Biden in Political Rally During Kenosha Visit: If I Go Any Longer “They’ll Shoot Me”, He Then Met With Jacob Blake, Jr and His Family

Election_2020_Biden.22 reports that

Former Vice President Joe Biden used an unfortunate choice of words Thursday while visiting Kenosha, Wis. in the afternoon of the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Biden’s speech aimed at addressing racial unrest veered into talking about inequities in taxes at one point. He stopped himself from laying out his tax policy in detail, saying if he goes on any longer “they’ll shoot me.”

The Democratic nominee, who has been prone to gaffes, billed his first trip to Wisconsin during the 2020 campaign as a moment for healing in the wake of racial unrest and violence.

He met with community leaders at Kenosha’s Grace Lutheran Church and listened to their concerns on topics like economic inequality, restoring faith in policing, criminal justice reform and improving education.

Biden also visited the family of Blake, a 29-year-old Black man whose shooting by police last month set off another round of protests and in, some instances, riots and violence in Wisconsin and elsewhere.

President Trump visited Wisconsin earlier this week but didn’t meet with Blake’s family. Instead, he centered his message on supporting police and rebuilding damaged businesses.

Biden said he’s seeking common ground that Trump is incapable of reaching with “law and order” rhetoric and repeated refusals to acknowledge racism in America.

“I can’t say if tomorrow God made me president, I can’t guarantee you everything gets solved in four years,” Biden said. But “it would be a whole better, we’d get a whole lot further down the road” if Trump isn’t re-elected.

“There’s certain things worth losing over,” he concluded, “and this is something worth losing over if you have to — but we’re not going to lose.”

“Sleepy Joe Hiden” has no control over what he will say at any time or in any situation.

He is fighting dementia…and losing more ground every day.

Not only is he making poor choices in what he says and when he says it, he is making poor choices as to whose company he keeps.

According to

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden visited Thursday with the Blake family amid rising scrutiny and criticism over Jacob Blake Sr.’s apparent history of anti-Semitic and racially charged social-media posts.

Mr. Blake’s son Jacob S. Blake was shot and seriously injured during an Aug. 23 arrest by a police officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin, touching off protests and rioting, and prompting the visit from the Democratic presidential candidate with Blake family members at the Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport.

The meeting took place as details emerged on the “Jacob Blake” account on Facebook, which showed the father’s photo and included the Aug. 23 post, “My son is alive and stable.”

Earlier posts accused Jews of controlling the media and financial institutions; mocked White people as “crackers” and “pink toes;” described certain women as “hoes,” and expressed support for the Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan.

“The same pink toe Jewish people that control the interest rate control the interest rate they control Minds and money,” Mr. Blake Sr. posted on Nov. 6, 2017.

Other posts from 2017-19 included the messages, “I’m with Farrakhan,” “A jew can’t tell me shit period,” “The Jewish media picks and chooses who is a terrorist and [who] is not,” “A cracker jew can do whatever to a white woman for years but let a jig try it,” and “One day pink toes will burn frfr,” which stands for “for real for real.”

His Facebook and Instagram accounts remained available for viewing as of Thursday morning. A list of the posts was compiled by several media outlets, including Breitbart and

For those of you who may not know how Jacob Blake, Jr. became paralyzed and the reason for the Kenosha Riot, per

The police union that represents the Kenosha Police Department said that police responded to the scene where Jacob Blake was ultimately shot because he violated a restraining order related to a sexual assault.

The cops involved in Blake’s shooting were there to arrest Blake for violating a restraining order stemming from a sexual assault claim, according to the New York Post. 

A 911 call Aug. 23 alerted them that Blake, 29, was at the home of his alleged victim. The officers on the scene knew he had an open warrant for felony sexual assault, according to dispatch records and the Kenosha Professional Police Association.

That union also claimed Blake was wielding a knife at the time of his arrest. He put one of the arresting officers in a headlock and shrugged off two attempts to taser him, it said.

State investigators have said the knife recovered on the scene was found inside Blake’s vehicle.

He was shot in the back seven times by Kenosha police officer Rusten Sheskey as he turned away from police to get in his car.

The restraining order stemmed from a criminal complaint, which was obtained by The Post, that accused Blake of breaking into the home of a woman he knew and sexually assaulting her in May. The victim, who goes by her initials in the paperwork, told police she was asleep when Blake broke in at 6 a.m. and said, “I want my sh-t.”

She reportedly told police that Blake used his finger to sexually assault her. The record states she told police the incident “caused her pain and humiliation and was done without her consent” and she was “very humiliated and upset.”

Outstanding family, huh?

So, let me get this straight…

President Trump came and spoke to the citizens of Kenosha and viewed the destruction and damage caused by the Kenosha Riot.

“Sleepy Joe Hiden” held a political rally in a church criticizing the President for taking the side of “Law and Order”, where by the way, he had the audience ask scripted questions.

Then, he met with an anti-Semite and a guy shot while resisting arrest after sexually assaulting his girlfriend.

So, which one do YOU think acted more presidential?

Wow. Just…Wow.

Until He Comes,


Rittenhouse’s Lawyers Release Statement Claiming Self-Defense, Liberals Go Crazy Ignoring the Fact That He was Attacked First

54840-kyle-rittenhouse-is-facing-170-years-heres-a-comparison-of-charges-to-video-coverage-of-the-events-that-night reports that

On Friday, an Illinois judge agreed to delay Kyle Rittenhouse’s extradition hearing until next month. This followed a request from the defendant, which stated he needed more time to find a lawyer.

