Congressional Democrats Have “The Sads” After Trump’s Acquittal…Good!

pelosi-ripped-li-600 reports that

The Senate overwhelmingly acquitted President Trump on both articles of impeachment against him Wednesday afternoon following a brief trial, in a historic rejection of Democrats’ claims that the president’s Ukraine dealings and handling of congressional subpoenas merited his immediate removal from office.

Several Congressional Democrats, speaking to Fox News, were dejected on Capitol Hill late Wednesday, even as they said they hoped to weaponize the acquittal votes by several moderate Republicans in swing states.

“We all knew how this was going,” one senior House Democratic source told Fox News. “But everyone’s depressed. Especially because of Iowa,” where the first-in-the-nation caucuses have been plagued by mismanagement.

Another Democratic source also said that impeachment “went as well as it could go.” There was significant consternation among House Democrats about heading down the impeachment road at all over the summer, Fox News is told, but Democratic leaders felt they had to get in front of the impeachment movement and embrace it – or they may have been steamrolled by the progressive wing of the party.

In the final vote, all Democratic senators supported convicting the president of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, including swing-vote moderate Sens. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., and Doug Jones, D-Ala.

The only party defection was on the abuse of power charge from Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, who declared hours before the final vote that Trump had engaged in as “destructive an attack on the oath of office and our Constitution as I can imagine.” Romney voted not guilty on the obstruction charge.

By a final vote of 52-48 against conviction on the abuse of power charge and 53-47 against conviction on the obstruction charge, the Senate fell far short of the two-thirds, 67-vote supermajority needed to convict and remove the president. Swing-vote Republican senators — including Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Susan Collins of Maine, and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee — voted to acquit on both counts.

The separate obstruction of Congress charge concerned the White House’s assertion of executive privilege and refusal to comply with congressional subpoenas. Romney explained he would acquit on the obstruction count, saying House Democrats had chosen not to respond to the White House’s legal arguments against the subpoenas.

After Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts formally declared Trump acquitted, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., presented him with the “Golden Gavel” award as a thank-you for his service. Former Chief Justice of the United States William Rehnquist received the same award, which is usually presented to freshmen senators after long hours presiding over the body, for his handling of President Bill Clinton’s 1999 impeachment trial.

“I look forward to seeing you all again under happier circumstances,” Roberts said as he concluded his remarks and prepared to depart the chamber.

Speaking to reporters after the vote, McConnell noted that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., had resisted calls for impeachment from the party’s progressive wing before finally caving — and said she should have trusted her “instincts.”

“I’m pretty sure she didn’t want to do this,” McConnell said, referring to Pelosi’s lengthy reluctance to initiate impeachment proceedings. Trump, speaking to Fox News ahead of the Super Bowl, made a similar argument, saying the “radical” wing of the Democratic Party had pushed her into making a grave mistake and realizing her “worst nightmare.”

McConnell also said he was “perplexed” by Democrats’ arguments that the evidence against Trump was overwhelming and obvious, but at the same time, more witnesses and evidence were desperately needed.

He called the proceedings a “thoroughly political exercise,” and added that ironically, Pelosi was right “in the beginning” when she didn’t want to go down this path.

“This was a political loser for them,” McConnell said. “At least in the short-term, this has been a colossal political mistake.”

A Gallup poll released this week showed record-high approval numbers for Trump and the Republican Party in general, suggesting the impeachment proceedings may have backfired politically for Democrats. The Republican Party’s approval numbers were at their highest since 2005, and Trump’s were the highest of his presidency.

I am glad that Congressional Democrats are upset after the just acquittal of President Donald J. Trump in the Senate Impeachment Trial yesterday.

After what they have put this country through for the last 3 years they deserve to be upset.

God knows, average Americans have been.

Did they not understand what the result of the 2016 Presidential Election was all about?

It wasn’t about the Russians.

It wasn’t about the Ukrainians.

It was about average Americans, living between the coasts, who had finally had enough of the Far Left Democratic Party trying to radically change the greatest country on God’s green Earth into another Venezuela.

Average Americans were tired of being called close-minded, xenophobic, homophobic misogynists for believing in traditional American Faith and Values.

They were also tired of listening to our country and our heritage being insulted by those who were supposed to be its biggest advocates.

