Trump Uses Rose Garden Presser to Attack Biden on Policy Proposals and History With China…Biden Campaign and Twitter Trolls Retaliate

files_08e7c2a337 reports that

President Trump veered off-script Tuesday after announcing new legislation against China to attack presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for his recent policy proposals – accusing Biden of aligning his campaign with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other progressive leaders.

In comments similar to those made at campaign rallies, Trump laid into his Democratic rival for his policy proposal on immigration, criminal justice reform and climate change among other issues.

“Biden has gone radical left,” Trump said in the Rose Garden as he maligned the proposals laid out by the Biden campaign over the last week. “There’s never been a time when two candidates were so different.”

The Biden campaign later fired back at Trump’s comments, saying: “Today’s statement that was ostensibly supposed to be about China, but there was one topic that President Trump couldn’t seem to get off his mind: Joe Biden, whose name the President invoked nearly 30 times. The whole sad affair says more about Donald Trump than he said about any particular topic.”

“What we heard in the Rose Garden today wasn’t a president at all. It was a politician who sees his reelection slipping away from him and who is furious that his own botched response to the coronavirus pandemic has denied him the campaign events he so craves.”

“The American taxpayer should be reimbursed for the abuse of funds this spectacle represented,” the campaign said, adding that “a real leader” — referring to Biden — spoke earlier in Wilmington. “He offered the American people a positive, inspiring vision for our future where we don’t have to choose between confronting our existential climate crisis and creating millions of good-paying, union jobs at the same time.”

Trump’s comments come hours after Biden released a $2 trillion plan on Tuesday to boost investment in clean energy and stop all climate-damaging emissions from U.S. power plants by 2035.

“When Donald Trump thinks about climate change, the only word he can muster is ‘hoax,'” Biden told reporters. “When I think about climate change, what I think of is jobs.”

The climate package added to a series of detailed policy proposals Biden has released, including a $700 billion plan unveiled last week that would increase government purchasing of U.S.-based goods and invest in new research and development to frame a contrast with Trump, who has struggled to articulate a vision for a second term in the White House.

Biden’s proposal on Tuesday didn’t go as far as some measures in the Green New Deal, the sweeping proposal from progressives in Congress that calls for achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across the economy by 2030.

Trump on Tuesday also continued to harangue Biden as “weak” on his stance toward China.

“So Joe Biden and President Obama freely allowed China to pillage our factories, plunder our communities and steal our most precious secrets,” Trump said, adding, “I’ve stopped it largely.”

Trump added that Biden’s entire career in politics had been a “gift to the Chinese Communist Party.”

And there, in a nutshell, boys and girls, is the difference between Trump and Biden.

Trump brought back America’s economy before the Chinese Coronavirus hit by emphasizing America’s existing energy resources and in the process created new jobs and brought gas prices way down, where they have stayed.

Biden wants to renew Obama’s failed Energy strategies, which led to failed companies like GreenTech Automotive, which was run by Clinton Crony Terry McAuliffe.

As far as what was said during the president’s address in the Rose Garden, I know of no law governing what the President may or many not say in public and the location where he can say it.

I am writing this post after I got home from work last night, so I did not get to hear what the President said.

I did get to see the Liberal reactions on Twitter from Jim Acosta and the other whiney babies, and that told me that Trump shot his political arrows square in the center of the bullseye during his Rose Garden Speech yesterday.

One of the arguments that the Twitter Trolls used yesterday was that if Obama had used the Rose Garden like that, Conservatives would have been complaining about it.

The thing about Obama was, he didn’t just call his political enemies stupid, he called average Americans stupid for “bitterly clinging to our guns and bibles”.

At least President Trump actually likes being around us.

Joe Biden has had 47 years on Capitol Hill to make a difference in the lives of average Americans and he hasn’t done squat.

President Trump has accomplished more of behalf of the American people in three and one-half years that Joe Biden has in a lifetime.

No wonder Jim Acosta and the rest of the Twitter Trolls are so upset.

