What You Should Know About the Pelosi Attacker – the Rest of the Story


As you have probably heard by now, Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s husband was attacked with a hammer in their San Francisco mansion yesterday by a psycho wearing nothing but his underwear while screaming “Where’s Nancy?”.

So, who is this lunatic?

Per Heavy.com

Joe Eskenazi, of Mission Local, tweeted, “My sources also name the suspect in this morning’s hammer attack on Paul Pelosi as David DePape, born 1980, of Berkeley. He would appear to be a former Castro nudist protester. Things appear set to be bizarre for a while.”

The Castro is a well-known neighborhood in San Francisco. The term in this context does not refer to the Cuban dictator.

A 2013 article in the San Francisco Chronicle mentions Depape, although his name is spelled wrong. It describes him as a “hemp jewelry maker.” That article reported that Depape was the best man at the naked wedding of a well-known pro-nudity activist named Gypsy Taub.

Linda Schneider, who has known Depape for years, told CNN that he once lived in a storage unit and had done hard drugs.

She later received “really disturbing” emails where Depape sounded like a “megalomaniac and so out of touch with reality,” she told the cable news network. She stopped communicating with him “because it seemed so dangerous,” adding to CNN that he used “Biblical justification to do harm.”

Laura Hayes worked with Depape making hemp bracelets years ago.

“He was very odd. He didn’t make eye contact very well,” Hayes said to CNN, adding that he told her “he talks to angels and there will be a hard time coming.”

All you will hear on the next several days’ newscasts is that this guy was a Right Wing Extremist.

This guy is actually a product of the San Francisco Hippie Stoner Culture who had fried his brain to the point to where there are 2 brain cells left who are fighting to the death.

That fact will be overlooked in the Main Stream Media.

This is what the Democrat Elite call an “opportunity”.

Whether this was “staged” or not (and I have a feeling that it was”, the Democrat Elite will use this attack to attempt to convince the voters to “Vote Blue” in the Midterm Elections being held a week from this Tuesday.

Pelosi will make a “YUGE” political deal out of this because she knows that she is about to be replaced as the Speaker of the House as the Democrats will become the Minority Party in Congress after the Midterms.

And, that is where my gut feeling that this even was staged comes in.

Pelosi and her Democrat Elite cohorts have no morals nor integrity.

They are not beyond staging an attack like this in order to maintain their Political Power in Washington, DC.

Besides, Paul and Nancy Pelosi’s Mansion has a wall with a gated entrance in front of it.

How did that burnt-out hippie get inside their house in the first place?

Until He Comes,