Average Americans were tired of the tyranny of the minority.

However, the election of Donald J. Trump to the office of President of the United States of America was more than just a protest vote.

It was an affirmation of the charge to keep given to us by those who came before…those who suffered and sacrificed in order to ensure that their children and their children’s children would “have it better” than they had.

Americans were tired of the empty promises of professional politicians.

So, we elected a Citizen Statesman, a successful businessman and entrepreneur, who knew how to get things done.

However, even before Trump took office, the Democrats decided that they could not leave the decision as to who should be president up to average Americans.

Therefore, they began attacking Trump, both covertly and overtly, through the use of Deep State Operatives and a willing Main Stream Media.

That led to made up charges concerning Russian interference on behalf of the Trump Campaign, which lead to a Special Counsel being appointed and Phase 1 of a taxpayer-funded Witch Hunt.

When that failed, House Democrats took a phone call made between the presidents of two Sovereign Nations and attempted to remove the President of the United States of America over it…when there was nothing impeachable in it.

And now, that’s failed.

I have no idea what the arrogant anti-American cowards will attempt next.

However, I do know what must be done in ten months from now.

President Trump MUST be reelected and the Far Left Democrats in the House of Representatives MUST be voted out of office.

That is the only way to ensure that this effort to overturn the will of the American People will be stopped.

The tyranny of the minority must not be allowed to ruin the greatest country on the face of the Earth because of their love for a political philosophy which failed in every country in which it is tried.

God bless America.

Until He Comes,




Judge Throws Out Congressional Dems’ Lawsuit Over Trump’s Funding of Border Wall


“[W]hile the Constitution bestows upon Members of the House many powers, it does not grant them standing to haul the Executive Branch into court claiming a dilution of Congress’s legislative authority. ” – Judge Trevor McFadden reports that

Washington, D.C., district court Judge Trevor McFadden threw out House Democrats’ lawsuit seeking an injunction against President Trump’s emergency border wall funding reallocation, saying that the matter is fundamentally a political dispute and that the politicians lack standing to make a legal case.

Trump had declared a national emergency this past February over the humanitarian crisis at the southern border, following Congress’ failure to fund his border wall legislatively. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and House Democrats then filed suit in April, charging that Trump was “stealing from appropriated funds” by moving $6.7 billion from other projects toward border wall construction.

Democrats argued that the White House had “flouted the fundamental separation-of-powers principles and usurped for itself legislative power specifically vested by the Constitution in Congress.”

But, in his ruling, McFadden, a Trump appointee, suggested Democrats were trying to circumvent the political process.

“This case presents a close question about the appropriate role of the Judiciary in resolving disputes between the other two branches of the Federal Government. To be clear, the court does not imply that Congress may never sue the Executive to protect its powers,” McFadden wrote in his opinion. “The Court declines to take sides in this fight between the House and the President.”

McFadden’s ruling contrasted with U.S. District Court Judge Haywood Gilliam’s injunction last week, which blocked the administration from using the reallocated funds for projects in specific areas in Texas and Arizona. Gilliam had been appointed by then-President Barack Obama.

McFadden began by focusing on two guiding Supreme Court cases he called “lodestars”– the 2015 case Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, and the 1997 case Raines v. Byrd.

“Read together, Raines and Arizona State Legislature create a spectrum of sorts,” McFadden wrote. “On one end, individual legislators lack standing to allege a generalized harm to Congress’s Article I power. On the other end, both chambers of a state legislature do have standing to challenge a nullification of their legislative authority brought about through a referendum.”

But, McFadden quickly distinguished the Arizona State Legislature case, which found institutional standing for legislators only in a limited instance. The Arizona case, the judge noted, “does not touch or concern the question whether Congress has standing to bring a suit against the President,” and the Supreme Court has found there was “no federal analogue to Arizona’s initiative power.”

Democrats’ dispute was more similar to the one in the Raines case, McFadden wrote. Under the framework and factors considered in Raines — including how similar matters have been handled historically, and the availability of other remedies besides litigation — McFadden ruled that House Democrats lacked standing.

Concerning past historical practice, the Trump administration argued in its brief that when Congress was concerned about “unauthorized Executive Branch spending in the aftermath of World War I, it responded not by threatening litigation, but by creating the General Accounting Office.” The judge cited that argument approvingly in his opinion, calling it “persuasive.”

