RV Bomb Rocks Downtown Nashville, Wounds 3 Police Officers After Broadcasting 15 Minute Warning So Civilians Could Flee

OANN.com reports that

Residents in Nashville are left shaken after a large explosion damaged buildings and left a handful of injuries in the city’s downtown area.

Police officers were called to the area at around 5:30 a.m. due to reports of shots being fired.

On arrival, they discovered a recreational vehicle blaring a message that warned people to evacuate the area so they began to evacuate nearby buildings.

This led authorities to believe it was an intentional act.

“So they began knocking on doors, making announcements, communicating with everyone to get people safe,” Metropolitan Nashville Police Department Deputy Chief John Drake stated. “Shortly after that, the RV exploded.”

Several people were reportedly injured in the blast. They were taken to local hospitals with non-critical injuries.

The damage to the surrounding buildings, however, appeared significant.

According to reports, the area is considered the heart of Nashville’s tourist area, which is filled with bars, restaurants and shops.

Authorities said structural engineers, search and rescue as well as hazmat crews checked the buildings to make sure they were structurally sound and to ensure there were no other victims.

At the time, it appeared there were no fatalities in the blast. However, police could not confirm the RV was empty when it exploded.

According to recent reports, there may be possible human remains at the explosion site.

A surveillance video from the explosion site reveals that someone was warning local residents of the blast right before it happened.

The warning stated, “If you can hear this message – evacuate now.” According to reports, the warning broadcast went on for 30 minutes before the explosion occurred, which suggests it may have been staged for unclear purposes.

Authorities in Nashville activated the Emergency Operations Center to coordinate a response to Friday morning’s explosion.

According to the White House, President Trump has been briefed and is actively monitoring the situation. He also thanked the first responders for their heroic efforts.

During a press conference, MNPD Spokesperson Don Aaron said investigators believed the incident was intentional and that bomb-detection dogs and equipment were on scene.

Aaron also said officers were called to the scene before the explosion occurred after unconfirmed reports of nearby gunfire. The RV was also reported as suspicious.

“I will say that central precinct officers conducted a door to door, apartment to apartment…check of units on Second Avenue this morning, just before the explosion occurred,” Aaron stated.

The bomb squad had just arrived when the vehicle exploded, which injured one officer and three civilians. The FBI has since taken over control of the investigation.

Okay, Let’s try to look at this insane act logically.

Normally, terrorists, domestic and foreign, do not warn people that a bomb is about to explode.

So, why would someone blow up an RV?

I can thing of a couple of possibilities:

  1. There actually is a body in the debris of that RV and it was either a purposeful suicide or a murder, both meant to send a message.
  2. It was someone out to harm the police because they knew that they would be the first on the scene.

I tend to go with the second possibility.

America is fighting a Civil War.

Oh, I know that it has not been declared, yet.

However, look at what we have been experiencing as a nation since President Trump started campaigning for the office which he now holds

The Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama (mm mmm mmmm) exacerbated an already growing division between Liberals and the majority of a nation composed with average Americans who held onto the traditional faith and values which made this Sovereign Nation great, only to be told that they were narrow-minded for doing so.

The forces behind the Far Left swing of the Democratic Party knew from the start of his campaign that Trump was going to be a formidable foe and once he became President they did everything in their power to get him out of office.

When that failed, they rigged the 2020 Presidential Election in an attempt to make sure that those same average Americans who they hated would not be able to reelect President Trump.

This hatred which these radical hold is not just aimed at President Trump and average Americans.

They despise the Law Enforcement Professionals who protect us, as well.

And, that is why I believe that the RV explosion in Nashville yesterday was aimed at taking out as many members of the Nashville Police Department as possible.

The same political hatred which is visible in City Council and County Commission Meetings in our Democratically-held municipalities from coast to coast is, I believe what is the motivated behind that car bomb.

I also believe, just as sure as Weather Underground Bomber Bill Ayers owns the Antifa Website, RefuseFascism.com, that we are going to see more acts of domestic terrorism in the name of “fighting against fascism”.

These “New Bolsheviks” will not be content until America, as we know it, is gone and replaced by a Marxist Nation.

Please, stay alert.

And, be careful out there.

Until He Comes,


FBI and DHS Told Obama That Antifa Was Instigating Violence at Public Rallies. Why Did He Not Try to Stop Them? – A KJ Analysis

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Antifa – Short for (militant) anti-fascists.

