Non-Profit Led By Hillary’s Press Secretary Trying to Sway Moderate GOPers to Oppose Trump SCOTUS Pick

supremecourt_0 (2) reports that

President Trump hasn’t even announced his Supreme Court nominee and already liberal advocacy groups are pumping millions into campaigns pressuring Republican lawmakers to oppose his pick.

One group at the forefront of these efforts, Demand Justice, has launched what is reported to be a $5 million campaign targeting two moderate GOP senators – Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. 

Demand Justice is led by the former press secretary for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, Brian Fallon, and is one of several groups launching an aggressive push to sway moderate senators of both parties to oppose the eventual nominee. 

“The next SCOTUS pick should await the next election, but McConnell won’t wait,” Fallon tweeted last week. “The future of the Court for the next 40 years – and thus the fate of abortion rights, and the ACA – may be decided in the next 3 months.” 

The Washington Post reports the group’s ads will start airing Thursday in Murkowski and Collins’ home states. They focus on the possibility that Trump’s pick to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy could help the court overturn Roe v. Wade, among other major decisions. 

The narrator in the ad pressuring Collins urges Maine residents to call her office and demand she “keep her word.” 

“Senator Susan Collins could be the deciding vote on Trump’s pick for justice. She claims to support a woman’s right to have an abortion, so why won’t she rule out voting for Trump’s anti-choice picks?” the narrator says — in a taste of what swing senators have to look forward to in the coming weeks. 

Fox News reported Thursday that Trump has completed his interviews of Supreme Court candidates after speaking to six judges — Brett Kavanaugh, Raymond Kethledge, Amy Coney Barrett, Amul Thapar, Joan Larsen and Thomas Hardiman. He is said to be focusing on Kavanaugh, Kethledge and Barrett, and is expected to announce his decision Monday.

Republicans currently have 51 votes in the Senate and would ordinarily need 50 to confirm Trump’s nominee, provided Vice President Pence votes with them to break a tie. But with Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., out battling cancer, if Democrats can remain together and just one Republican defects from the party line, Trump’s nominee would fail to win confirmation.

Besides running ads in both Maine and Alaska, Demand Justice is one of a number of groups that plan to rally outside of the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., next Monday – the same day that Trump is expected to nominate his choice. 

Much of the ad campaigns and outreach has focused on the possibility that the next justice could provide the vote that would permit states to ban abortion. In Maine, the group NARAL Pro-Choice America plans to take out full-page ads in four newspapers to highlight this issue, as Collins is one of the few pro-choice Republicans in Congress.

…Collins has said she would not support a nominee who shows “hostility” to Roe v. Wade. 

So, who exactly is “Demand Justice”?

According to the New York Times in an article posted on May 3, 2018…

Mr. Fallon has assembled an initial staff that includes judicial experts such as Christopher Kang, a former senior congressional staff member who played a central role in the Obama administration’s vetting of judicial nominees, and Paige Herwig, a former Judiciary Committee aide to Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, the top Democrat on the panel. The new organization will rely on a digital team led by Gabrielle McCaffrey, a digital organizer for the Clinton campaign. Cornell Belcher, a Democratic pollster, will conduct research for the group. About a dozen staff members will be housed in newly leased space near the White House.

Mr. Fallon said he was more than halfway to the initial fund-raising goal. He declined to name donors but said the organization had multiple backers and was also planning to seek smaller contributions online. He spoke recently at the Atlanta conference of the Democracy Alliance, a network of progressive donors that has included the billionaires George Soros and Tom Steyer.

In that article Fallon said that he hopes to raise $10,000,000 in funding in the first year and that he is already halfway there.

Gosh, I wonder where he got the money from? (I’ll give you a hint: either one or both of the last two names mentioned in the above article.)

Being the curious guy that I am, I went to the organization’s website,, and on a page titled “What’s at Stake”, I found the following. One note of advice…put on your wading boots. It’s about to get deep.

Our courts are supposed to be the place that protects the rights of all Americans, but Trump is now stacking them with people loyal to him and his agenda. Trump’s judges are overwhelmingly white men. Many are not at all qualified for their posts. And they consistently hold extreme, right-wing views.

His nominees have a record of favoring big corporations over workers. They have fought to restrict women’s access to reproductive health services and deny equal treatment to LGBTQ Americans.

Trump’s judges also have a clear record of bigoted views when it comes to race. His nominees have defended voter suppression tactics, promoted the racist birther conspiracy against President Obama, and even defended the Ku Klux Klan. His picks also won’t even say they agree with the historic Brown vs. Board of Education decision by the Supreme Court that led to the desegregation of our nation’s schools. 

A majority of Democratic senators have voted for more than half of Trump’s judges.

Long after Donald Trump is no longer our President, his takeover of our courts will keep alive his hateful vision for America for decades to come. 

Trump has bragged that his takeover of our courts will be “country-changing,” and his allies in Congress agree. Senate Republicans are changing the way the Senate works to install Trump’s judges as quickly as possible ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.  Mitch McConnell said his goal is to move America “right of center.”

And how are Democrats in Washington responding? Not very courageously. A majority of Democratic senators have voted for more than half of Trump’s judges.

If we truly want to stop Trump, we can’t surrender this fight.

Have I lost my mind? (Don’t answer that.)

Or, hasn’t every other president been able to choose his own nominees to fill vacancies on the Supreme Court?

Lord knows, Obama did: Kagan and Sotomayor.

And, isn’t it interesting that “Demand Justice” just sprang up and is already halfway funded?

For a party that was “refudiated” (as Sarah Palin would say) on November 8, 2016, they certainly are full of themselves if they believe that they still carry enough political weight to influence the opposition party into going against their own president.

I realize that Susan Collins and the rest of the Never-Trumper RINOs are tone-deaf politically, but certainly they have been paying attention to what is happening in America politically.

Trump, despite the best efforts of the Democratic Party and all of the Liberal non-profits like Demand Justice which work for them, is fulfilling his Campaign Promises to the average Americans who voted for him….with spectacular results.

Gorsuch has proven to be a solid Constitutionalist edition to SCOTUS and I do not see Trump nominating anyone less qualified to fill this vacancy.

If RINOs like Susan Collins value their “government jobs”, they will stand with the Republican Side of the Political Aisle in support of a president whose job performance is growing the ranks of the Republican Party.

If the RINOS fall for the Liberal garbage being spewed by the Democratic Operatives at Demand Justice, they will, quite deservingly, find themselves voted out of office, for they will have betrayed both their political party and their constituencies.

As for the Temper Tantrum-throwing Far Left Democrats, watch for more of these “non-profit organizations” like “Demand Justice” to pop up out of nowhere and attempt to stop President Trump from fulfilling his Campaign Promises to the American People.

And, they will be as successful as Hillary Clinton was.


Until He Comes,





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