The Milli Vanilli Presidential Election

The big story from yesterday was that the Supreme Court rejected the Texas Lawsuit.

While bad news, the Fat Lady has not sung, yet

President Trump has more arrows in his quiver.

Yesterday, I compared the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election to the story of the 1980s Pop Music Act “Milli Vanilli”.

Here’s why.


In Nov. 1990, Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan, the dancers known around the globe as pop sensations Milli Vanilli, scored an ignoble record: they became the first artists to ever have their Grammy Award revoked by the Recording Academy after the organization said the liner notes to the group’s debut album falsely claimed “vocals: Fab and Rob.”

The meticulously coifed pair’s high-wire mime act was nearly two years in the making, but in a pre-Twitter age, their 12-month crash-and-burn felt more like a slow-motion car wreck than instant cancellation. After winning three American Music Awards in Jan. 1990, and the best new artist statue (over The Indigo Girls, Neneh Cherry, Soul II Soul and Tone Loc) at the Feb. 21, 1990, Grammy Awards, the whispers grew louder that something was rotten in Munich.

That’s where Svengali producer Frank Farian cooked up the idea to re-record a little known American hip-hop single by the Baltimore crew Numarx with a group of German and American session singers and musicians, who remained in the shadows while he boosted the dancing duo to global superstardom. Farian had pulled similar sonic seduction over Eurodance pop fans’ eyes more than a decade before with his band Boney M. — a mid-1970s co-ed disco funk group whose supposed lead “singer” was really an Aruban exotic dancer, who simply looked the part as he mouthed Farian’s vocals. In fact, Farian had recorded the first songs for MV’s debut album before he’d even cast the two faces with all the right moves who would front his latest Wizard of Oz-like creation.

The Story of Milli Vanilli’s ‘Girl You Know It’s True,’ From the Baltimore Group Whose Song They Borrowed
After irresistible first single “Girl You Know It’s True” turned into a smash across Europe, Farian enlisted the young, fame-hungry hoofers to be the face of his group, no vocals necessary. (In a 2017 interview with VladTV, Morvan claimed Farian signed them to a contract, and after paying around $5,000 worth of their bills, told them they needed to either lip sync or pay him back immediately. “Let’s do this and let’s get out of there… but then it went crazy,” he said of what he described as a difficult choice.) “Girl” caught the ear of legendary music man and Arista Records boss Clive Davis, who licensed the album from BMG (while tweaking its title and adding a handful of new tracks for American ears), and soon it conquered America, selling a reported seven million copies worldwide and hitting No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Released in Europe on the LP All or Nothing in Nov. 1988, the undeniable strength of “Girl” was such that Arista didn’t hesitate to put on a full-court press, releasing the revamped version as Girl You Know It’s True in March 1989, complete with the fresh Diane Warren-penned soon-to-be No. 1 smash ballad “Blame It on the Rain.” The album already contained two other tracks that would both hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, “Girl I’m Gonna Miss You” and “Baby Don’t Forget My Number,” with no spotlight on who actually sang and rapped on the LP. The Girl album spent 78 weeks on the Billboard 200 albums chart — peaking at No. 1 for 8 weeks, making Milli Vanilli one of the year’s most dominant pop acts.

And the entire plan might’ve worked, if it wasn’t for a pesky tape that went rogue during a Club MTV performance at Lake Compounce amusement park in Bristol, Connecticut, on July 21, 1989. While many on the inside of their American label were beginning to think by then that Rob and Fab were just smoke and pre-taped vocals, the televised flub turned the growing whispers about lip syncing into a scream. During the now-infamous incident, the two briefly kept “singing” — then ran offstage — as the “Girl” backing track got stuck on repeat, raising questions that a year later would result in the reveal of the biggest lip syncing scandal in pop history. On Nov. 15, 1990, Farian admitted that Rob and Fab — by then megastars whose insistence on singing on their next album drew a hard “no” from the producer and Davis — were merely his puppets in an elaborate, incredibly lucrative pop ruse.

They were summarily dumped from Arista and their Grammy was yanked — marking the first time in Recording Academy history that an award was taken back — and a few days later, Farian blithely brushed off the controversy by telling the Washington Post, “One part was visual, one part recorded. Such projects are an art form in themselves, and the fans were happy with the music.” Rob and Fab found themselves without an American label as the album was purged from Arista’s archives, another humbling first to add to their list of dubious distinctions. Tragically, Pilatus died of a suspected overdose of alcohol and drugs in April 1998 at age 32 (or possibly 33 based on other reports at the time), and Girl You Know It’s True became the biggest-selling album to ever be taken out of print voluntarily.

Again, gentle readers, let us face some facts (And, I will type slowly for any Liberals who might be reading this post.):

  1. Joe Biden has never been the sharpest knife in the drawer. He has been a stereotypical glad-handing, kiss your baby, sniff your wife greasy politician. Sleepy Joe made hundreds of gaffs in his political career, which he got by with, because nobody expected much out of him anyway. Remember, he’s the guy who called Barack Hussein Obama (mm mmm mmmm) “clean and articulate”.
  2. The Democrats had a horrible field of Primary Candidates to choose from. That entire line-up has about as much charisma as Howard Dean (Yeeargh!). Not a single one of those candidates had a chance to beat Donald J. Trump, including Former Vice-President Joe Biden.
  3. Biden was chosen because he was recognizable and the least offensive out of a bunch of bad picks. The DNC knew that Biden’s mental and physical health was deteriorating. That is why they arranged for Kamala “Heels Up” Harris to be his running mate. If Biden gets too bad, they will have him resign and America will have its First Black Female President.(Yeeargh!)
  4. The Democrats knew that they could not defeat Trump unless they cheated. And, man, did they cheat. From four Democrat states shutting down voting in the middle of the night when Trump was ahead only to open back up 4 hours later showing Biden to be leading Trump because of “lost” ballots being delivered to them while they were closed to Republican poll Watchers not being allowed to watch vote counting, the Democrats had this “soft coup” perfectly planned. Even the Voting machines themselves were rigged and votes were being counted in Germany.
  5. Then, of course, there was the National Media, both Traditional and Social, running cover for the Democrats by not reporting on the Biden Crime Family and their collusion with Communist China. Even Fox News got into the act, jumping the gun with their Democrat “analyst” declaring Arizona from Joe Biden early in order to take the wind of the Trump Machine’s sails.

Just as Milli Vanilli received awards for an act of fraud, Joe Biden and his Democrat Puppet Masters could very well be given the most powerful position in the world through an act of complete and utter fraud.

Now, let me make this very clear: I am not giving up. I, like a lot of you, fought like blazes against Obama, or as I called him “Petulant President Pantywaist” and I intend to do the same if Sleepy Joe becomes President.

However, I can do nothing without the One who strengthens me and guides my steps.

So, tonight, just like every night, I will continue to pray for our country and for God’s mercy upon us and for guidance and protection for President Donald J. Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence.

I am asking you to do the same.

Until He Comes,