NY Post Editorial Board: “Reporters Suck Up to ‘Nice Guy’ Biden”…Yeah, We Noticed


FoxNews.com reports that

The New York Post’s editorial board slammed reporters who behaved more like activists during President Biden’s first formal press conference on Thursday, which came 64 days into his administration and was largely devoid of anything resembling tough questions.

“Stonewalled for [64] days by President Biden, the press decided their first opportunity to question him should be used to let him monologue on his favorite topics,” the board wrote in a column headlined, “Reporters suck up to ‘nice guy’ Biden.”

“The AP kicked things off by suggesting Republicans were obstructionists — how is Biden going to get around that? There were a number of questions about the filibuster, with the media basically begging the president to get rid of it. These weren’t inquiries, they were activism,” the editorial board continued.

America’s oldest continuously published daily newspaper also criticized reporters for questions that set Biden up to scold Republicans, failing to mention former President Donald Trump by name and singled out PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor for declaring Biden a “nice guy.”

“It’s shocking how low the bar has been set for President Biden. He seemed confused going from questioner to questioner,” the Post’s editorial board wrote, noting that at one point Biden appeared to lose train of thought and simply said, “Anyway,” before moving on.

The Post pondered why reporters didn’t yell and interrupt like CNN’s Jim Acosta did during Trump’s presidency, and noted that correspondents failed to ask key follow-up questions.

The discussion of the border that dominated the press conference was malarkey. Biden took no responsibility, saying it was a perennial problem,” the editorial board wrote. “Yet President Trump’s ‘remain in Mexico’ policy solved that issue, and Biden threw it out on day 1. Biden’s other answers tried to have it both ways. No, we won’t be deporting poor desperate people. Yes, we’re not letting most people in. Which is it? But it didn’t matter to reporters, who were only interested in whether people could be processed and let in faster — not anything about border security.”

The Post wrote that Biden barely made news, and when he did it was “contradictory,” but reporters didn’t bother to point out the differing answers.

“Biden said he’s running for re-election [sic], then backtracked, ‘that’s my expectation.’ There were no real changes in policy for the crisis at the border, for encouraging the economy after COVID, for getting kids back into school. He said he was in it to create jobs, but no one asked about his cancellation of the Keystone pipeline, or restrictive regulations,” the editorial board wrote.

The Post’s editorial board ended by noting that Biden said, “The fundamental problem is getting people some peace of mind,” but his first press conference “did nothing to help.”

Even though I was at work during the meeting of the Sleepy Joe Admiration Society, yesterday, I was able to keep up through the use of that marvelous invention, the cell phone.

I caught bits and pieces of the actual presser and it went just as every American with common sense thought that it would: softball questions being lobbed at a dementia-riddled, confused, doddering old man who was appointed POTUS.

As the New York post pointed out in the above article,

It’s shocking how low the bar has been set for President Biden. He seemed confused going from questioner to questioner,” the Post’s editorial board wrote, noting that at one point Biden appeared to lose train of thought and simply said, “Anyway,” before moving on.

The days of an objective national news media are long gone.

Today’s Main Stream Media are servants of the Democrat Elite…minions, if you will, like those in the “Despicable Me” movies…not too bright but slavishly devoted to their masters.

Just as the MSM viewed it as their jobs to make President Donald J. Trump’s time as POTUS a living Hell, so do they believe that they are Biden’s “Hospice Aides”, whose job is to make his days in office as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

They are running interference, along with Biden’s Handlers and the Democrat Elite, putting out propaganda about the mental and physical health of Biden in an effort to hide the actual, ugly truth of his deteriorating condition.

If you do not believe me, then take a look at the Tweets of Jennifer Rubin, the “Professional Blogger” who writes op eds for The Washington Post.

They are like reading an old Superman comic book where he travels to Bizarro World, where everything is “bass-ackwards”.

Liberals like Rubin and the reporter who said that Biden was “knocking it out of the park so far” need to put down the bong and join us hard-working average Americans who see Biden for the poor excuse for a President that he really is.

Dementia is an ugly thing.

It was bad enough we we just had to suffer through San Fran Nan’s dementia, much less a President of the United States of America who is fighting it…and losing terribly as was witnessed around the world again yesterday.

Our enemies must be laughing their butts off.

Until He Comes,




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