The 17-year-old has been accused of killing two people and injuring another during a recent protest in Wisconsin. He is facing six criminal counts, including first-degree intentional homicide, which could result in a life sentence.

In addition to felony charges, Rittenhouse has been charged with possession of a dangerous weapon while under the age of 18.

The charges stemmed from Wednesday night’s protest in Kenosha. Rittenhouse allegedly shot several people while defending local businesses from rioters.

Shortly after the incident, a criminal complaint surfaced. It alleged he called a friend, 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum, just after the shooting and said, “I just killed somebody.”

The complaint further claimed he went on to shoot and kill 26-year-old Anthony Huber. Huber reportedly chased Rittenhouse down and attacked him with a skateboard following the first shooting.

Rittenhouse then allegedly fired at 26-year-old Gaige Grosskreutz, hitting him in the arm.

Despite these allegations and the charges against him, the 17-year-old maintains he acted in self-defense. According to officials, he will remain in custody in Illinois.

Friday night, Pierce Bainbridge, Rittenhouse’s attorneys released a statement in his defense. Here is an excerpt:

Upon arrival, Kyle and others stood guard at the mechanic’s shop across from the auto dealership to prevent further damage or destruction. Later that night, substantially after the city’s 8:00 p.m. curfew expired without consequence, the police finally started to attempt to disperse a group of rioters. In doing so, they maneuvered a mass of individuals down the street towards the auto shops. Kyle and others on the premises were verbally threatened and taunted multiple times as the rioters passed by, but Kyle never reacted. His intent was not to incite violence, but simply to deter property damage and use his training to provide first aid to injured community members.

After the crowd passed the premises and Kyle believed the threat of further destruction had passed, he became increasingly concerned with the injured protesters and bystanders congregating at a nearby gas station with no immediate access to medical assistance or help from law enforcement. Kyle headed in that direction with a first aid kit. He sought out injured persons, rendered aid, and tried to guide people to others who could assist to the extent he could do so amid the chaos. By the final time Kyle returned to 2 the gas station and confirmed there were no more injured individuals who needed assistance, police had advanced their formation and blocked what would have been his path back to the mechanic’s shop. Kyle then complied with the police instructions not to go back there. Kyle returned to the gas station until he learned of a need to help protect the second mechanic’s shop further down the street where property destruction was imminent with no police were nearby.

As Kyle proceeded towards the second mechanic’s shop, he was accosted by multiple rioters who recognized that he had been attempting to protect a business the mob wanted to destroy. This outraged the rioters and created a mob now determined to hurt Kyle. They began chasing him down. Kyle attempted to get away, but he could not do so quickly enough. Upon the sound of a gunshot behind him, Kyle turned and was immediately faced with an attacker lunging towards him and reaching for his rifle. He reacted instantaneously and justifiably with his weapon to protect himself, firing and striking the attacker.

Kyle stopped to ensure care for the wounded attacker but faced a growing mob gesturing towards him. He realized he needed to flee for his safety and his survival. Another attacker struck Kyle from behind as he fled down the street. Kyle turned as the mob pressed in on him and he fell to the ground. One attacker kicked Kyle on the ground while he was on the ground. Yet another bashed him over the head with a skateboard. Several rioters tried to disarm Kyle. In fear for his life and concerned the crowd would either continue to shoot at him or even use his own weapon against him, Kyle had no choice but to fire multiple rounds towards his immediate attackers, striking two, including one armed attacker. The rest of the mob began to disperse upon hearing the additional gunshots.

Kyle got up and continued down the street in the direction of police with his hands in the air. He attempted to contact multiple police officers, but they were more concerned with the wounded attackers. The police did not take Kyle into custody at that time, but instead they indicated he should keep moving. He fully cooperated, both then and later that night when he turned himself in to the police in his hometown, Antioch, Illinois.

Kyle did nothing wrong. He exercised his God-given, Constitutional, common law and statutory law right to self-defense.

You have no doubt seen and experienced on social media and Main Stream Media the same thing I have: Liberals are calling 17-year old Rittenhouse a cold-blooded murderer, ignoring the fact that the crowd of paid and unpaid “protesters” (i.e. rioters) attacked him first.

In the eyes of the “New Bolsheviks” whom the MSM and the Democrats (but, I repeat myself) call “peaceful protesters” Rittenhouse had to be gotten rid of because he stood between them and their objective of burning every shop and home in that area to the ground.

In the eyes of the new fascists of the Far Left, average Americans, when being assaulted by wild-eyed rioters, have no right to defend themselves because they “have it coming”.

These bratty new Bolsheviks have been programmed through our educational system and the Main Stream Media to forfeit all traditional faith and values in order to replace those teachings with the “wisdom” of the political ideology which has been taught to them as the “New Gospel”: Marxism.

When you are taught that righteousness comes from your political belief system instead of your faith in God and the saving grace of His Son, then you are free to lie your head off without any reservations or feeling of shame.

That is why the Liberals who you engage with on Social Media have no compunction about calling this 17-year old kid a murderer who carried out a double murder with no reason to whatsoever, while actual reality says otherwise.

Of course, these are the same “useful idiots’ who claim that Joe Biden is not “impaired” at all.

But, I digress…

Kyle Rittenhouse will get his day in court.

I believe that Kyle will be ruled upon to have acted in self-defense

And, I believe that if these unhinged protesters do not stop attempting to destroy America, that more of these types of incidents will occur.

It is up to them to stop all this mess and to leave Americans alone.

You play stupid games, you “win” stupid prizes.

Until He Comes,