#Documentgate: 9 More Boxes of Classified Documents Stored in Biden’s Attorney’s Office

FoxNews.com reports in an Exclusive that…

“Nine boxes of documents were taken from President Biden’s attorney Patrick Moore’s Boston office, but have yet to be reviewed, the National Archives disclosed in a response letter to Sens. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., and Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, this week first obtained by Fox News Digital.

The Archives had not previously publicly disclosed the number of boxes taken from Boston. It had been reported that Moore had shipped boxes of documents from the Penn Biden Center to his Boston office before discovering the initial trove of classified documents at the Washington, D.C.-based think tank.

In response to questions by Johnson and Grassley in a Feb. 24 letter asking how and when the archives learned that records were transported to Boston, Acting Archivist of the United States Debra Steidel Wall responded the agency learned about it on Nov. 3, 2022.

“When NARA [National Archives and Records Administration] contacted President Biden’s personal counsel on November 3, 2022, to arrange to pick up boxes from the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C., they informed NARA that Mr. Moore had moved other boxes from the Penn Biden Center to Mr. Moore’s law firm in Boston,” the letter states.

In addition, the archives notified the Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General on Nov. 4 that the documents had been moved. The documents were then picked up on Nov. 9 and were secured in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston.”

I am sure that you have noticed that those classified documents were not secured properly.

Biden’s personal attorney is not an employee of the United States Government.

Biden had hidden classified documents as Vice-President at the Penn Biden Center, his Delaware Mansion, his Delaware Beach House, and his personal attorney’s Boston office.

All of the documents remained hidden until after the 2022 Midterm Elections.

Why did Biden have these documents?

What was he doing with them while he was out of office, and why were they not turned in until after the election?

Well, boys and girls, I have three words for you: Biden Crime Family.

Do you know how much money the information contained in classified documents would be worth to those countries who “worked” with Biden to procure “jobs” for his worthless addicted perverted son, Hunter?


Could the lengthy and questionable possession of these documents explain the passivity of Biden when it comes to standing up to China’s President Xi?

Was the raid on Former President Trump’s home in Florida done by AG Merrick Garland to cover for Biden’s #Documentgate”?

Is this the most corrupt presidential administration since Warren G. Harding and the Teapot Dome Scandal?

Will the Republicans in the House of Representatives have the cajones to launch a full investigation into #Docementgate?

Yes, yes, yes, and probably no.

The Washington Status Quo must not be disturbed.

Until He Comes,