Trump’s HHS Will Determine Sexual Discrimination Based on “the Plain Meaning of the Word “Sex” as Male or Female and as Determined by Biology”


When no one receives “special” treatment, then everyone is equal. reports that

The Trump administration will scrap ObamaCare’s nondiscrimination protections for sex and gender identity under a final rule released Friday.

In a statement, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) said the government’s interpretation of sex discrimination will be based on “the plain meaning of the word ‘sex’ as male or female and as determined by biology.”

According to HHS, the new policy makes clear that “the substantive protections prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, age, and sex remain in effect.”

The move was announced amid Pride Month but has been long-anticipated by religious providers, who argue the administration needs to reinforce their right not to provide treatment that is against their beliefs.

The administration has been working on the rule for well over a year.

Advocates and health groups said the policy will make it easier for doctors, hospitals and insurance companies to deny care or coverage to transgender and nonbinary patients, as well as women who have had abortions.

“HHS respects the dignity of every human being, and as we have shown in our response to the pandemic, we vigorously protect and enforce the civil rights of all to the fullest extent permitted by our laws as passed by Congress,” said Roger Severino, director of the HHS Office for Civil Rights.

The administration has argued that removing the protections, based on Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, is largely moot because a federal judge in Texas vacated much of the rule last year.

The Obama-era rule made it illegal for doctors, hospitals and other health care workers to deny care to someone whose sexual orientation or gender identity they disapproved of.

The Obama administration did this by expanding the health law’s definition of sex discrimination to include gender identity for the first time, but those expansions were blocked by a federal judge in 2016. The Trump administration has worked to weaken the rules before they could take effect.

The Trump administration’s rule is wide-ranging and goes beyond the Obama-era protections by rolling back nondiscrimination protections contained in other health provisions as well. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the rule removes protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity in 10 existing regulations.

Advocates and Democratic lawmakers said the decision to move ahead with the rule while the country is still in the middle of a pandemic is especially cruel. The concern is that LGBTQ patients might not be able to access the care they need.

The COVID-19 pandemic has already impacted access to medical treatment, as almost all “nonessential” procedures were halted, people stopped going to the emergency room and even stopped giving their children needed vaccines.

Yet even as states begin to reopen and loosen restrictions on nonessential medical procedures, advocates worry that LGBTQ patients will be discouraged from seeking treatment, coronavirus-related or otherwise.

First off, if an individual identifies themselves as a member of the LGBTQ lifestyle and they are refused treatment by a doctor or feels uncomfortable about that doctor, they can simply find another physician who they will feel more comfortable with.

The whole issue outlined in the article above is a great example of the difference between the Obama and Trump Administration.

Obama believed that everyone was a victim who deserved help from the Federal Government because they could not make it on their own in such a narrow-minded society.

Trump believes that America is a land of opportunity for everyone, regardless of ace, “sexual identity” or color.

You just have to be willing to work for it.

And, therein lies the rub.

Too many individuals living in America right now are living off of America.

It is like the Marxist Creed:

“From each according to his own ability to each according to his need.”

Or, as my exes thought,

“What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine.”

Like the President, I begrudge no American the opportunity to work for a better life.

However, to expect to receive “special protection” from the Federal Government simply because of your “alternate lifestyle” not only strains credulity…it squashes that sucker flat.

It’s kind of like the lesson that the Antifa “soldiers” and Rapping “Warlords” who have taken over the East Police Precinct in Seattle, Washington are learning:

Just because YOU think that you deserve special treatment because you’re “different”, does not mean you are going to receive it.

Sooner or later, your bad choices are going to catch up with you and you will have to put on your big boy and girl pants and get on with life.

“Life is harder. it’s harder if you’re stupid.” – John Wayne

Until He Comes,