Dick Morris: After this, Pence Won’t Be Able to “Get Nominated for Dog Catcher”, Will He Attend Biden Inauguration?




Newsmax.com reports that

Former Democratic strategist and White House adviser Dick Morris told Newsmax TV on Thursday that Vice President Mike Pence won’t be able to ”get nominated for dog catcher” after choosing to accept electors from disputed states and certify the Electoral College victory for Joe Biden.


Morris’ comment came in response to eponymous host Sean Spicer’s question about if criticism of Pence — who he said had been very loyal throughout President Donald Trump’s presidency — was unwarranted.


”That’s like asking ‘How did you like the play Mrs. Lincoln?’ after the assassination at Ford’s Theatre,” Morris said on ”Spicer & Co.” ”When the push came to shove, Mike Pence was as disloyal as you can get. He has a pure constitutional way of sending this stuff back to the legislators. He chose not to do it. I don’t think he could get nominated for dog catcher in the Republican Party.”


Morris, who has been a staunch ally and adviser to Trump, suggested the president enjoy the remainder of his presidency, reflect and relish his time in Florida.


”I think he could use a vacation,” Morris added. ”I think he’s going through stages of grief and depression, which includes anger, and I don’t think he’s doing himself any good by that. I think he’s had an incredible record as president. He’s done amazing things. And he should rest on those laurels, and begin to position himself for 2024.


”He should borrow a page from what Ronald Reagan did in ’77 after he lost the nomination to Gerald Ford. He set up a PAC. He set up a leadership committee and he worked on changing the Republican Party into one that was user friendly to him. … But for the next two weeks, he should be in Mar-a-Lago.”


In a related story from Newsmax.com

Vice President Mike Pence will make an appearance at Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20, Politico reported citing unidentified sources, despite an official statement from his spokesman that he has not made any decision.

Politico said it had three unidentified ”sources close to Pence” tell them that he ”would likely make an appearance.”

Pence spokesman Devin O’Malley told Politico that the vice president and second lady “have not yet made a decision on their attendance.”

CNN, also quoting an anonymous source, reported that Pence was planning on attending but was awaiting an invitation. CNN added that Pence has ”faced pressure from many of those around him” to attend.

I was truly shocked when Mike Pence turned on President Donald J. Trump.

Perhaps, I shouldn’t have been.

The things who drew a lot of average Americans to literally fall in love with Candidate and then President Donald J. Trump was the fact that he was “one of us”.

He was not a professional politicians.

He knew how to laugh and he spoke to us, whether in one of his live appearances or on television, as if we were close friends who had known each other all of our lives.

He was authentic.

And now, it appears that his Vice-President, Mike Pence, is not.

And, that really disillusions me.

Pence proclaims himself to be a Christian.

Well, that’s not for me to judge.

However, he turned his back on a man whom Dr. James Dobson described after sitting down with him before the 2016 Presidential Election as “a new Christian”…to side with individuals who want to legalize full-term abortions and who believe in 36 genders.

One of the “Fruits (or Gifts) of the Holy Spirit” described in the Bible is that of “discernment”.

I think that Brother Pence needs to exchange his “gift of discernment” for one that actually works.

Until He Comes,