Sunday Thoughts: The Radical Changing of America

Why are Americans like retired US Marine Daniel Penny being punished by Far Left Government Officials through the use of our courts and through censorship and suppression in Corporate and Social Media for trying to do and speak about what they believe is right and for standing up for others?

According to witnesses, Penny is a hero who saved a subway car full of innocent people from a madman who was throwing food at them and threatening their lives.

So, what is DA Alvin Bragg’s motive in charging this hero with a crime, and why is he going after those in the subway who helped him?

Bragg’s motive is the same in this case as it was when he indicted former President Donald J Trump:


In order for a totalitarian government to succeed, all individual freedom of thought and action MUST be punished and suppressed.

And, fellow Americans, that is exactly what we are witnessing.

Our Constitutional Republic is being “radically changed” into a mob-ruled Socialist “Democracy” right before our very eyes.

This is being accomplished by a “Deep State” full of Far Left Bureaucrats who not only control Washington, DC, but thanks to Puppet Master George Soros, our local court systems as well.

Add in all of the willing “useful idiots” in the Corporate and Social Media, along with the ones in Academia, and you have all of the ingredients necessary for the “Radical Change” that former (Thank God) President Barack Hussein Obama said that America “needed”.

The Far Left Democrats are counting on the “Wokesheviks” produced through years of federally-funded propaganda and indoctrination in our public school systems to bring about the suppression of the individual freedom which American Patriots have fought and died for.

I am praying that all of the recent revelations concerning the Biden Crime Family, his incompetence as president, and the public’s reaction to the Cultural Marxism and perversion being forced upon us will lead to a political backlash of historical proportions.

If not, America, as we know it will cease to exist.

Until He Comes,