Texas AG Praises Law Allowing Concealed Carry in Churches…Hero Jack Wilson – “Evil Exists”



FoxNews.com reports that

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton told Fox News Monday that he hopes the gun law that prevented further carnage at a Fort Worth-area church over the weekend will be a model for other churches and states.

Paxton praised the law, which allows licensed gun owners to carry weapons inside houses of worship, and fast-acting armed citizen Jack Wilson for saving untold lives after a man opened fire at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement Sunday.

“This [law] worked,” Paxton said in a “The Story” exclusive. “We cannot stop every incident, and we can’t change the fact that there are people who are mentally ill.”

“Let’s face it — this is going to happen again. We need to be prepared.”

Paxton said the church was prepared for the shocking incident, which left a deacon and another security volunteer dead, thanks to the law which was passed in response to the November 2017 church shooting in Sutherland Springs, which killed 26 people.

“Within six seconds [Sunday], they [congregants] dealt with the issue and saved potentially hundreds of people,” Paxton said. “I hope that other churches around the country will adopt policies like this and we can stop losing some of the people when these incidences occur.”

President Trump tweeted Monday night, “Our prayers are with the families of the victims and the congregation of yesterday’s church attack. It was over in 6 seconds thanks to the brave parishioners who acted to protect 242 fellow worshippers. Lives were saved by these heroes, and Texas laws allowing them to carry arms!”

Wilson, the head of the church’s security team and a firearms instructor, shared some details in a Facebook post in which he gave thanks to “all who have sent their prayers and comments on the events of today.”

“The events at West Freeway Church of Christ put me in a position that I would hope no one would have to be in, but evil exists and I had to take out an active shooter in church,” he wrote. “I’m thankful to GOD that I have been blessed with the ability and desire to serve him in the role of head of security at the church.”

For the last couple of days after Mr. Wilson heroically defended the members of his church from evil, the Main Stream Media, instead of focusing on the reality of the situation, attempted to blame it on President Donald J. Trump, just like they blame everything else.

The reason for their fake news is the fact that what happened blows their reasons for gun control all to Blazes.

Per the FBI agent in charge, the gun man had been arrested several times in the past and was “relatively transient”, although he had roots in the area.

In other words, he got the gun through illegal means.

Mr. Wilson is exactly right.

Evil exists.

We need evil control. What I mean, is that we need parents to actually act like parents and be involved in their children’s lives. We need teachers and friends who care enough about individuals to say something to both them and to their families when something is just not right.

As someone who watched his parents deal with the mental illness of a family member, I’m not saying that it will be easy. It is a hard thing to face up to and to confront. But, it has to be done.

Those who are constantly calling for gun control seek to punish the entire nation for the actions of some by taking away our 2nd Amendment rights.

If those same people would stop for a moment and consider that guns are inanimate objects which cannot fire themselves and then focus on the true cause of the increase in violence in our nation, then perhaps we could actually start making some headway and provide the care and treatment to the individuals who need it in time to avoid the horrific event of a mass murder.

I am not saying that this will get rid of all of the mentally ill people in our country who wish to murder others, but it seems to me that back in the day when parents actually raised their children, along with the rest of the neighborhood who raised us, we did not see this preponderance of violent acts which we are seeing today.

Also, one last thing. Getting back to raising our children and grandchildren in the “Faith of Our Fathers”, wouldn’t be such a bad idea, either.

Thank God for the “Safe Teams” who protect our churches.

Until He Comes,