Examples of hotly debated political questions being resolved without involving the courts, McFadden continued, “abound” throughout history.

For example, McFadden wrote, in 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt “fired an official from his Senate-confirmed position at the Federal Trade Commission. …The President removed the official without providing a reason. … The Senate likely had a ‘strong[] claim of diminution of’ its Advice and Consent power. … Yet the Senate made no effort to challenge this action in court.”

Additionally, McFadden said Democrats retained constitutional legislative options with which to remedy their objections about the president’s purported misuse of the Appropriations Clause. Under Supreme Court precedent in the Raines case, McFadden asserted, the existence of those additional options suggested Democrats lacked standing.

McFadden noted in particular that Democrats retained the power to modify or even repeal the appropriations law if they wanted to “exempt future appropriations” from the Trump administration’s reach.

Because the White House had not “nullified” that legislative power, McFadden wrote, there was no urgent need for judicial intervention sufficient to override the considerations of the political question doctrine, which holds that courts generally stay out of politically sensitive matters best left to voters.

“Congress has several political arrows in its quiver to counter perceived threats to its sphere of power,” McFadden wrote. “These tools show that this lawsuit is not a last resort for the House. And this fact is also exemplified by the many other cases across the country challenging the administration’s planned construction of the border wall.”

McFadden continued: “The House retains the institutional tools necessary to remedy any harm caused to this power by the Administration’s actions. Its Members can, with a two-thirds majority, override the President’s veto of the resolution voiding the National Emergency Declaration. They did not. It can amend appropriations laws to expressly restrict the transfer or spending of funds for a border wall under Sections 284 and 2808. Indeed, it appears to be doing so.”

The judge added that House Democrats had the burden of demonstrating that they had standing — a difficult hurdle for any plaintiff to clear, which involves showing a particularized injury that the court can address.

To that end, McFadden quoted former Chief Justice John Marshall’s opinion in the seminal 1803 case Marbury v. Madison, in which Marshall wrote, the “province of the [C[ourt is, solely, to decide on the rights of individuals, not to enquire how the executive, or executive officers, perform duties in which they have a discretion.”

McFadden also wrote, quoting from another Supreme Court case, “Intervening in a contest between the House and President over the border wall would entangle the Court ‘in a power contest nearly at the height of its political tension’ and would ‘risk damaging the public confidence that is vital to the functioning of the Judicial Branch.'”

How very refreshing to witness a judge with common sense stick it to the Democrats for a change.

Usually, it is one of the Activist Judges appointed by Clinton or Obama ruling against Trump as he attempts to keep the Campaign Promises which he made to the American people.

The use of the Judiciary by the Democratic Party to attempt to overturn the will of the American people is nothing new.

Years ago, several states held referendums concerning the allowance of gay marriage in their states. Average Americans in the overwhelming majority of those states voting against allowing gay marriage. The democrats filed injunctions against the implementation of the voters’ wishes leading to a ruling in favor of gay marriage by a narrow majority of Supreme Court Justices.

The Democrat Hierarchy have come to rely on Liberal Activist Judges to overturn the will of the American people.

Democrats, in their arrogance, believe that they know what is best for average Americans between the coasts, whom they feel morally and intellectual superior to.

In reality, neither is the case.

Theirs is the political ideology of special interest groups, not of the majority of average Americans.

Therefore, Washington Democrats believe that it is their obligation to “save us from ourselves” by using the judiciary to overturn the decisions of President Donald J. Trump, the President whom average Americans elected.

The Democrats did not get their way in this case because the presiding judge saw the situation for what it was: another attempt by the Democrats “to circumvent the political process”.

The Democrats, even though they will not admit it, know that their Far Left beliefs are not those of the majority of Americans.

That is why they are so adamant about leaving our borders wide open and why this ruling was so important.

A continuing influx of socialists from Central America would provide them with the new voters whom they so desperately need in order to regain the White House and with it, control of the future of our Sovereign Nation.

That is why we need the fence along our Southern Border to be completed.

America’s future is at stake.

