Federal Court Blocks Biden’s Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations for Health Care Workers in 10 States


Healthcare workers vaccinations

FoxNews.com reports that

A federal court halted President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for health care workers in ten states.

“The scale falls clearly in favor of healthcare facilities operating with some unvaccinated employees, staff, trainees, students, volunteers and contractors, rather than the swift, irremediable impact of requiring healthcare facilities to choose between two undesirable choices — providing substandard care or providing no healthcare at all,” wrote U.S. District Judge Matthew Schelp in a 32-page order Monday.

The ten states impacted by the ruling are those that sued the Biden administration over the rule: Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.

Biden’s Nov. 5 order applied to health workers in hospitals that receive federal funding through Medicaid or Medicare, with Biden arguing that the rule was needed to help slow the spread of COVID-19 among the nation’s health care workers.

But Schelp ruled the order likely exceeded Biden’s authority, giving the ten states a temporary victory as the case continues to wind its way through the system.

“Congress did not clearly authorize CMS to enact this politically and economically vast, federalism-altering, and boundary-pushing mandate, which Supreme Court precedent requires,” Schelp wrote.

The ten states sued the administration shortly after the order was issued, arguing it encroached on states’ rights and would worsen health care worker shortages.

The ruling comes days after OSHA announced that it was suspending its enforcement of Biden’s vaccine mandate for private employers with more than 100 employees after it too was blocked by a federal court, which ruled the agency should “take no steps to implement or enforce” the regulation.

“OSHA is complying with the 5th Circuit’s stay,” a Department of Labor official said. “OSHA is not enforcing or implementing the [regulation] — so they are not engaging or offering compliance assistance.”

Back in September, Biden made a pivot in his focus…not from Afghanistan to COVID-19…but from coward to tyrant.

However, there has been slight hitch in the Puppet President’s Plan….

Per ConstitutionCenter.org

…the broad powers held by states to control vaccine policy can also be used by state governments to block vaccine mandates, in certain situations, at lower government levels and in the private sector. As of August 2, at least 14 states had enacted Covid-19 related laws that barred employer vaccine mandates, school vaccine mandates, or vaccine passports.

At a federal level, the vaccine mandate question is more complicated. With few exceptions, the CRS (Congressional Research Service) says there are no laws that allow the federal government to issue a vaccine mandate to the general population. These exceptions include requiring proof of vaccination for immigrants requesting permanent resident status and vaccine mandates for military service members—allowing for certain exemptions. 

This weekend, as all of the Political Pundits talk about this ruling, you will probably hear the bring up the Supreme Court Case of 11905, in which the Supreme court ruled that a local government in Massachusetts could mandate that members of a community be vaccinated, However, this was not a ruling in favor of a FORCED vaccination. If you chose not to take it, you were fined the equivalent of $150 in today’s money.

Biden’s COVID-19 Business Mandate is a violation of not only state rights, but the rights of Americans and Private Business Owners to make their own decisions about their health and the way they operate their businesses.

Biden is not only overstepping his authority…he is goose-stepping over it.

From his decision to leave Americans behind in Afghanistan to be tortured and killed by the Taliban to the totalitarian and, quite frankly, fascist way he has delivered an ultimatum to American Business Owners, Biden has proven that he and his Handlers are exactly what they accused Donald J. Trump of being.

Even as the fence was being rebuilt around the Capitol of our Country, an attempt to install a totalitarian government was proceeding as planned.

The three things that might possibly save this Sovereign Nation from becoming just another failed Marxist oligarchy are our Constitution, our Governmental System of Checks and Balances, and our Traditional Faith and Values System which has allowed this “Land of Liberty” to exist for all these years.

The governors of several states are putting up a valiant fight.

Now, it is time for average Americans to stand up and be heard.

Remember, Liberty is freedom with responsibility.

Until He Comes,






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