Middle-class champagne socialist/communist/anarchist white boys who don’t like nationalists or fascists. They consider themselves to be rebelling against the establishment, whilst upholding all of its ultra-politically correct views.

Antifa only dislike racism when its carried out by whites, and do not have the bottle to stand up against anti-white racism; leading to many people on the right to refer to them as ‘traitors’. I’d rather just call them morons.

Most are teenagers and university students who grow out of the fad when they start paying taxes. – The Urban Dictionary

Foxnews.com reports that

Well before the deadly Aug. 12 rally in Charlottesville and the ongoing violent clashes with white supremacists and other groups, federal authorities warned local officials the actions of left-wing extremists were becoming increasingly confrontational and dangerous.

Federal agencies warned of the growing likelihood of lethal violence between left-wing anarchists and right-wing white supremacists.

Some even classified their activities as “domestic terrorist violence.”

In previously unreported documents dating back to April 2016 and viewed by Fox News, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security wrote that “anarchist extremists” and Antifa groups were the primary instigators of violence at public rallies. They blamed these groups for attacks on police, government and political institutions, racists, fascists and “symbols of capitalism.”

The agencies warned the rise of fascist, nationalist, racist or anti-immigrant groups in U.S. political discourse could lead to violent backlash from these “anarchist extremists.”

The FBI and DHS had no comment on the assessments, saying they were not intended to be made public.

POLITCO was the first to report on the documents Friday.

Brian Levin, a former New York City police officer who monitors domestic militants at the Center for Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, cautioned calling all members of the Antifa movement “domestic terrorists,” and said not all tolerate the use of violence while protesting.

“People in this movement allow for confronting, jostling, committing low-level types of offenses, but there has been for some time a core that have tipped the movement to confrontational violence,” he told Fox News on Friday. “The hardest edge in the Antifa spectrum comes under that category…not all Antifa are busting heads”

He added the same could be said for members of the alt-right, some of whom tolerate and justify the use of violence.

In recent decades, authorities have focused almost exclusively on right-wing groups as the most likely instigators of domestic terrorist violence, especially after Timothy McVeigh blew up the Oklahoma City federal building in 1995, killing 168 people.

But groups such as Antifa, which is short for anti-fascist, have been growing in numbers and becoming more tolerant about using violence.

The violent clashes in Charlottesville on Aug. 12 that left one woman dead was only one recent event that drew dozens — and in some cases hundreds — of people on both sides, many of whom were armed and looking for a fight.

Some DHS and FBI intelligence reports began flagging protesters before the election, POLITICO reported.

“The socio-political landscape has changed,” Levin said. “The same way white nationalists used Obama as a figure to rally about…now Antifa and anarchists see in Trump a broad-base [enemy] that has united them.”

He added: “There is a sense that we are getting divided.”

Some law enforcement officials told POLITICO Trump’s election in November also gave Antifa activists a new target, separate from white nationalist groups: Trump supporters.

“It was in that period [as the Trump campaign emerged] that we really became aware of them,” a senior law enforcement official tracking domestic extremists told POLITICO. “These Antifa guys were showing up with weapons, shields and bike helmets and just beating the s— out of people…They’re using Molotov cocktails, they’re starting fires, they’re throwing bombs and smashing windows.”

Specifically, the target became those from white supremacist and nationalist groups who came out in droves hailing Trump’s win and calling for further crackdowns on illegal immigrants and other groups. Those forces — along with more traditional and less controversial demonstrators — have also turned out to protest the removal of Confederate statues, which is what spurred the rally in Virginia.

Law enforcement officials said Trump’s rhetoric and policies further fueled motivations on both sides.

“Every time they have one of these protests where both sides are bringing guns, there are sphincters tightening in my world. Emotions get high, and fingers get twitchy on the trigger,” one official told POLITICO.

Levin called it “an escalating arms race” that spill onto social media and then back onto the streets with more people.

POLITICO reported recent FBI and DHS reports confirm they are actively monitoring “conduct deemed potentially suspicious and indicative of terrorist activity” by Antifa groups.

But one report acknowledged several significant “intelligence gaps,” including an inability to penetrate the groups’ “diffuse and decentralized organizational structure.” They said this makes it harder for law enforcement to identify violent groups and individuals.

“There’s a lot more we don’t know about these groups than what we do know about them,” one New Jersey law enforcement official told POLITICO.

Levin said it’s hard to forecast what will happen in the future, calling it a “fluid situation,” but to expect clashes to continue — and grow larger and more frequent.

