Biden Speaks to a Couple of Hundred at “Teamsters Temple” in PA…Trump Spoke to Thousands in Green Bay, WI…Do the Math


Depending on whom you believe, Former President Barack Hussein Obama either refused to endorse his Former Vice-President, Joe Biden, or “Sleepy Joe” asked him not to.

“At this point, what difference does it make?”

Joe Biden make be the greatest thing since sliced bread up in the Northeast, but down here in Dixie and throughout the rest of the Heartland, he’s known as the Groping Gaffe Machine.

During his speech in Pittsburgh yesterday, Sleepy Joe said that “the Working Class is the Backbone of America”.

He’s right.

The problem with good ol’ Joe’s statement is the fact that his party divorced themselves from America’s Working Class decades ago.

Now, the Modern Far Left Democrats are the party of Socialism and Special Interest Groups who, like Joe’s Former Boss, want to “share the wealth”.

…as long as it isn’t theirs.

Sleepy Joe himself even admitted in an “exit interview” with the Los Angeles Times in December 2016 that “middle class people…making $100,000 a year…used to be our constituency”.

Either he cannot face how far to the left of the Political Spectrum his chosen political party moved during his time as Vice-President in the Obama Administration or he is simply a hypocrite attempting to pander to Middle Class Americans in order to be chosen as the Democratic Party’s 2020 Presidential Candidate.

However, there’s a huge problem with your strategy, Sleepy Joe.

As you told the LA Times…average Americans in the Middle Class USED to be your constituency.

Also, I’m hoping for Biden’s sake that he has enough sense not to go after President Trump on the grounds of not having “basic fundamental decency”, as he did in a speech last October.

There are pictures all over Social Media from Biden’s job as Obama’s “comic relief” identifying him as a “serial groper”.

During Sleepy Joe’s tenure as Vice President, his boss defended rioters who tore up their own cities.

Heck, Obama even defended a thug who tried to kill a policeman in his own car.

And, don’t attempt to attack the Republicans over spending.


Depending on who you ask, Obama added anywhere from $983 billion to $9 trillion to the national debt.

To paraphrase Joe…

That’s a big f’n deal.

Joe always was classy. But, I digress.

Joe, if you think that we are going to willingly go back under the thumb of the special interest groups, Socialism-loving Democratic Party, your hair plugs have seeped Vitalis directly into your medulla oblongata.

Yesterday, you spoke to a couple of hundred people in the Teamsters Local No. 249 Meeting Hall or “Temple” in Lawrenceville, PA.

Last Saturday, President Trump was speaking to thousands at a MAGA Rally in Green Bay, WI.

Do the math, Joe.

Go home and sit down…before you get embarrassed.

Until He Comes,