterested, impartial correspondent.

“I do think it is a trend, and it frankly started with Trump even before all this election stuff,” one network news reporter told Fox News.

In the aftermath of the Capitol riot and Trump’s continued claims his 2020 election defeat was “rigged,” NBC News anchor Lester Holt won plaudits from mainstream colleagues this year after declaring “fairness is overrated.” In his acceptance speech for a journalism award, he added it’s not necessary to “always give two sides equal weight and merit.”

CNN’s John Harwood, an outspoken liberal in the vein of Acosta, publicly thanked Holt. CNN’s “Reliable Sources” newsletter called it a “sharp critique of bothsidesism.”

Left-wing New York Times Magazine writer Nikole Hannah-Jones recently said “all journalism is activism,” and Lauren Wolfe, the former New York Times editor who got fired after saying watching then-President-elect Joe Biden head to Washington gave her “chills,” wrote this month it’s “better to be open about my views on the issues I cover.”

Alcindor said this year that she considers it her duty to use journalism to bend the “moral arc toward justice.” Left-wing White House reporter April Ryan published a Twitter thread last August announcing why she would no longer be objective in covering the Trump White House.

“On one hand, journalists abandoning objectivity, or as Lester Holt said even more insidiously, ‘fairness,’ just further cements the media’s abandonment of principles it once maintained,” Fourth Watch editor Steve Krakauer told Fox News. “On the other hand, I appreciate the honesty.”

Krakauer feels it’s “almost refreshing” that mainstream media members are finally coming clean.

“Everyone in America with two eyes and a brain knows most of the establishment, legacy media isn’t objective and hasn’t been for a very long time. It’s good they are finally admitting the obvious — to the public and to themselves,” Krakauer said.

While liberals may cheer, conservatives fret that even the appearance of objectivity to some leading reporters has been cast aside.

The examples of media members “finally admitting the obvious” have grown on a seemingly regular basis. A former CBS News reporter who covered abortion issues quit last week and declared, to the surprise of few, she was openly pro-choice.

That’s not to mention other recent gestures like an open media letter proclaiming Israel should be covered as a violent, oppressive “apartheid” state, directly adopting the language of far-left politicians like Squad members Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., and Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich.

The signers included hundreds of journalists, some of them anonymous, from the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, BuzzFeed, the Associated Press, the Los Angeles Times, ABC News, NBC News, NPR, The Atlantic, The Boston Globe, and the Chicago Tribune.

CNN journalists presented as straight-news personalities like Acosta and Jake Tapper are more comfortable than ever blurring the lines between news and opinion, although the latter insists he only editorializes on matters of “decency.” Tapper also made headlines when he declared he wouldn’t have on “election liars” who voted to challenge Biden’s 2020 Electoral College victory.

“Objectivity as a standard at least requires that outlets try to see and reconcile their own biases. Without it, we risk sinking even deeper into an environment where advocacy and partisanship get laundered as straight news to everyday Americans who see the media as honest brokers,” conservative writer Drew Holden told Fox.

While many mainstream journalists bristle at conservative criticism of their reporting as bad-faith, the network news reporter told Fox there is pressure from the left to not even give voice to Republicans like the ones Tapper won’t have on his programs.

“There’s a whole group of people out there who want reporters to be partisans, and are very critical whenever people who do what I do try to basically do our jobs … to be fair and balanced,” the reporter said. “It’s like a sin, like, ‘How dare you talk to Steve Scalise? He voted to challenge the electoral votes.’ Yeah, he’s also the number two Republican in the House and he’s an important political figure. You’ve got to cover him.”

Some reporters have claimed what appears to be a bias toward Democrats is merely a bias toward “facts.”

Uh huh. Sure.

If that were the case, then Jennifer Rubin is today’s Madame Marie Curie (look her up, kids).

For the last several decades, Americans have witnessed the Fourth Estate, America’s Main Stream Media, slowly but surely lose their objectivity to become a Propaganda Arm for the Democratic Party.

While their reporting became decidedly one-sided, it was not a great danger to the country even though it was a completely different sort of propaganda than when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt used the Main Stream Media to support the American effort in World War II.

Then, the 1980s arrived and along with it a new era in mass communications. Cable News Networks began springing up, increasing the role of the media in our daily lives.

Because of this new role, news organizations increased in their power and their influence in our daily lives. However, with this increased role came the responsibility to fill a 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, with new stories.

When actual new stories became hard to find, human interest stories began to fill the time, and when they ran out, news organizations decided to act like the National Enquirer and started to make news up.

Also, as the years wore on, America’s newsrooms became bastions of Liberal thought as more and more Conservatives left the business simply due to attrition and being squeezed out by young Liberal reporters who were a product of American universities which had become fountains of anti-American Political Activism.

Of course, these Liberal news reporters were members of the Democratic Party as it moved to the left of the political Spectrum. So, naturally, these reporters started reporting news more and more favorably to their political party of choice while keeping with their own personal political philosophy.

We all remember what happened when Barack Obama appeared on the political scene.

The Main Stream Media treated him as if it his appearance on the political scene was the Second Coming”.

The Main Stream Media had finally become political activists instead of just political observers and pundits.

And, that is where we find ourselves today.

The Main Stream Media did everything in its power as political activists, working as the Propaganda Arm of the Democratic Party, to keep Donald J. Trump from being elected President of the United States of America in 2016.

During his Presidency, they deliberately posted false and scurrilous news stories designed to impede and threaten his presidency.

And, when there was obvious political chicanery during the 2020 Presidential Election, they turned a blind eye on it.

Even now that Biden has turned out to be the worst United States President in history, leaving Americans and our allies stranded in a country run by Islamic Terrorists, the Liberal Reporters in the Main Stream Media, at least most of them, refuse to call the demented treasonous fool out on his actions.

At least, they are beginning to admit that they are all a bunch of Liberal Political Operatives, instead of objective news reporters.

But, then again, the majority of Americans had already figured that out a couple of decades ago.

Until He Comes,





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