Biden Calls for a 3 Month National Mask Mandate…Trump: “All Americans Must Have Their Freedoms”

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President Trump accused presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden of attempting “to politicize a pandemic” following his call Thursday for a nationwide mask mandate to slow the spread of coronavirus.

During an evening press briefing, Trump told Biden to “stop playing politics with the virus.”

Trump argued that Biden’s approach was “regressive, unscientific and bad for our country.” He accused the former vice president of opposing Trump administration policies that proved effective, such as travel bans, even as he pushes for a mask mandate that fails to take into account how the pandemic was impacting specific communities.

“At every turn, Biden has been wrong about the virus, ignoring the scientific evidence and putting left-wing politics before facts,” Trump said at the briefing. “Sleepy Joe opposed both the China and Europe travel bans. He opposed the China travel ban that I instituted very early and the Europe ban I instituted quite early.”

Trump’s remarks came hours after Biden appeared alongside Democratic presidential running mate Kamala Harris ahead of a virtual fundraiser in Wilmington, Del. At the event, Biden called for a nationwide mask mandate, pushing governors to require masks in all states for at least the next three months.

Biden cited estimates saying a mask mandate would save at least 40,000 lives over the three-month period. Biden and Harris did not take questions at the event.

”Wearing the mask is less about you contracting the virus,” Biden said. “It’s about preventing other people from getting sick.”

Trump accused Biden of pushing for a federal mask mandate that would overstep the bounds of the office and infringe on the rights of Americans.

“All Americans must have their freedoms. I trust the American people and their governors very much,” Trump said. “Joe doesn’t know too much.”

Sleepy Joe has it backwards. (I know that you’re shocked.)

Americans have been told that the purpose of wearing a mask in public it to prevent others from spreading the disease to you.

The President is right.

Joe’s demand for a nationwide mask mandate is not medicinal.

It is political.

It is about controlling something, alright…but it is not the Chinese Coronavirus which Joe and the rest of the Democrat Elite want to control.

It is the lives of average Americans.

If Americans were forced to wear masks from coast to coast, every day, in every situation, individual isolation and non-communication would be even more prevalent than it is now.

There are grandparents who have not seen their “children” or their grandchildren since the entire nation was placed in a lockdown.

Some businesses have still not reopened.

And, instead of helping them to reopen and helping average Americans, Congress has run away from Washington D.C., leaving as fast as a bunch of barflies trying to avoid paying their tab at closing time.

But, I digress…

So, why do “Groping” Joe and “Heels Up” Harris want every single American to wear a mask for a duration of three months? What is so special about that duration of time?

Let’s think about that for a moment, boys and girls.

What happens in 3 months from now?

You guessed it, the 2020 Presidential Election.

Just as they have been doing, the Democrats are attempting to sway the election by making Americans afraid to leave the safety of their homes to go vote on November 3, 2020.

Their hope is that average Americans, “Deplorables”, if you will, will stay at home and vote by mail.


Because it is far easier for the Democrats to commit voter Fraud that way.

It’s hard to “lose ballets” in car trucks.

It’s easy to lose them in the mail.

Voting in person is our Constitutional Right.

If the Democrats believe that Americans will so easily surrender their freedom by going along with a nationwide mask mandate, they have greatly underestimated the will of average Americans living between the coasts.

They have learned noting from the night of November 8, 2016.

It is time for average Americans to teach them another lesson.

Until He Comes,