Why Are the Democrats Getting Away With Disenfranchising American Voters? It is Time to #STOPTHESTEAL

Folks, I thought — I really hoped — that after five months of American leftists burning down American cities, destroying American businesses, destroying private property, that the people of this country would once and for all see who they are and vote against them. That’s what I was hoping. I was hoping they’d finally exposed themselves.

You know, all this stuff that happened after COVID-19 hits and the lockdown hits, and then here comes these seven blue states and cities locking down, shutting down — the looting, the rioting, the fires; the explosions in New York, Chicago, Seattle (where they took over part of downtown Seattle, literally took over other people’s private property)…

I’m saying, “This has got to open people’s eyes. It’s got to alert people what we are up against. It’s got to alert people to what the Democrat Party is,” and I don’t know if it did or not because there’s too much damn vote fraud in these four states. We just don’t know. Common sense would tell you the American people do not support this stuff. This stuff is not the majority. It’s not how they want their country to operate and proceeded. – Rush Limbaugh, 11/6/2020

Once again, the Godfather of Conservative Talk Radio says out loud what millions of Americans have been thinking.

Why does it seem like the Democrats can get away with every single unethical and corrupt thing they do?

It is obvious that the Democrat Operatives in these Battleground States have literally been manufacturing votes for Joe Biden since the early morning hours of November 4th when 4 of them literally took a four hour break.

The stories of operatives going door-to-door in order to have Democrat Voters “fix” their ballots after submitting them is just one example of sleazy, underhanded behavior which has become public and which has average Americans living between the coasts seething in rage over having our votes disenfranchised.

There was promising news coming out of the Supreme Court yesterday as Justice Alito ordered Pennsylvanian Authorities to separate the votes which came in after the night of the Election and to separate the counts.

That is a good start

However, Americans continue to see a disconcerting pattern here.

A lot of people are saying that they stand with the President in his fight against the horrible theft being perpetrated against him.

However, I am not seeing any action out of Capitol Hill Republicans.

I am not seeing any action out of Attorney General Bill Barr and the Department of Justice, either.

I realize that there are “Establishment” or “Vichy” Republicans who want Trump out of office so that they can return to the Washington Status Quo which was lining their pockets with easy money.

However, if the political fraud and corruption is not expunged from our Presidential Electoral Process, Americans will one day be eating garbage on the streets, just like Venezuela.

It is time for Democrats to pay a price for their hatred of President Trump which has caused them not to care whether anybody sees their blatantly corrupt voter fraud operation which is still going on to this very second.

Our Justice System MUST do their jobs and #STOPTHESTEAL now….before we face a second Civil War.

Until He Comes,


Trump Recites “The Snake” at NC Rally, Warning About Open Borders and Lax Immigration Policies Under Biden

“Take me in, tender woman
Take me in, for heaven’s sake
Take me in, tender woman,” sighed the snake
“I saved you,” cried the woman
“And you’ve bitten me, but why?
You know your bite is poisonous and now I’m going to die”
“Oh shut up, silly woman,” said the reptile with a grin
“You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in – “The Snake”, Al Wilson

TheHill.com reports that

President Trump revived his use of a late left-wing activist’s song called “The Snake” during a rally in North Carolina on Sunday while warning supporters his opponent would undo his immigration policies.

Trump recited the song’s lyrics at his Hickory, N.C., rally. Trump once regularly recited “The Snake” at his rallies to warn about what he saw as the ills of immigration but the president hasn’t used it since February. He said Sunday that supporters had asked him to reprise it.

The piece, originally released in 1963 by singer-songwriter and activist Oscar Brown, is based on an Aesop’s fable called “The Farmer and the Viper” and is meant to teach how kindness can be exploited by malicious people.

Brown’s daughters told CNN in 2017 that they had sent cease-and-desist orders to the Trump campaign urging the president to stop using the lyrics, claiming that he was misconstruing the song’s meaning.

“Oscar Brown Jr.’s words are being stolen to promote his hate message and intolerance,” Africa Brown told CNN’s Don Lemon.

“When I see him doing it, I know that he is stealing. He’s twisting Oscar’s meaning to serve his own campaign and climate of intolerance and hate, which is the opposite of what the original author, Oscar Brown Jr., intended,” added her sister, Maggie, on MSNBC.

“He’s perversely using ‘The Snake’ to demonize immigrants,” said Africa during that same MSNBC interview. “My father never had anything against immigrants.”

During his 2016 Campaign for the Presidency, President Donald J. Trump would recite the words of the classic R & B Song by Al Wilson, “The Snake”, an excerpt from which can be found at the beginning of this post.

In the song, a venomous, evil snake begs a kind-hearted beautiful woman to let him come live with her. Once she lets him in, being true to his nature, he poisons her by biting her.

Trump used the song to drive home his point concerning stopping immigration from those countries who sponsor Radical Islamic Terrorism, until our country can come up with a better screening method to prevent what has happening to the U.K.,France, and other European countries with open borders and lax immigration laws.

Europe’s “Muslim Problem” is a demonstration as to what happens when a non-indigenous population moves into a country and does not assimilate into the normal traditions and customs of that nation, and, instead, keep their own traditions and laws, separating themselves from the indigenous population in the name of “multiculturalism”, the opposite of the “Melting Pot”, which helped to form the greatest nation on the face of the Earth, the United States of America.