“[Antifa’s] list of what is fascist has grown far beyond the loathsome, Swastika-carrying white nationalists, to controversial conservatives, speakers, the police, journalists and random people who get in their way,” he said.

Well, gosh. Why would a sitting President of the United States of America not act upon the threat of violence from a Radical Leftist Group?

Well, Here are a couple of quotes from the Former President and First Wookie…err…Lady that provide some clues.

“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” — Barack Obama, October 30, 2008

“We are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.” — Michelle Obama, May 14, 2008 

When Obama would use phrases such as “fundamentally transforming” and “radically change” during his campaign for the Presidency and later when he took office, Americans wondered what he meant by them.

We soon found out.

If the Main Stream Media would have properly vetted Obama, as they had Presidential Candidates before him, they would have found that his past was littered with associations with “fellow travelers”, like American Communist/Pedophile Frank Marshall Davis and…this guy…

In 1995, Cop Killer and Former Weather Underground Member  “Bomber” Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadette Dorn hosted a fund-raiser for Obama prior to Obama’s run for Alice Palmer’s seat in the state Senate  and Ayers donated $200 to Obama’s upcoming state Senate campaign.

On Thursday, April 27th of this year, the following information was posted in an article found on gatewaypundit.com

Violent domestic terrorist Bill Ayers is officially linked to Antifa through his group “Refuse Fascism”.

Ayers is infamous for the Weather Underground, a domestic terror organization he co-founded with other degenerates, and for bombing the Pentagon.

“Refuse Fascism“, a fascist organization that wishes to inhibit and deny the speech of conservatives, is partly funded by George Soros. It has organizers like Bill Ayers and is targeting youth across the country with the intention of indoctrinating and brainwashing individuals who nascent politically. We know Ayers was associated with Barrack Obama and is a big supporter of various socialists and communists as well as violent terrorists.

Today, it has come out that Ayers is partnering with Antifa in the spread of militant violence against pro-America demonstrators. Leftists have historically turned Ayers into a folklore figure who they cherish and respect despite his violent past.

That article in turn referenced another article found on breitbart.com on February 3rd of this year, which related the following information…

One of the far-left “anti-fascist” groups behind last week’s riot in Berkeley, Refuse Fascism, received $50,000 from a group backed by socialist billionaire George Soros, according to the Daily Caller.

The Alliance for Global Justice, which is funded by the George Soros-backed Tides Foundation, reportedly donated $50,000 to fund Refuse Fascism, which openly brags about using violence to shut down conservative and libertarian speech. 

“While it is unclear whether those who carried out the violence were paid to do so, the benefactors of the Alliance for Global Justice — and Refuse Fascism — are listed online,” reported the Daily Caller. “According to its most recent 990 tax form, Alliance for Global Justice (AfGJ) received $2.2 million in funding for the fiscal year ending in March 2016. One of the group’s biggest donors is the Tides Foundation, a non-profit funded by billionaire progressive philanthropist George Soros. Tides gave AfGJ $50,000.”

And, of course, the Puppet Master himself, George Soros, helped to fund Obama as well.

Obama chose not to pursue any investigations of the Antifa and other Far Left Groups who might possibly turn violent in the future, because his own political ideology, while not overtly violent, was similar enough that he completely understood and empathized with his “Fellow Travelers.”.

And now, here we are.

America’s New Bolsheviks are attempting to accomplish what Lenin’s Bolsheviks achieved: an overthrow of a sitting government.

It is apparent that Ex-President Obama and his Mentors and Benefactors George Soros and “Bomber” Bill Ayers are a part of a movement whose purpose is to make average Americans submit to their political ideology of “forced Socialism through Fascism” by sabotaging the Presidency of Donald J. Trump and eliminate the Constitutional Right to Free Speech for Conservative Americans “by any means necessary”.

The backlash from average Americans against this bunch of wannabe anarchists and totalitarians is growing to the point where it is being reported to be beginning to embarrass Mainstream Democrats.

That’s good, because President Trump is going to have to deal with this situation head on and, if the Democrats ever want to have any sort of semblance of power in D.C. ever again, they had better publicly denounce Antifa and sever any ties with them.

if action is not taken soon against these Domestic Terrorists, as the late Fred Thompson, in his great role as Admiral Josh Painter, in “The Hunt for Red October” said,

This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we’ll be lucky to live through it.

Until He Comes,