Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Lays the Smackdown on Liberal Activist Reporters Hounding Her, Wanting Trump to Concede

During a very contentious press conference yesterday, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was repeatedly asked when President Donald J. Trump will concede the 2020 Presidential Election to Sleepy Joe Biden.

Here is her answer, taken from a transcript of yesterday’s Press Briefing, courtesy of

…Also something that I would note is just we talked a lot about transfer of power in the election, and it’s worth remembering that this President was never given an orderly transition of power. His presidency was never accepted. In fact, before the election — his election, we know Crossfire Hurricane was launched by Peter Strzok to pursue baseless allegations about the President’s ties with Russia. That’s before he was President, trying to subvert the will of the American people.

We know, in August, Peter Strzok wrote a text message about an insurance policy against a Trump presidency, once again trying to silence the voice of the American people.

In 2016 — we know in October that there was a FISA warrant — a FISA warrant taken out to spy on the Trump campaign. And then the American people spoke, and they spoke commandingly in electing President Trump despite all of the odds.

And what happened after he was elected? You had 70 lawmakers say “we’re not coming” to his inauguration — Democratic lawmakers. You had Elizabeth Warren saying “we’re going to attempt to obstruct” the Trump transition by urging the Government Accountability Office to investigate the incoming Trump transition.

In January of that year, you had President Obama have a by- the-book meeting where they talked about the Logan Act, using that act to go after Lieutenant General Michael Flynn.

Just before the inauguration, you had BuzzFeed promoting and publishing this bogus Steele dossier that’s been widely debunked.

And then, for two years, you had the baseless Mueller investigation, which searched for collusion, found none, and exonerated President Trump.

While, in 2016, President Trump became the duly elected President, many sought to undermine him, discredit him, delegitimize him, and deny his victory. There were no calls for unity; there were no calls for healing.

So while every legal vote is counted, let us not forget the inexcusable transition, or lack thereof, that President Trump had to endure in 2016 and four years into his presidency.

Thank you, everyone, for the very good and substantive questions today.

Q Kayleigh, why can’t you call on all of us? You haven’t taken questions —

MS. MCENANY: I don’t call on activists.

The activist who asked the question was Kaitlan Collins from CNN.

She, like others in the Main Stream Media, has an inflated opinion of her own importance, leading her to shout questions incessantly at Kayleigh McEnany and President Trump himself.

She was barred from an event in the Rose Garden back in 2018 for that reason.

As I have noted before, Trump has made the Media look tremendously naïve and stupid on several occasions, in scenes reminiscent of Lucy Van Pelt promising to hold the football for Charlie Brown to kick, only to pull it away at the last minute leaving a helpless Charlie Brown to wipe out, tumbling head over heels.

The Main Stream Media are no longer in control of the dissemination of the news…and they know it.

Between Trump’s playing them like the late great Charlie Daniels used to play a fiddle and average Americans becoming their own reporters through the use of Social Media, “professional journalists” have watched their influence over the daily lives of Americans dwindle and diminish right before their very eyes.

Unfortunately, the lies will just keep on coming from both the Democratic Party and their Propaganda Arm, the Main Stream Media.

Like the attention-seeking spoiled brats that they are, the Main Stream Media believe that they can get away with anything.

And now, they are so filled with hatred for President Trump that they view themselves as being more that mere journalists.

They view themselves as the Praetorian Guard for the Democratic Party, whose job it is to clear the way in order to usher in the “Great Reset”, bringing the world together in a blissful state of Globalism, Democratic Socialism, and free stuff for everyone.

President Donald J.Trump is the only one who stands in their way.

So, they have taken it among themselves to attempt to remove him from office.

Please allow me to sarcastically say “good luck with that”.

The President and his Legal Team have Dominion’s server from Germany and recorded phone calls in which Dominion Executives brag about being able to change votes with their software.

It appears that you “Broadcast Journalists” are not going to get your way any time soon.

Praise God.

Until He Comes,