By bringing “their own country” with them, they have no impetus to become patriotic citizens of their host country, and are therefore, in their own minds, not subject to the laws of that nation, leading to their own internal justification of any acts of violence that they may take against the indigenous citizens of their host country.

During his campaign for the Presidency, President Donald J. Trump would recite the words of the classic R & B Song by Al Wilson, “The Snake”, an excerpt from which can be found at the beginning of this post.

If Joe Biden were to become President of the United States of America, he would open our borders and would cancel the immigration policies and the travel bans which President Trump has placed on those nations who sponsor Islamic Terrorism.

Just like the “Democratic Socialist” countries in Europe which Joe Biden and the rest of the Far Left Democrat Elite so greatly admire, America, also, would be bitten by “The Snake”.

Until He Comes,


Guess what, “Deplorables”? Biden Thinks We’re “Chumps”!

“You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables,” she said. “The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic—you name it.” – Hillary Clinton, 2016 Democratic Candidate for the Presidency of the United States of America

FoxNews.com reports that

A parade of people backing President Trump on Saturday crashed Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s drive-in rally in Bristol, Penn.

The former vice president called the band of Trump supporters parked outside his rally “chumps” while addressing the crowd.

“I’m running as a proud Democrat, but I will govern as an American president,” he said. “I’ll work as hard for those who don’t support me as those who do, including those chumps with the microphone out there. Look, that’s the job of the president. The duty to care for everyone. The duty to heal.”

He continued later: “By the way, we don’t do things like those chumps out there with the microphone and Trump guys. It’s about decency.”

The pro-Trump group honked horns, flew Trump flags and made other commotion in what appeared to be an effort to distract from Biden’s rally.

At least one person could be heard speaking through a megaphone on various videos posted to Twitter, shouting slogans including “Four more years.”

The Democrat Party Liberal Elite, like their Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden, have always believed that our country revolves around the big metropolitan areas in the Northeast and in California. They have always looked down their noses at what they derisively call “Flyover Country”, the same area that many of us call the Heartland of America or simply “home”.

Their ongoing condescension toward average Americans living between the coasts, as witnessed by Americans since the election returns came in on the night of November 8th, 2016, continues to be a reaction caused by their own unbridled and unsupported arrogance.

Just like their fellow Modern American Liberals who run Democratic Party, the disconnected “talking heads” in Tinsel Town and the Big Apple never saw Trump’s 2016 Presidential Election Victory coming.

In fact, that same overconfidence is about to bite them in their hindquarters again.

And, their arrogance is making them look like fools.

Dear Former Vice-President Biden…

First off, allow me to introduce myself.

I am one of those average Americans, living in the Northwest corner of the State of Mississippi, whom you have, in your arrogance, completely brushed off, labeling us as “rubes” simply because we do not live in the densely crowded metropolitan areas of either coast and we support the reelection of Donald J. Trump as the President of the United States of America.

You referred to average Americans like us as being “chumps” and you and you the rest of the Democrat Elite believe us to be a minority of America’s population.

That’s funny. Last night, as I was writing this response to you, I took a look once again at the 2016 Electoral Map and was once again struck by the fact that 80% of the continental land mass known as the contiguous United States was 80% red and just 20% blue.

Doesn’t the word “minority” mean “a smaller number of”?

Your political party also claims that those of us residing in the area which you Liberals tend to refer to as “Flyover Country” but which we refer to as “America’s heartland”, as “the core threat to our democracy”.


Forgive my bluntness, but Civics Class must have been one of those which y’all skipped in order to hang out with the “cool kids”.

America is not a “democracy”. Our Founding Fathers, in their infinite wisdom, created this Blessed Land as a Constitutional Republic in order to provide fair and equal representation to all areas of the country, whether they be densely populated “urban” areas or sparsely populated “rural” areas.

No American’s vote is more important than somebody else’s.

When I voted down here, outside Memphis, Tennessee, in the Northwest Corner of the Magnolia State on November 8, 2016, it counted the same as your vote in Delaware.

The Founders created and put in place the Electoral College in order to prevent just what you and the rest of your Fellow Travelers in the New Far left Democratic Party are suddenly crying for: a nation where its leaders are selected by mob rule in which special interest groups of a minority political philosophy join together to form a voting bloc in order to “radically change” the course of a Sovereign Nation.

In the case of Modern America Liberals, such as yourself, this would have allowed you and your Fellow Travelers to change our Constitutional Republic into a “Democratic” Socialist Nation, a form of government based on Marxist Theory which has never worked in any country in which it has been tried.

If that is the sort of country you which to live in…move to Venezuela.

I am certain that they could use your “help”.

By the way, concerning Free Speech, why did your sympathizers on the Debate Commission turn off the microphones of you and President Trump after 2 minutes during Thursday night’s debate?

Were they scared that you could not hold your own against President Trump?

Guess what? As we say in Dixie, you still got whupped.

In conclusion, “Sleepy Joe”, it will be your own arrogance, yours and your Fellow Travelers’, which will lead to the reelection of Donald J. Trump as our country’s President.

Well…that and the fact that you “Professional Politicians” became so arrogant and greedy that you forgot that it was the American Voters who sent you to Washington, D.C. whom you were supposed to be serving and making life better for…and not yourselves.

As it says in Proverbs 16:18,

Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.

In other words

Payback’s a…well…you know.

Enjoy President Trump’s second term.

Until He Comes,