Until He Comes,





The New Politboro – Dem Members of Congress Party in Puerto Rico with Lobbyists While Gov’t Remains Shutdown

menendez-puerto-rico-850x600 reports that

Republican leaders slammed Democrats on Sunday following reports that around 30 Democratic members of Congress traveled to Puerto Rico this weekend to meet with lobbyists and see a special performance of the hit Broadway show “Hamilton.”

While the Democrats also planned on attending the Congressional Hispanic Caucus BOLD PAC gathering in San Juan and met with Puerto Rican officials to discuss ongoing cleanup efforts from Hurricane Maria, Republicans were angered over images of their Democratic colleagues enjoying the island’s beaches as the partial government shutdown entered its third week.

“Democrats in Congress are so alarmed about federal workers not getting paid they’re partying on the beach instead of negotiating a compromise to reopen the government and secure the border,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted Sunday morning.

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel also lambasted the Democrats in Puerto Rico for “hitting the beach and partying with lobbyists” in a tweet on Sunday.

“While [President Trump] is in DC working to resolve the government shutdown and secure our border, Democrats are hitting the beach and partying with lobbyists,” McDaniel tweeted.

Around 109 lobbyists and corporate executives are named in a memo welcoming the guests to the seaside resort in Puerto Rico. Among those attending are members of some from prominent Washington firms as well as representatives from R.J. Reynolds, Facebook, Comcast, Amazon, PhRMA, Microsoft, Intel, Verizon, and unions like the National Education Association.

“This year’s winter retreat promises to be our most widely attended yet with over 220 guests, including 39 Members of Congress and CHC BOLD PAC supporters expected to attend and participate!” a planning memo said.

A spokesman for the BOLD PAC — part of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus — would not tell the Examiner which members of Congress would be attending. But U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., was spotted on the beach Saturday, according to a FOX News producer.

The Dems’ visit comes amid the ongoing partial government shutdown that has left around 800,000 federal workers with no pay since it began Dec. 22, making it the longest government closure in U.S. history.

“I’m not even in government and I’d get killed in the press if I was on vacation right now,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted. “Why won’t they cover their democrat buddies lobbyist sponsored vacation in the islands???”

President Trump has refused to sign spending bills for nine of the 15 Cabinet-level departments until Congress approves his request for $5.7 billion in funding to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Democrats have refused.

Well, gosh.

It seems that the Democrats are not allowing their deep, heart-felt concern over the plight of 800,000 U.S. Government Workers whose paychecks will be delayed due to the ongoing government shutdown to get in the way of some serious partying…err…”business meetings’.

I can just picture them on the beach in Puerto Rico, tears running down their reddened cheeks.

Oh, wait….that’s just suntan lotion.

As you may know, the Politboro, was the huge Central Government in control of the Marxist Soviet Union. They were the reason that the Soviet Union eventually went belly up.

The problem with Marxist Theory remains that it is just a theory. It has never worked anywhere it has been tried…not even in Red China, a country which is becoming more capitalistic every day.

The reason for the failure of Marxism can not only just be found in the history of the Soviet Union. The Congressional members of the Far Left Democratic Party who are “living the good life” on their “business junket” to Puerto Rico are providing a prime example of why Marxism always fails.

The Politboro get richer and the “Proletariat” continue to suffer due to unchecked political power gained through greed and hypocrisy.

The Dems could not have sent out a plainer message if they had placed a Facebook Ad.

Like those whom they have modeled their political ideology after, this “New Politboro” cares about keeping and growing their political influence and wealth. They simply do not care who has to suffer in order for them to make a political point. Everything which they have been accusing President Trump in front of the television news cameras of has been a deflection to hide their own unbridled lust for power and their hypocrisy.

Those migrants from Central America, whom the Democrats want President Trump to allow to continue to illegally enter our country, are the Democrats’ “New Proletariat”, are unknowingly about to trade their servitude to corrupt politicians in the nations they are coming from for servitude to the Far Left Democratic Party of the United States of America.

Meanwhile, as those Democrat Congresscritters party down in Puerto Rico, Law Enforcement Officers and innocent civilians alike are being killed by illegal aliens already here, U.S. Government Workers are trying to figure out their household budgets, and the biggest caravan to date is forming in Honduras.

And to think…Nero just fiddled.

Until He Comes,