Until He Comes,


Trump Reopens Gov’t for 3 Weeks of Negotiations, Schumer Hopes Trump “Has Learned His Lesson”…What “Lesson”?

trump-rose-garden reports that

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle reacted Friday to President Trump’s announcement that he would support a short-term bill to re-open the government following a months-long partial government shutdown and stalemate between Republicans and Democrats on funding for a wall at the border.

“I am very proud to announce we have reached a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government,” Trump said in the Rose Garden on Friday.

The Senate later passed legislation to keep the government running until Feb. 15. However, the deal appeared to include no money for a wall or steel barrier, but Trump said he hoped negotiations would continue in order to reach an agreement on wall funding.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., issued a statement saying he “was glad” that both sides were able to make a deal that would also +allow them to “negotiate a funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security.”

“I’m glad the closed portions of the federal government will re-open and get back online,” the statement said. “I’m glad that the dedicated men and women of the Coast Guard, law enforcement, the TSA, and all the other federal employees will not have to go longer without pay for their work, and will receive their back pay. I know the pain that this episode has caused to many Kentuckians and to people around the country. They deserve this resolution.”

He then pointed his comments toward Democrats, saying he hoped they would “stay true to the commitment they have stated constantly over the past weeks – that once government was re-opened, they would be perfectly willing to negotiate in good faith on full-year government funding that would include a significant investment in urgently needed border security measures, including physical barriers.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., in a tweet about Trump’s announcement, described it as being “great news” for federal employees furloughed during the partial shutdown.

“The longest shutdown in American history will finally end,” Schumer tweeted. “The president has agreed to our request to open the government then debate border security. This is great news for 800,000 federal workers & millions of Americans who depend on government services.”

Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also held a joint news conference following the president’s announcement, where the minority leader reiterated that the deal was “great news” for the affected federal employees. But he also took aim at Trump, saying he hoped “the president has learned his lesson.”

“The American people do not like it when you throw a wrench into the lives of government workers over an unrelated political dispute,” Schumer said. “Working people throughout America empathized with federal workers and were aghast at what the president was doing to them. Hopefully now the president has learned his lesson.”

Pelosi, D-Calif., said they were “pleased” that a deal to reopen the government had been reached. While discussing the hardships furloughed workers faced during the partial shutdown, Pelosi commended them for their “courage” and “determination.”

“It’s really hard for some in the administration to understand how people live paycheck to paycheck and how marginal some of their existences are,” she added.

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., in a statement said the president’s announcement has allowed Democrats a chance to negotiate border security. However, if talks prove to be unsuccessful, “executive action is still very much under consideration.”

During Trump’s remarks, he made reference to his earlier comments about declaring a national emergency, but said he didn’t want to use the “very powerful weapon.” He has sought $5.7 billion in money toward a wall or steel barrier at the U.S.-Mexico border

“The president is sticking by his commitment to keep our communities safe and has assured me that nothing will deter him from accomplishing that goal,” Meadows said in the statement. “His resolve remains steadfast. Democrats now have yet another opportunity to come to the table and negotiate, where all Americans will be able to judge for themselves whether they’re truly serious about securing our border.”

If Senator Chuck “U.” Schumer and House Speaker San Fran Nan Pelosi think that they have somehow beat President Trump into submission, they haven’t learned a darn thing since the night of November 8, 2016.

What President Trump is doing is further exposing the self-serving hypocrisy of the Far Left Democratic Party while making sure that 800,000 government employees can pay their bills and take care of their families.

Pelosi, Schumer, and Company don’t give a rat’s rear about those government employees or average Americans.

They have proved that over and over.

If Pelosi actually cared, she would not have closed the House of Representatives on Thursday for a 3-day weekend.

Heck, if all the Democrats on Capitol Hill actually cared about AMERICANS, the Border Wall would have been built in the 1980s when they promised President Reagan that they were going to do it in exchange for the granting of amnesty to all the illegal aliens in the country at that time.

Regardless of what Ann Coulter, the “Conservative” Pundit who used to sleep with Bill Maher said yesterday, Trump has not caved nor has he sold out.

As Rep. Mark Meadows said in his statement, “executive action is still very much under consideration”.

