Trump Puts European Travel Ban in Place to Contain Coronovirus, “We Must Put Politics Aside, Stop the Partisanship”

AR-200319931 reports that

President Trump announced Wednesday that he will be suspending all travel from Europe to the U.S. for 30 days starting Friday at midnight in an effort to quell the spread of coronavirus.

His address from the Oval Office comes hours after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global pandemic and the number of confirmed cases in the U.S. climbed to more than 1,000.

Trump said the new travel exemptions do not apply to the United Kingdom.

He reiterated that travel restrictions from China — the epicenter of the virus, which originated in Wuhan — and South Korea will remain in effect but he would be willing to consider a “possible early opening” if the situation improves.

The president also announced that he would be asking Congress to consider an “immediate payroll tax relief,” which would eliminate the 6.2 percent tax on an employee’s salary up to $137,000 if they receive a paycheck, as well as the amount matched by employers to fund Social Security, an idea that he has previously floated and was met with skepticism by Republican lawmakers.

As the financial markets continued to fluctuate, stoking fears of economic downturn, Trump also announced that he will be asking the Small Business Administration — a sector of the federal government — to provide low-interest loans to small businesses negatively impacted by the virus.

Invoking emergency authority, Trump asked Congress to authorize $50 billion toward the initiative, this in addition to the $8.3 billion of funding that has already been allocated to fighting the virus.

The president said he has also asked insurance companies to waive all copayments for coronavirus testing and treatments.

Trump said “the risk is very very low” for Americans and reiterated that the greatest threat is to elderly populations with underlying health conditions.

The President also said that it was time to think of the good of the American people and to work together.

Unfortunately, I was watching Laura Ingraham’s show later in the evening last night and she had gotten hold of a copy of a bill that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are going to try to ram through Congress which, instead of providing relief for the American people, will call for more governmental control and more power for the Democratic-led Congress.

I would say that I am shocked but not really.

Since they took over the House, the number one priority of the Far Left Democrats and their leader, Nancy Pelosi, has been their own care and well-being, not that of the American people.

The overwhelming majority of average Americans between the coasts feel the same way as I do about this, we know them for who and what they are. And, I am sure that as this morning breaks, they will begin whining loudly whenever there are cameras around about how unjust the European Travel Ban is.

In reality, it, like the China Travel Ban, is the smartest and most effective way to protect our Sovereign Nation from the Chinese Coronavirus.

Once again, Trump has cut off the head of the snake.

European leaders did not care about their own people enough to protect them in their countries, so we cannot afford to allow their complicity to allow their citizens to carry the coronavirus into our country and endanger our citizens.

If there was a democrat in the White House and the Democrats held as much power as they did during the 2008-2009 H1N1 Virus, I am certain that the coronavirus would have already taken a lot more American lives than it has and would be more widespread in our country than it is.

The President, the Vice-President, the Task Force Members, the CDC, and the rest of those who have been involved in arresting the development of the coronavirus on our shores are to all be commended.

And those who will continue to attempt to take advantage of this pandemic while using its threat for the purpose of political expediency ought to be called out for it and condemned as enemies of the American people.

Until He Comes,