I am quite certain that President Trump does not trust Pelosi, Schumer, and Company any farther than Pelosi can spit her dentures.

Trump did not become a billionaire and the President of the United States of America by being stupid.

And, the Democratic Party, the Main Stream Media, George Soros, the New Bolsheviks , and the NeverTrumpers have been underestimating him since he announced his candidacy for the presidency.

If you are a Trump supporter, as I am, now is not the time to hang your head, put on your bib overalls, grab a jug of moonshine, and lay around with Grandpa, Cousin Roy, and Junior singing “Gloom, Despair, and Agony on me”.

Rather, it is time to pop popcorn, grab the cold beverage of your choice, and watch the Democrats make complete and total jackasses out of themselves, while revealing their disdain for America and her citizens as they break their promise to negotiate in good faith during the next 3 weeks.

And then, we will all watch with button-popping pride as the Southern Border Wall is finally built…one way or another.


Until He Comes,




Trump Tells Reporters Pelosi Said, “We’re Not Looking to Impeach You”…Political Jiu-Jitsu, Anyone?


Political Jiu-Jitsu – the political fighting style in which an opponent’s energy and position is used against them reports that

President Donald Trump revealed that Nancy Pelosi reassured him Democrats would not impeach him during a meeting at the White House on Friday.

“Nancy said, ‘We’re not looking to impeach you,’” Trump said after the meeting.”I said, ‘That’s good, Nancy, that’s good.’”

Trump spoke with reporters in the Rose Garden after meeting with Democrats for two hours.

Talk of impeaching Trump increased after Democrats took power in the House of Representatives on Thursday, electing Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff Drew Hammil disputed Trump’s account of the meeting, saying that she was only referring to the topic of the meeting.

“In his opening comments at the meeting, President Trump brought up impeachment,” Hammil said on Twitter. “Speaker Pelosi made clear that today’s meeting was about re-opening government, not impeachment.”

Pelosi has urged Democrats to wait until Robert Mueller issues the final report of his Russia investigation before they make any decisions on impeachment, but has stated she believes it is possible to indict a sitting president.

That bright light that you saw last evening up in the Northeastern Sky was the telephone lines to Speaker Pelosi’s Office burning up, as irate Far Left Democrats blasted her for backing away from impeaching their hated enemy, President Donald J. Trump.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, even if she is the skilled politician that all of the Democrats and their Propaganda Arm, the Main Stream Media, claim her to be, finds herself navigating stormy political waters.

Her San Francisco Liberal Elitism has already caused her to clash with the young “New Bolsheviks” elected to the House of Representatives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

With the Modern Democratic Party firmly anchored in the shallows on the Far Left Shore of American’s Political Ocean, San Fran Nan finds herself an “Ancient Mariner”…quite literally a fish out of water.

Pelosi’s old-line Democrat Country Club Politics by which political deals were made through genteel persuasion via clandestine meetings in the Congressional Cloakroom or the nearest upscale pub with a back room, is not going to work with the new Socialist ideologues recently elected to the House.

They are suspicious of Pelosi to begin with, probably viewing her to be as big a capitalist as President Trump.

Of course, these newbies are not the only House Dems who want to impeach Trump.

Other ideologues like Adam “little” Schitt…err…I mean Schiff want him brought up on charges as well, even though there is no proof of any wrongdoing whatsoever by the President.

President Trump, being very aware of Pelosi’s precarious position, added fuel to the fire at a Rose Garden Press Conference after yesterday’s meeting about the Border Wall by announcing her lack of interest in impeaching him.

It was an example of perfectly executed political jui-jitsu which left Pelosi’s Chief of Staff Drew Hamill desperately attempting to pry his boss out of the political bear trap that Trump had so deftly placed her in.

Pelosi and the new House Majority had spent the second half of this week patting themselves on the back for their assumption of power in the Lower House of Congress.

Then they began to engage in a battle of wits with President Donald J. Trump…only to find themselves woefully unarmed.

Pride goeth before destruction and an haughty spirit before a fall. – Proverbs 16:18

Until He Comes,